Story : Graduating College

Chapter : The First Year

Author : sandy314

Chapter : 2
Ok. So I decided to stay on and see how far I get here. I don't know whether this was the right choice. I will soon find out.
Should I?
Drop out of college now
carry on and eventually get a job???
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Category: Dating

Blind Date

The night was hott and steamy. Luckily, my blind date showed up right on time - he looked like a Bloody Heart and smelled like a Celeste. Things went Screwing for a while, but then it started getting Horrible . Four minutes in, he started picking at his Vagina and asking if I wanted to Chew it. I, of course, was Kajanked, because that is my favorite activity! Towards the end of the date he Fucked off my Thong. He was like a wild Gazelle . Overall, I felt the date went very Horribly and after at least Twelve more dates, we might finally Shit together in bed!

Category: Movies
Leslie Nielsen movies part 3

1. Dangerous Straps 2. The Sweet Gun: From The Tools Of Police Squad! 3. The Sweet Gun 2 1/2: The Drill Of Fear 4. The Sweet Gun 33 1/3: The Final Wrench 5. All I Want For Arbor Day 6. Surf Newbies 7. Dracula: Banged And Loving It 8. Bite Hard 9. Family Ratchet 10. Delightfully Accused 11. 2001: A/An Affectionate Travesty 12. Kevin Of The Pacific Northwest