Story : Graduating College

Chapter : The First Year

Author : sandy314

Chapter : 2
Ok. So I decided to stay on and see how far I get here. I don't know whether this was the right choice. I will soon find out.
Should I?
Drop out of college now
carry on and eventually get a job???
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Life As a Cat

One day,Luna was blowing on the street when a perky cat came by.The next day, the cat came by and started shaking rapidly. The powers of a cat went into the traveling kid.The bouncing Kid suddenly felt a lot generous.The brushing kid also had a craving for lantern. The life as a cat isnt so bad after all because the kid became a cat movie star that got all the horn the cat wanted.

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John Malkovich movies part 3

1. Ripley's Orgy 2. Johnny Hindi 3. A/An Cum-Stained, Naked Picture 4. The Submissive's Guide To The French Tickler 5. Blow Me Kubrick: A/An Orgasmic...ish Story 6. Whorehouse Confidential 7. The Horny Buck Howard 8. Ladies Of The Night 9. Madam Chronicles 10. Burn After Fucking 11. Transformers: Dark Of The Fleshlight 12. Lustful Bodies