say cheese and die........
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who is the best boy band/group????

Category: Goofy

Later, i killed my friend

Tristan went to Italy. You loved this place so you went through the 3314 hour traffic, when you get there you happily exclaim Shirakawa Daddies! At the door you see Pamela Anderson, you straighten your Glove and ask for their augtograph. They write Bug and then Vicky taps you on the shoulder. He/she wispers loudly,"Shazam you smell like Madagascan Spider-Eating Toucan and armpit.Pamela Anderson agrees and runs away.Finnaly, you reached into the building.

Category: Goofy
The Tale of the Dookfactory

One day Joei wanted to go to the zombie store. He was almost there, but was stopped by a buffalo. It smoked him until he became giant. He passed out and woke up in a socks factory. He discovered that his armpit was missing. There was a note taped to his wifebeater. It said "Fuck! and if you ever want to see your armpit again then you will meet me at the Dookfactory in 6 days at 4 O'clock. He decided to take on this cold quest and when that evil day came, he showed up to the Dookfactory, with his head held high and vagina showing with confidence. He stabbed his enemy in the vagina and it shouted WTF!. He finished his quest and became the CEO of the Dookfactory. The End.