The Sick-o In My Bedroom?
by jess
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Best Game?

Category: Movies

John Malkovich movies part 2

1. Beyond The Tools 2. Barbara Reilly 3. Mulholland Sucks 4. The Portrait Of A/An Director 5. Newbie Air 6. The Man In The Zinc Mask 7. Strap Regained 8. Banging John Malkovich 9. Leslie Of Arc 10. Drill Of The Vampire 11. Directors' Room 12. I'm Smelling Home 13. Affectionate Souls 14. Knockaround Newbies 15. The Scratcher Upstairs

Category: Goofy
Phone Call

luis: Hello? gilbert: luis. What are you doing? luis: Washing some pooping. citlalli got pizza all over them during our trip to boomers. gilbert: WHAT? That stinky super mark! luis: I know, I'm so wierd it's horrible. What's up? gilbert: Funny you ask, I wanted to see if you wanted to get pizza with me and citlalli. luis: Only if we can go to the fox store and look at their larrys bugers. gilbert: citlalli has tons of larrys bugers. Why don't you ask for one? luis: No thanks. They probably have pizza on them too. gilbert: Ok, now YOU'RE being the stinky super mark. Why don't we just get deep fried chicken butt at "destiny's poop & Grill"? I heard they're supposed to be really horrible. luis: I heard they actually have an interative poop there. gilbert: I just hope the pizza isn't made from fox meat like last time we went out.