doing 'it' with your bestfriend
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Body part
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You Saw A Unicorn Outside...

Category: Goofy

Skyfall by Adele *Make your own parody!*

This is the footbal Hold your lamp and count to three hundred Feel the snow move and then Hear my pen burst forcefully For this is the footbal I've kicked and ate this moment So overdue I owe Jennifer Lawrence Swept away, I'm smooth Let the footprints fall When it thrust We will sit painful hug it all together

Category: Movies
Morgan Freeman movies part 1

1. Who Says I Can't Create A Rainbow?! 2. Harry & Nephew 3. Mountain Smart 4. Clean And Royal 5. Lost On Me 6. Ramiro Handsome 7. Becoming Miss Daisy 8. The Bonfire Of The Spades 9. Woodpecker Hood: Prince Of Bodyguards 10. The Music Of One 11. The Shawshank Marble 12. Moose Reaction 13. Avoid The Girls 14. Chocolate Rain