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by eddie
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Category: Romance

The Love Letter

Dear ATSU Admissions, You might remember me from the career fair at University School of puppets. I met with Ricky, Tina, and Liz and found their presentation on reindeer launching to be very squishy. I also toured your campus with Amanda, Brooke, and Brett. They showed me the strong bed simulators as well as the statue lab. However, I am not writing you to discuss my application. I am in love with you ATSU Admissions. I am sent into a daze when I see Andrea's crooked top hat or Dave's nose. To prove my love to you, I would milk to the highest smoke and shout "Happy new year." Please be my Valentine ATSU Admissions. Hugs and Kisses, Rupert Grint

Category: Jobs
A Job Rejection

Dear sir/madam, Thank you for your interest in our company, theawesomefish Ltd. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a ice cream at this time. We can, though, inform you that we were pleased with your interview. Your tables were more than satisfactory, and your running skills were impressive. However, we hope you can appreciate there were many other combs, and we must select the fantabulamazing candidate for the ice cream. We wish you the best in searching success in your future. We will also keep your resume on file for 15 days should a vacancy arise, and you be looked at that time in applying. We will smell you if this situation occurs. If you are opened in applying for a ice cream after the 15 day period, please do not hesitate to smell us again. We look forward to reading from you. Yours harshly, Justin Bieber