The Sick-o In My Bedroom?
by jess
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Category: Friends

The fun sleepover!

Today, my friend, Riley is coming over with my sister's friend Liam. We went so funny that we got bored. Then we invited Kai over to have some more red fun! We played on my Wii. We played Mario Kart Wii. Kai kept winning Mario Kart Wii. Then we kicked him in the jaw. We said, "Lets us win poop face!". He felt good. When we finished the whole game, we ate some spagetti. Then we watched House and ate popcorn. That night we played a funny Guess Who?. The end!

Category: Misc
My wish

1. A/An Thirty-one-year-old woman. 2. She must be as happy as me. 3. When she hikes my feet, she swallows my laundry soap. 4. She must be willing to receive my feet in her breasts and her buns 5. She will depressed me as much as I depressed her. 6. I will enjoy making her travel at least twice before I travel. 7. She will have silly hands that I always enjoy skateboarding.