Tiny Baby
Plural Noun
Verb + ed
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Where did you hear about elibs?

Category: Animals

Animal Training

I am training to become a panda. I've cut both of my left legs off to look more like one. I've followed them around making llama noises. One tried to lick me so I scatch its skin off. I've made friends with some. My best friend so far is Smokey The Bear and man is he purple! Yesterday I saw him swimming on a ugly and shiny person named Isaiah. He then punched on their face while they slept. Anyway I let them in my house. I let them, but a hard llama named Jeremy blew the house up! I am now living homeless in the streets with my fellow llamas. We now live at Taco Bell. Now, I am a true llama.

Category: Holidays
Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I was good this year and deserve a new cock, a nigger bike and a Q box. I would also like a wet phone and a pet pussy. My dad said I'm too young for a dildo but you can bring me one anyway. My little brother Dylan was very naughty because he fingerd me in the penis yesterday so please put balls in his stocking and give all of his presents to me! Love, dumbassdickface