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Plural Noun
Plural Noun
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Pet preference

Category: Food

Cafeteria food

The cafeteria food is so Mushy, sunny, and extremely freezing. Britney Spears loves to eat it and then they sprint in a Feather. Lunch lady alana always serves us Stinky slop with fresca to drink. Most of the time he/she us a side of porage that has some chipmunck Stomach still moving in it. Just trust me don't eat any of the food at the cafeteria

Category: Jobs
My Plastic Surgery

When I was just a young girl, I hated my thigh and swore that when I was old enough I would get it fixed. For four years I saved up my allowance and the money I earned delivering chairs before school. By the time I was five I was old enough, and had enough money, to make my thigh smaller and more slender. When it finally healed, I looked beautiful. I was asked out on more dates and no one called me Elephant thigh anymore. The next things I wanted to fix were my heels. They were way too small! I was tired of wearing a training skirt and being called Flatty Fatty, so I enlarged my heels and got lipo suction. Today I only weigh ten pounds, and I have the face and figure of Rebecca Scheja. Looks shouldn't matter, but I'm glad they do!