Sermon On The Mount
by amboy
A Type of Building
A Medical Condition
Body part
A Fictitious Character
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Category: History

Legend of Zelda: Curse of Darkness

Once upon a time, in the land of Facebook, there was a Brain named Sam, and a beautiful princess named Amanda. They destroyed the evil warlock Cheyenne and restored peace to all. For a time, it was Embarrassed. Cheyenne broke free of his prison. The people prayed for Sam to come, but he did not. So the people of Facebook left their fate up to the gods. The gods, Nayru, Din and Fayore cried for them, and Scratched the land, awaiting the hero to return to save them. Exactly 8 years later, a boy named Sam was born on Shirt Island. He grew and due to events, was christened the Hero of Smokes, heir to the legendary Hero of Money. He defeated Cheyenne again, plunging the Master Sword into the villain's forehead, turning him to Dog. Sam and Princess Amanda founded a new land and called it New Facebook. 100 years later, the people have forgotten the Furry Eyes of that which lies trapped under the Book.

Category: Misc
Tristan Goes To Jail - Part 2

Just then, a crazzzzzy cop comes by, riding on a table and beats Tristan down with a toilet. The cop arrests him, saying "You're under arrest for man slaughter and I'm pretty sure I saw you skip a potato earlier." Tristan wakes up in a jail cell, covered in potato juice. He looks around and sees his funny cellmate. His cellmate shakes his wenis, talking in a mexican accent says "How's it hanging? My name's nico, I'm in here for humping. What about you?". Tristan lies, saying "I was caught doing murdering a mouse with my mom's chicken."