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Body part
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The History of St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick wasn't actually born in Ireland, but rather he was from the toilet. When he was a boy, he was kidnapped by outhouse cleaner and sold into slavery. After several years of being crapped he finally escaped and fled to France. There he studied the priesthood at a filthy outhouse until he dreamt that pewp compost ordered him to return to Ireland and teach them about pewp compost. Soon the Irish accepted pewp compost as their personal lord and savior and St. Patrick was able to establish churches all over the country. The three leaf outhouse waste became a symbol for the holy trinity, and that is why it is used today in St. Patrick's celebrations. Later in life, St. Patrick fell in love with a female leprechaun named oprah and her favorite color was green. She was mentally ill and would became anyone who didn't wear green. That tradition is also carried on today all over the handicapped bathroom stall at Taco Bell.

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Robin Williams movies part 3

1. Nine Hour Photo 2. Catapult To Smoochy 3. The Shitty Cut 4. House Of F 5. The Big Green 6. The Night Shooter 7. Hunter Of The Year 8. Ecstatic Feet 9. Night At The Chip Shop 10. License to Launch 11. April Rush 12. World's Grungiest Dad 13. Night At The Chip Shop: Carrot Festival Of The Smithsonian 14. Old Rabbits