My Mom Killed Her
Body part
Plural Noun
Plural Noun
Body part
Verb + ing
Body part
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Category: Female

Last Weekend pt2

I didn't want to lay down on the concrete pipe, so he did . I slipped my panty off and straddled him. The tip of his disco stick teased the entrance of my meat curtains. I settled onto his family jewels and grinded for a while. When I leaned forward to kiss him, he thrust all sixteen inches deep inside me. He kept pumping until the pipe started hurting his back. We got up and I leaned over the pipe while he put on a condom. Instead of going back in my meat curtains, he shoved his disco stick into my neck. Some girls don't like it, but I love how I can feel every twitch his family jewels makes when he comes in my back door. What I don't love is all the earth worm bites we got that night.

Category: Super Hero
Spank and the Captain Part I

Once upon a penis there was a titi monkey named nard dog. One day he decided to dump down the street and visit his friend. While he was walking he tripped and landed in a pile of boys. What he didn't realize is that it was a magical pile of boys. When he finally got to his friends house he started to transform into a super men. His friend opened the door and shouted Young Ones! and asked nard dog what had happened. nard dog told him where the magical pile of boys was and they decided to walk back to the pile. His friend jumped in the pile and started to transform as well. They both became super men and changed their names. nard dog became Spank Master the Runs and his friend became Captain Assturd. They both decided from that day forward that they would swear to protect the cholo from evil. Spank Master the Runs and Captain Assturd decided to seep their pillow where they could hideout from anyone who wanted to cause havok and trouble. ...To be continued in Part II