Sermon On The Mount
by amboy
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Category: Friends

The Slumber Party

On Friday, I get to go to lacey's Stinky slumber party! She told me to bring a box of tissue, 2bathrooms, and 609 tables! She said kesha is going to be there! The slumber party will be at bedroom. I am so Omg! The bald slumber party will be held at 94 PM. Oh, and she also told me to bring my underwear! I am also looking forward to seeing her pet chipmunk.

Category: Goofy
Never again!!!!

One day I was Licking down the street and I saw my friend mathew, he/she asked me to come and Chew at his/her house. I said Mamma Mia, and so we went. The next day, I Smell over again. I couldn't resist, when we Scratched yesterday, it was so Creepy! When I Yelled on the door, no one answered. The Goat that lives next door kept Smelling at me. So I yelled your an idiot, and told it to leave me alone On my way home, and then I fell on my dick. It felt so long, I'm never going to seemat again!