My Mom Killed Her
Body part
Plural Noun
Plural Noun
Body part
Verb + ing
Body part
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what job kicks total ass?

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Jerry Lewis movies part 4

1. To Launch A Cop 2. How Did You Get Downstairs? We Didn't See You Jump 3. Mr. Tuesday Night 4. Idaho Dream 5. Funny Butt Cheeks 6. Curious George 2: Kick That Rabbit!

Category: Goofy
My Little Sister!

I love my Embarrassed sister. Her name is Jay Z. She is quite a little cutie, but she always goes through my Jellyfish. I Love it went she goes through my dressers drawers! Although, once when she went through my Mushy closets and tried on my clothes she looked so Creepy that I thought I was going to Yell in my pants! She had my Stinky spring dress on with my Pants. She wore several of my necklaces. She even sprayed on several perfumes, totally filling up the room with Ay Cramba! I just had to take a picture of her and put it on my Facebook photo album! My little sister is certainly the heart of our family, always bringing us closer together. When her preschool teacher, Willie, called home to tell us that there was an accident at school during her trip to the zoo, I was so nervous I rushed to her school. Apparently, she fell from the swings and hurt her eyeball. Aside from a little bruising she was fine. To make her feel better I took her out for some ice-cream!