Our First Date
by eddie
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Category: Goofy

What's That smell?

I came home from a long day at work. I work at a the banana factory where I wiggle midgets and today my boss yelled at me. He said, "Tess, ermahfrickengerd." It was terrible. ANYWAYS, when I walked through my front door, I smelled something TERRIBLE! It smelled like a seagull's blood. I walked further into my house, into the kitchen. It was in the fridge: behind of the pie was a cup of pee. How did that get there? I didn't know what to do with the super smelly drink so... I put some in my foot but there was more left so I drank it. It felt like I had been licked by a ugly fly. I screamed "what the llama butt" and sniffed myself.

Category: Movies
'80's Movies part 11

1. Full Cage High 2. My Carrot Festival With Andre 3. All The Catapults 4. Shittyman II 5. The Stick Of D.B. Cooper 6. The Grungy Slimy Sticky Bugs Bunny Movie 7. Dawn Of The Banshee 8. Four Hunters 9. Absence Of Ecstasy 10. Ghost Hat 11. Sharky's Vest 12. Modern Tents 13. Rockets From Heaven