Doing the Laundry
Verb + ing
Body part
Plural Noun
Body part
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Which Pet Is Better?

Category: Animals

The Creature

massive gassive! and my 5 lb box of cheezits were on a trip to the toilet, to get some granny panties. It was a very sucky day. Along the way, they spotted a rare pissed mr. hankey in a tree. Alarmed, they shouted "aw heyll no!!!" The startled creature ran off greedily. They gave up and kept pimpin' to their destination. Suddenly, sarah douchetard failin popped out of the that dumpster behind the burger king , holding the dead creature. "DOODOO TIME SPECTACULAR!!!!!", they shouted. They all decided to take the creature with them. "We shall name him the fartist formerly known as Prince!"

Category: Goofy
Your Horoscope 2012

Aries: This year will be your year to sneeze, so make the best of it. Next year you will probably fart. Libra: In 2012 everyone will want to be your nude marijuana. Don't trust them! Taurus: If you survive 2012, you will probably wind up with a broken disco stick. If I were you, I'd hibernate! Scorpio: This year revenge is on your mind. Watch out, Jack Daniels! Amboy is out to get you! Gemini: You are a musical talker, but you can't talk yourself out of this one. You shouldn't have coughed Madonna in that video! Sagittarius: You may visit Paris, or you may go to prison. Hurry, buy your ticket! Cancer: In 2012 you will wish Mrs. Sees would just drive already and get it over with.