Sermon On The Mount
by amboy
A Type of Building
A Medical Condition
Body part
A Fictitious Character
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Category: Movies

Eli Wallach movies part 1

1. Baby Hooker 2. Seven Pimps 3. The Horny Seven 4. Hemingway's Orgies Of A/An Horny Hooker 5. How The Northwest Was Fucked 6. Act Eight 7. The Moon-Fuckers 8. Fuzzy Handcuffs For My President 9. Count Jim 10. Poppies Are Also Leather Straps 11. How To Steal $6,900 12. The Snake Makes Out

Category: Bachelor and Bachelorette
My Dream Wedding

Hi, you're just in time for the party! I'm Andrea, and today we're going to start planning my wedding. My Cool wedding, of course! So anyway, I've narrowed this down to three categories. First, clothing and guests. Second, food and drink. Third, decorations! So people should wear Pantss while the bridesmaid should wear Shirts. I'll wear my Lime Green dress that I picked out from the Kroger store! My groom, Marwan, will probably be so Happiness to see how Disgusting I look! Secondly, for the food and drink, we need 24 chairs and 29 of tables. We'll have blue cloth for the tables. Our chefs, Aileen and Irene will be preparing Mac-n-cheese. Oops! Gotta go! I'll maybe tell you the decoration details later, see ya!