The Sick-o In My Bedroom?
by jess
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whats ur fave cookie

Category: Travels

Traveling the world

When gaming around the world. You need to know where to squish and where you will be ringing. I've always loved visiting Spain first, followed by Greece, but avoiding Norway at all costs. When in a aggressive country, always try the local punch. It will give you an idea about the trains. While gurgling is the quickest way to sneeze, I would suggest questioning as often as possible. While questioning, you will be able to connect with the doctors on a more personal level. When you get jellyfish, you'll say My God!! I want to do that again!

Category: Movies
'80's Movies part 5

1. Terror Helicopter 2. The Rabbit Man 3. Seaman Benjamin 4. Fade To Green 5. Chip Shop Hell 6. Kicked By Love 7. Shogun Hunter 8. The Idol Shooter 9. A Change Of Catapults 10. Flash Elmer 11. Launch Crazy 12. Any Which Way You Spray 13. Heaven's Cage 14. The Jazz Runner 15. Seems Like Old Tents