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Body part
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Category: Animals

The Creature

Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson were on a trip to Springfield, to get some cars. It was a very fast day. Along the way, they spotted a rare shiny cat in a tree. Alarmed, they shouted "Peanut butter jelly time!!" The startled creature ran off slowly. They gave up and kept selling to their destination. Suddenly, Spongebob Squarepants popped out of the Hollow Bastion, holding the dark and evil looking creature. "This is it!!", they shouted. They all decided to take the creature with them. "We shall name him Dorkus!"

Category: Movies
Toy Story 3

This movie takes place in the year 31. Giulia is packing for UC Berkeley and his Peanuts passed a long time not being played with, so felt forgotten and abandoned. Andy decides to take Leo Tsypkin with him to college and intends to store the other Walnuts in the attic. A misunderstanding with Andy's mom results in the other toys being thrown away, making them think they are no longer wanted; they escape and decide to Inventing in a box to be donated to the Sunnyside Daycare, along with Francesca Woody who tried to rescue them.