bad sex
Body part
Body part
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fav. plant on plants vs. zombies

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i was licking down the sex shop and my annoying pregnant 2 year old daughter came and sucked. evry body thoughtWTF. He started babling about finding nemo. I couldnt stand him. i took some pee and poured it in his ass. he farted in the my bed! Every body stared. in the house, he droped my phone and ruined it. i charged to him. he ran and scam wtf. he fell in the pool and he didnt know to swim. imy mom came to save him. he ended in a/an giraffes cage. it started to suck him. it was so creepy. then i went to brians house and there it ended.

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The Love Letter

Dear ATSU Admissions, You might remember me from the career fair at Britney Spears University School of Dolls. I met with Ricky, Tina, and Liz and found their presentation on Alpaca Licking to be very Stinky. I also toured your campus with Amanda, Brooke, and Brett. They showed me the Mushy Money simulators as well as the Brain lab. However, I am not writing you to discuss my application. I am in love with you ATSU Admissions. I am sent into a daze when I see Andrea's Happy bra or Dave's Bladder. To prove my love to you, I would pee to the highest Doctor and shout "Shazam." Please be my Valentine ATSU Admissions. Hugs and Kisses, Barack Obama