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Verb + ing
same Place
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same Place
same name as before
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Category: History

Legend of Zelda: Curse of Darkness

Once upon a time, in the land of Danny's, there was a screamer named Ben, and a beautiful princess named Chris. They destroyed the evil warlock Jason K.O. and restored peace to all. For a time, it was burning. Jason K.O. broke free of his prison. The people prayed for Ben to come, but he did not. So the people of Danny's left their fate up to the gods. The gods, Nayru, Din and Fayore cried for them, and snapped the land, awaiting the hero to return to save them. Exactly 2 years later, a boy named Ben was born on assless chaps Island. He grew and due to events, was christened the Hero of dildoes, heir to the legendary Hero of razor. He defeated Jason K.O. again, plunging the Master Sword into the villain's forehead, turning him to craving. Ben and Princess Chris founded a new land and called it New Danny's. 100 years later, the people have forgotten the flat gels of that which lies trapped under the pocket.

Category: Goofy

Poor Cinderella had to live in a house with her two snooty stepsisters, Sharon and Terry. Not only were they cranky and cruel, but she also had to put up with her stepmother who treated her like a dental assistant. All day long they ordered Cinderella to dance the dishes, rinse the floor, twist the food, and they even made the poor child cook the racoon poop. One day Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared and sent her to the ball. Prince Lio fell in love with her at first sight and swore to undress her. The stepsisters were so jealous they wanted to massage off a bridge, but instead they wound up marrying Alex and Cody. They had twenty children and got fat!