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Alex, i am your father

Category: Female

The Sick-o In My Bedroom?

You were on your way home from Allison's House, walking down the Gigantic streets in hopes to catch your favorite show, Make it or Break It! When you get home, you tug off your boots and Underwear. You run into your bedroom, to see a silky, soft, bright stranger laying in your bed! SCREW you're Tv show! There's a f u c k i n g Gross ass man lying in your bed. He just gave you a creepy little wink ( ;) ) and continued to beautiful in your sheets. Surely enough you had to go get your Num Chucks and Beat him right in the a s s! He bled and bled on your sheets, and you realized it was a Bad idea! In pain, he explained to you that it was a prank, and he was a Enemy of your Aunt Lori's. Uh oh.. In his last dying words he said, ""I Love you.""

Category: Goofy
the night of.........

i was scrubbing until i heard a ham vibrate. suddendly. a rainbow painted me! anyway, when i found the ham, i melted it. then it scram Soup's on and hissed me. i went to the hospital for 300,000 days.