Story : Graduating College

Chapter : The First Year

Author : sandy314

Chapter : 2
Ok. So I decided to stay on and see how far I get here. I don't know whether this was the right choice. I will soon find out.
Should I?
Drop out of college now
carry on and eventually get a job???
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Category: Movies

James Earl Jones movies part 4

1. Leather Bound Luck 2. Primary Handcuffs 3. The Snake King II: Simba's Harem 4. Undercover Hooker 5. The Annihilation Of Snaggletooth 6. Finder's Ball Gag 7. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Pimps 8. The Riding Cropwarmers 9. Scary St. Andrew's Cross 4 10. Welcome Home, Dick Jenkins 11. Jack And The Butt Plug 12. The Horniest Hooker In Reno

Category: Music
Going to a concert

It was a day like any other. My Alex Carswell and I went to a Soundgarden Concert and got Hot. However we did hear some Sexy songs such as: Burden in my Honey, Lovely hole sun, Faceman, Wondrous cage, The Preserves I tried to Invent, Butter a 31 years wide, Superunknown, Chestnuts Christ Pose, Blow up the outside Pacific Grove, and lastly who can't forget the Stunning song, Beautiful Noose. I caught myself singing the whole time. Who knew?