My Plastic Surgery
by amboy
Body part
Plural Noun
Body Part Plural
Article of clothing
A Female Celebrity
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Category: Misc

Grandma's closet

I was in my Grandma Skyllar closet, looking for a Jessica and you will never guess what i found in there. First, when i was walking through i saw a Kylei thing in the corner. When i got closer i realized it was a stinky Mr. Dumas. After throwing it back in the corner, i came across a bright red lacy Mrs. Barkman, i didn't even wanna think why my Grandma had that in her closet. But, the most shocking thing i discovered was a BIG,Mr. Goslow . Now, i know too never ever go in my grandma's closet again.

Category: Weather

It's twerking eyebrows. With a chance of pikachu meatballs. Cover your severed hand from the liquified Matt Smith due to eyebrow malfunction. Anna beware, the City of Atlantis will die on your dye. You may feel slightly sad :( when you kill Amelia because of a toilet water drought. You'll soon discover that you are Karen Gillan and have to lick into dragon fruit. I'm awesome so HOLY PETUNIAS!!