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Plural Noun
Plural Noun
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somebody is on my lawn and i yell..

Category: Misc

Party Last Night

Last night I went to a creepy party. keely was so drunk. He/she drank 33 bottles of alcohol and lighted the hosts pet chinchilla. At 1am, taylor swift showed up and started to scratch. He/she kept hitting my ball. It made me really odd. Me and andry went into the living room. He started to unbutton my mini skirt and my face turned bright pink. Suddenly, we heard a shut ur pie hole and the cops came in on us. They arrested us both and i got really excited.

Category: Dating
Sheniqua and Turrance go to Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil: what seems to be the problem today? Sheniqua: WELL DIS swimming dinosaur DONE WENT TO DA CLUB AND WAS CHEATIN ON ME WIT marissa! SHE/HE RACHET Turrance: NO I DIDN'T WHY U TRYIN TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A panda ON DA TELEVISION?! YOU KNOW MAH MOMMA WATCH DIS GURLLL Sheniqua: I KNOW AND SHE NEED TO SEE HER Embarrassed doctor AND KNOW WHAT DA HELL HE BE DOIN TO HIS WIFE YOU THINK YOU SO FAITHFUL I OUGHTA Bang YOU BOY! Dr. Phil: You both need to take a Money pill. Sheniqua: -gets up and swallows doctor phil hole- Turrance: ................ Audience: ...............