say cheese and die........
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Best Sandwich

Category: Movies

Robert Mitchum movies part 4

1. Hill Down Below 2. The Knight Below 3. Thunder Oasis 4. The Angry Pets 5. The Honest Country 6. Carrot From The Hill 7. A/An Fortunate Beauty 8. The Grass Is Easier 9. The Last Time I Smacked Archie 10. Cape Trust (1962) 11. The Wildest Day 12. 32 For The Seesaw 13. The Company Of Adrian Messenger 14. Wizard In The Middle 15. What A Way To Cure!

Category: Goofy
Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Belle. Her favorite book was Harry Potter. Her father was an inventor named Maurice. One night, Maurice was walking through the woods and accidentally ended up at a Sexy castle. He felt Sexual when a beast grabbed him by the Penis and roared, "I have you now!". The beast had been a human but was transformed into a monster because he was unkind. The curse could only be broken if somebody fell in love with him. 'Who could love me?' the beast wondered. 'I smell like a Carrot.' Belle did not want her father to be trapped in the castle, so she agreed to take his place. Belle and the Beast ate Pzza for dinner. They Licked in the snow. They even watched their favorite TV show, X - factor, together. Belle realized that Beast was not as scary as he looked. After six days, Belle realized that she loved him. "I love you, you spicy lamp!" Belle cried. This was it! True love! Before her eyes, the beast turned back into a human. They were married at the Strip bar and lived happily ever after.