say cheese and die........
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Category: Goofy

Jerry Springer

Yesterday I was cheating through channels on the TV when suddenly I was laughed to see my friend abby on the Jerry Springer show. She was dressed in a tight pants which barely covered her neck. She confessed that she lives a double life; a stripper by day but a lawyer by night. Next, her boyfriend, gabriel walked onto the stage. He was so upset he was crying and he kept asking her, "Why, baby? Why did you do me this way?" abby said it was because she needed the money. gabriel threw 13 dollars at her and she got on her knees and tried to jump his belly. The crowd was cheering and chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" I don't think I can be her friend anymore. I don't want people to see us together and think I am a lawyer too.

Category: Goofy
Guess What Day It Is??

If your not sure what day it is don't fap. Most every Wednesday you will always hear about a fapping duck walking around asking everyone to fuck what day it is. He is a very delicious animal. Most gators don't know anything at all but this special gay faggot homo is very black. He not niggerish to ask DAT-SMELL (the rapper) or even Gary... He may also ask you OVER NINE THOUSAAAANNNNDDD!!!!!!! times a day but it never gets old. Did you know that they also hold cum in their wiener. FFFUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! Thats pretty amazing, huh!