Jack and Jill
by bzcx5
Plural Noun
Article of clothing
Verb + ed
Your name
Verb + ing
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Category: Movies

Scary Movies

Every Halloween my family watches a scary movie. My dad and my brother love them, but I always cover my nose. Last year we watched church Chainsaw Massacre. It starred Justin Bieber and I was terrified when she got her ear cut off! There was so much blood squirting everywhere. This year my dad and brother want to watch The dogs Have Eyes! It is about mutant chairs that stalk a family and kick them. My friend said it is really scary. It stars Ellen, who is really cute, but I am afraid to see him being slaped by mutants. Why can't my family have a different Halloween tradition, like kicking Monopoly or flipping snakes to the neighborhood kids? I hate Hyperfellatious movies!

Category: Goofy

Poor Cinderella had to live in a house with her two pretty stepsisters, isma and kiara. Not only were they stupid and cruel, but she also had to put up with her stepmother who treated her like a nurse. All day long they ordered Cinderella to hit the dishes, dance the floor, work the food, and they even made the poor child eat the puppy poop. One day Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared and sent her to the ball. Prince darshaun fell in love with her at first sight and swore to wash her. The stepsisters were so jealous they wanted to bit off a bridge, but instead they wound up marrying angel and steve. They had twenty children and got fat!