A Scene From Pride & Prejudice
Plural Noun
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Do you watch Doctor Who?

Category: Dating

The First Kiss (Girls Story)

SexI am not one to kiss and tell butÖ I will this time! This past Saterday I experienced my very first ! Thatís right and it was totally unexpected too! On Saturday morning, Joshua took came to pick me up to stripper at the local mission. We met up with several friends, including Anthony, who packed lunches and grocery bags with other volunteers. We were all enjoying ourselves and having a great time throughout the day. Willie had been teasing me about my hair looking cute. While picking up some more bags for the groceries in the back storage room, when they reached over and kissed me! Just like that! Wow, I was did not expect that to happen at all! I am so Love I could scream! At first, I didnít even know if he was joking or not with me. But then it last for awhile!

Category: Travels
How to Get Ready for a Family Vacation

Going on a(n) Peaches vacation with your family soon? Don't know how to get ready? Here are some Pears tips to help you get started: 1. Remember to pack sunscreen. It might get up to Thirty one degrees outside, and you might get Raisins! 2. If you can bring your pet Snake along, remember to pack lots of Horse Pizza for it! 3. Bring any video games if you'd like. Games like Super Mario Brothers are really boring, but other than "The Chronicles of whack-off," you'll be fine. 4. Going to Vegas? Ask your parents to go to Barry Wilkins' and order their most expensive Steaks. They are extra tasty and Hamburger! 5. Lastly, if you want to listen to some tunes, Paul McCartney's music is a great choice. Especially their new cover, "On The Road Again". Well, that's it! You should be ready to go and have a lot of fun with your friend, Giovanna!