Story : Graduating College


Author : anonymous

Chapter : 1
I served 4-years in the Marines, I had Graduated from High School at 17 & was accepted in to the Marines right away & am no 21. I had a few Girlfriends but never found the one. I was home visiting, before I stated College (the Marines are paying for my college). I was in a bad way, I could not find any of my old Girlfriends to go out on a date & I needed to have S e x bad (it had been about 3-months since i last did it). Its been about a month now & i still cant get any. I am laying in my bed wanting it & cant get it. i hear a noise from my down the hall in the guest bed room, no one is there by brother is away at a friends (he uses it sometimes when his friends stay over). I go & see just to be safe, we have had a bunch of break ins in the last munch on the street. I open the door slowly just to be safe & there was my Mom in all her glory in cr@tchless lingerie and hir t i t s hanging out masturb@ting to a porn movie. I was so turned on. I know its my mom but this is so hot.
What Would you do?
Go in and make your presence know and tell her you want her!!
Shut the door slowly so she wont know you saw and go back to bed !!
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Smash Hit/Ghost

My friend Rats called me on the phone the other day. "Boys, you have to get over here! I just saw a clock slide across the floor and I'm really scared! It must be a GH0ST!" I immediately packed up my socks and ran over to his house. When I got there, the bats were all wide open. "Rats! Where are you bro!?" I shouted at the top of my cards. All of a sudden I felt smelly cars crawling up my spine. My socks started sliding around the floor. It was definitely a ghost trying to trip me. The ghost was extremely furry and had no leg. I shouted "Nooooes!" and swung a fork at it. A smash hit! The ghost dived between the fork and was gone. "I am glad to see you Boys! That ghost really scared the cars out of me! Where is it now?" "I saw it go between the fork. Maybe you shouldn't use it for a few days!" We both laughed and turned into bikinis.