a concert
Verb + ed
Verb + ed
Plural Noun
Article of clothing
Article of clothing
Article of clothing
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if u had a town wat would u call it

Category: Goofy

Karaoke Contest

jessica and Grace were the finalists in the buckle Karaoke Contest. jessica entered the stage dressed up like nikki minaj and sang call me maybe. The judges gave a score of 78 and called the performance too hairy and very furry. When grace walked onto the stage dressed like catwomen the crowd started sliding. After singing beauty and a beat the judges gave a jumping ovation and a score of 98. The judges called the performance brilliantly prickly.

Category: Drinks
New Starbucks Drink

Starbucks has introduced a new drink called the Double strawberry rare steak flavored latte. It is dreadful! The only bad thing is the calories. A tall cup contains four thousand calories. However, you can decrease the fat content by using pincushion milk instead of dairy, and you can hold the screamed cream. Once you taste it, you will surely trust it! I tried it the other night and became an instant fan. Nevertheless, I do not recommend you drink it after twelve-o-clock at night like I did. There was so much caffeine and paraffin. I couldn't sleep all night.