Doing the Laundry
Verb + ing
Body part
Plural Noun
Body part
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The Best of the Dwarves

Category: Animals

I lost 15 pounds in one day

I was always too fat. I'm so overweight that last year, i weighed almost 56 pounds!!! I felt flabby, so i decided to make a change. I found this really cool website called They gave me my greatest idea yet. A tapeworm. I ordered my smelly tapeworm from china, and it came just 2 years later. So i took it my bathroom and i shoved it into my nipples. when it was in my body, i sighed and felt surprise. I was finally going to be skinny. I was finally going to be tingly. But all of a sudden i blacked out. I woke up 5 seconds later, and found that i had thrown up. I saw my tapeworm pooping on the barf chunk and i screamed. I curled up into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. i did it!! I lost 15 pounds!

Category: Movies
Charles Bronson movies part 3

1. Licker On The Rain 2. You Can't Bang 'Em All 3. Sweet Sweat 4. Someone Behind The Wrench 5. Yellow Sun 6. Chato's Strap 7. The Newbie 8. The Stone Biter 9. Death Tool 10. Hard Drills 11. Breakheart Ratchet 12. From Noon 'Til Two 13. The White Anteater 14. Love And Sockets 15. Affectionate Hunt