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by eddie
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Category: Movies

Laurence Fishburne movies part 4

1. Days Of Fuzzy Handcuffs 2. Blue Beer Transit 3. Man Of Aluminum 4. Pimp Of Steel 5. Cum Along 6. Superman Vs. Orgazmo

Category: Goofy
A Rainy Day

It was a rainy day in Buckingham . Dauphine and Tsuna went to the local Sushi shop to have a bite to eat. On the way there, someone named Gokudera tried to toast them with a bomb but Tsuna pulled out a tree and ducked him/her, causing him/her to leave them alone. When they got to the Sushi shop, however, there was a huge line-up because Gokudera was trying to figure out what to order. In the end he/she had to be told to get out. Dauphine and Tsuna got their rices, but then Ryohei tried to steal Dauphine's rice. He/she was distracted by Reborn and tried to get that person's shelf. Dauphine and Tsuna then sat down and ate, only for Dauphine to stretch and realize he/she ordered the wrong rice.