My Plastic Surgery
by amboy
Body part
Plural Noun
Body Part Plural
Article of clothing
A Female Celebrity
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Do Vampire bites itch?

Category: Super Hero

I can what?

One day I was farting and I just realized i had never done this before. It was stupidly! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!, I can what? farting was so amazing. I just couldn't chickens it. I plungers obama that i could do this. We made up a headline for the newspapers, im a penguin farting across the candy land. We plunged and said goodbye. I was happy when i woke up. I guess it was only a noodle.

Category: Movies
Charlie Sheen movies part 2

1. Grandfathers At Work 2. Hot Mushrooms! 3. Popular Weapon 1 4. Beyond The Island 5. Hot Mushrooms! Part Deux 6. Upsetfall 7. The 21 Musketeers 8. Handsome League II 9. Crazy Velocity 10. All Beavers Go To Monaco 2 11. Spleen Conspiracy 12. Loose Programmers 13. Money Hears 14. No Clothes Of Conduct