doing 'it' with your bestfriend
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Body part
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The most embarassing moment

There was this boy that i really liked. He was absolutely blind. To my surpsrise, he wanted to pillage with me! This was my lucky day. He picked me up at 56 PM and took me to back alley. It peed so bloodthirsty! TRY AGAIN PLEASE! we sat down and rampaged our orphans. They were wonderful. All of a sudden my dumpy uncle came in and massacred. I was horrified! i tried to hide, but he saw me and said "FINALLY SOME PEACE AND QUIET". My crush never called me again.

Category: Movies
90's movies part 11

1. Teenage Horny Ninja Snakes II: The Secret Of The Cum 2. The Pussy-Eating Man 3. The Marrying Dom 4. Out For Fuzzy Handcuffs 5. Lustful Thoughts 6. A Kiss Before Fucking 7. Toy Pimps 8. One Good Hooker 9. A/An Orgy In Harlem 10. What About Dick? 11. Hudson Cockatoo 12. Only The Horny 13. Thelma And Anita