Tiny Baby
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Category: Misc

Weekend at the Cottage #1

On a summer day, me and my friend Allison, decided we would plan a trip for the weekend at his parent cottage. As we made out the invites, we decided that we were going to invite Matthew because they call him/her Vezy. Then we decided to invite Adam because his/her parents have the biggest Boobs. We really didnt want to invite Shane because he/she has the worst Bouncy yells. Last but not least we invited Luke because he/she was the tits and gave all the guys the best moans. When we arrived, Vezy yelled Hola!! Is that David Beckham? Turns out he was right David Beckham was sleeping in our cottage with Nipple in his/her hand! We couldnt believe what we were seeing. Lets just say it was a Solid weekend. Sincerly Mattehw Frazier

Category: Movies
'80's Movies part 13

1. Wrong Is Shitty 2. Tag: The Assassination Festival 3. Carrot For One 4. Grungy Valley 5. Forbidden Chip Shop 6. Conan The Hunter 7. The Chip Shop Where Evil Shoots 8. Dead Carrot Salesmen Don't Smell Plaid 9. Kicking Back 10. The Sticky Artist 11. Chan Is Spraying 12. Star Trek II: The Rocket Of Khan 13. Hunters Nite Out