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Nesquick and Steven

Hi, Iím Nesquick but Iím better than just a beverage. Getting there is on you and no one said it would be a cluster but speaking from experience, it was well worth the wait for this pandora. Only recently have I gotten respect and love from all my peers from my pulsar. Before Nesquick with a flow like fluid, Brennan was nothing but a nerdy loser and a no body. I am my own manager, being too competitive for my own good, Iíve always had to be number one at whatever it is I do. A childhood later after fraternity, I finally found my way out to becoming the general juggernaut. Everyone will say itís far-fetched and say I'm cluddered, I have no conception, or that I'm not logical. When you start thinking youíre average, it happens. I want to be successful as bad as I want to breathe. Iím becoming everything I want to be. I try to make everyday progressive and don't plan on finishing anytime soon. I am going to create an omnicide with my rap game and that is my objective.

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Max Von Sydow movies part 2

1. 4 x 8 2. The Quiller Riding Crop 3. Here's Your St. Andrew's Cross 4. Hour Of The Snake 5. Blue Palm Trees 6. Fucked In Sweden 7. The Kremlin Ball Gag 8. The Night Pimp 9. The Apple Orgy 10. The Lustful Land 11. Egg! Egg! A Hardboiled Butt Plug 12. 69 Days Of The Cockatoo 13. The Ultimate Hooker 14. Dog's Balls