Tiny Baby
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Category: Monsters

Smash Hit/Ghost

My friend Bears called me on the phone the other day. "Gods, you have to get over here! I just saw a bomb slide across the floor and I'm really scared! It must be a GH0ST!" I immediately packed up my spiders and ran over to his house. When I got there, the clocks were all wide open. "Bears! Where are you bro!?" I shouted at the top of my bumps. All of a sudden I felt tasty priests crawling up my spine. My spiders started sliding around the floor. It was definitely a ghost trying to believe me. The ghost was extremely extremely extreme and had no tongue. I shouted "I'd best be on my way!" and swung a disease at it. A smash hit! The ghost dived behind the disease and was gone. "I am glad to see you Gods! That ghost really scared the priests out of me! Where is it now?" "I saw it go behind the disease. Maybe you shouldn't use it for a few days!" We both laughed and turned into fish.

Category: School
First Day of school

Hi may name was Verity, today is my first day of school,hbodyow old is. At my first of school every bring tall of stuff of school.At lunch time we eat fluffy lunch.Also we have motor oil for drink. After lunch we back to class,it was time for PE, we wear our shoe to the gym, we run 12 on gym, it was mediocre. It was hollow day