Jack and Jill
by bzcx5
Plural Noun
Article of clothing
Verb + ed
Your name
Verb + ing
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would you drink.....

Category: Goofy

evil thang.

Once apon a time, there was once a moldy poop who just loved to kill. One day this thing decided to go rape some sexy noses. The people of school didn't like this, so they had to fap it. It refused to do so and started to kill everyone and would not stop raping! They needed this to stop so they killed it. They rejoiced and screamed out, I like balls??!!! they celebrated my going tokim kardashian's house.

Category: History
The History of History

It was a long time ago in a Holy Roman Empire far far away... One day a psychotic Francis was found sitting on an asteroid singing a cantabile. His Tsundere song was so Yummy, that he caused a rupture in the time space continuum. When this happened he brought his telescope to his Lips and exclaimed "I have loved you since the 9th century!! He then used his portable Broomstick to create logic within the Holy Roman Empire and Kissing benefits to the terrestrials. Their first benefit was a Foolish respiratory system followed by a scared pulse. He then advanced their Underwear to make it more comfortable for the terrestrials. Then Francis gave the terrestrials chronometers to keep track of time. This gift caused the terrestrials to create a pseudo religion to celebrate Francis in all of his omnipotence. And that, my friends, is the history of history.