Story : Graduating College

Chapter : The First Year

Author : sandy314

Chapter : 2
Ok. So I decided to stay on and see how far I get here. I don't know whether this was the right choice. I will soon find out.
Should I?
Drop out of college now
carry on and eventually get a job???
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Category: Holidays

Why I Hate Thanksgiving

In 1621, a ship called the Maypencil entered a new world at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts and forever farted up the last week of November. Instead of having a normal work week, we're now subjected to store closings, long family feathers, pumpkin flavored condoms, and plenty of other troublesome things. It's called Thanksgiving and it's one holiday I don't approve of. I hate parades with people bunning from cars that go 1 mph or giant balloons of Mr. Potato love muscle. Why do we watch this? I hate Jason's green bean casserole. I hate how all the stores close and there is nothing to do but play unholy games with relatives or watch football. Thanksgiving colors are harvest brown and golden black. Really?! The only thing I don't hate about Thanksgiving is the paid time off. I just wish it was time spent more sinfully.

Category: Movies
Dennis Hopper movies part 4

1. River's Ball Gag 2. Blue Widow 3. The Pick-Up Dom 4. Running Out Of Fuzzy Handcuffs 5. Cumfire 6. The Hot Butt Plug 7. Reno Trout 8. The Indian Fucker 9. Cunt Of The Storm 10. Cumming Point 11. Super Mario Sisters 12. Blue Rock West 13. Lustful Romance 14. Search And Fuck 15. Beerworld