Doing the Laundry
Verb + ing
Body part
Plural Noun
Body part
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Who's the best singer out of these?

Category: Animals


Hi, my name is Kassidy, and my best friend is Betty-Lou. LOL is my pet pig Why do I call him LOL? Because he looks just like Katy Perry, and that makes me laugh! LOL likes to drink salt water, he loves my friend Betty-Lou! LOL is so sticky, and likes to jump while he's stalling.I always tell my friends to stop calling LOL TJ! They think that LOL is too white for a snake, that makes LOL and I scared. I love to tell with LOL, he makes me laugh so hard! LOL is the best ape that I have ever known!

Category: Misc
Ten Reasons I hate You

1. I hate you because yo mama is so fat they had to run her at Sea World! 2. Because you're so uglywhen you go outside you get arrested for pretty exposure. 3. I hate you because your breath smells like eye pizza. 4. I hate you because you listen to Michael Jackson songs while eating! 5. I hate how you watch at your own jokes! 6. I really hate it when you forget to apply chair to your pits and you walk around smelling like dog leg all day long! Pew! 7. I hate you cuz you sad, ugly and Creepy. 8. I don't like how all of your fat stores up in your toe and you ain't got no Stomach. What's up with that? 9. I hate how you always talk about Britney Spears as if you two each other or something. You dress like him/her, you style your hair like him/her. Get a life! 10. I hate you just because!