My Plastic Surgery
by amboy
Body part
Plural Noun
Body Part Plural
Article of clothing
A Female Celebrity
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believable rumor

Category: Nursery Rhymes

Three Blind Mice

69 blind cat, See how they puke! They all ran after my friend Anthony, Who cut off their Boob with a carving Tree. Did you ever see such a sight in your life, As 69 blind cat?

Category: Movies
Toy Story 3

This movie takes place in the year 2. HyaeIn is packing for American and his speakers passed a long time not being played with, so felt forgotten and abandoned. Andy decides to take JinJin with him to college and intends to store the other wire in the attic. A misunderstanding with Andy's mom results in the other toys being thrown away, making them think they are no longer wanted; they escape and decide to sleeping in a box to be donated to the Sunnyside Daycare, along with BoBo Woody who tried to rescue them.