Sermon On The Mount
by amboy
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It's Friday Night! What do you do?

Category: Goofy

Aunt's House

I hate going over to my Aunt's house! She has 7 dog and her house smells like bouse. Sadly I have to go over there every weekend because my mom always has to go to farm. I ask her if i can just go with her, but her response is always " I'm sorry princess toots butterball this is how it has to be!" Every time I go over to my aunts house she treats me like a baby! She feeds me pizza and tells me to scrub my mouth when i take a bath. The thing i hate most is that she makes me wear my rude dress. I would much rather go to pool then stay here with my aunt, but i dont wnt to telll her that and make her tierd. Yesterday she made me break the tiger! Luckily I managed to find a cat that I can play with when my aunt isn't nagging me to feed her dog. I can't wait to come visit my aunt again next weekend. :( (sarcasm)

Category: Animals
Wolves' Life

Today I had a funny day! It was so funny that I need to tell you how my day went! I woke up at 1:00 am o'clock in Detroit. I was very hungry, so hungry that I could eat ten Justin Biebers! The food today was going to be elk. I love elk so much I could fly around the world to hunt it! It tastes like Lady Gaga's butt! What a good time to have fun fun fun! I loved our gory lunch! I ate so quickly! I hope the MacNikki pack likes what I thought of for dinner! Raw rabbit sprinkled with Katy Perry and topped with Liam syrop! NOM NOM! I am so weird! Hummmm... Maybe not, oh well, goodbye everyone!