Our First Date
by eddie
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Category: Monsters

The place

One Brown day, I Enlightened past the old Club that everyone thought was haunted. I was walking past it with my petHorse named Leroy Jenkins . We stopped and stared thinking about how Smelly it was. We were starting to get curious so we Pooped up to the front door and Pooped on the door. The door started to Peed as we looked through the crack in the door we saw a Bright Serpent Blowing us in the eyes. we screamed "Hi and peed ourUnderpants.

Category: Goofy
In the Garbage

I was pooping on the street when I saw a group of obese looking guys. They had a dora the explorer with them. You have to understand, I was only 100 years old and I had an injured anus so I had no chance against them. There was 6 of them, and they all started to shout "fat panda earlobes" at me at throw old men in my direction. One of them, his name was bootyhole I think, walked over to me. He began humping my wenis, it was really painful. In desperation, I screamed out "holy bicycle riding dinosaurs" but no one heard me. They all picked me up and threw me in the nearest trash bin. It smelled like tiny midgets and I just thought to myself, "what the fricknuggets"