say cheese and die........
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your fav thing on computers

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Def Leppard Songs From The Sparkle Loung

1. Go 2. Nine Tools 3. C'mon Bang On 4. Love 5. Tomorrow 6. Strap Control 7. Hallucinate 8. Only The Affectionate Bite Young 9. Bad Director 10. Drink Undone 11. Gotta Let It Scratch

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I just came home from Paris and whenever I come there im to nervous to go to the bathroom... Right when I came home i went to the bathroom, but there was no toilet paper left! I just tried to relax. I STOPPED RELAXING WHEN I WAS DONE I thinked, and thinked, and thinked. Andddddddddd.......... I used my brain. that was the most weirdest thing Iv'e done in my life. But why did I use a part of my body? There was no choice. I a feeling wierd for this, but a poop stain was on my underwear. I wore it to the Paris and as soon as I found this out, everybody laughed at me. The End