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by eddie
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if u had a town wat would u call it

Category: Music

80's #1 hits part 3

1. Every Tool You Take 2. Sweet Straps Are Made Of Drill Bits 3. Tell Her About Them 4. Total Eclipse Of The Ass 5. Wrenches In The Stream 6. Say, Lick, Say 7. Owner Of A Lonely Crotch 8. Karma Anteater 9. Against All Sockets 10. Let's Hear It For The Newbie 11. Time After Ratchets 12. When Doves Bite 13. Banging You 14. I Just Called To Say Great Googly Moogly!

Category: Animals
The Creature

Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson were on a trip to Springfield, to get some cars. It was a very fast day. Along the way, they spotted a rare shiny cat in a tree. Alarmed, they shouted "Peanut butter jelly time!!" The startled creature ran off slowly. They gave up and kept selling to their destination. Suddenly, Spongebob Squarepants popped out of the Hollow Bastion, holding the dark and evil looking creature. "This is it!!", they shouted. They all decided to take the creature with them. "We shall name him Dorkus!"