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Verb + ing
Verb + ing
same Place
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same Place
same name as before
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wich monster is best

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Harry Potter life

One day, there was a boy named Harry Potter, he was a Apple Pie. He never knew though. He thought was a muggle, or a Cinnamon person. He was quite Hot. He as a scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his Magic Massaging Hands. He was very, very Happy. He lived in San Mateo. With 31 family members, who were muggles. His parents died because of Lord Voldemort, or He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. They were Associated of him. He was a Sexy Peanut Butter. He killed innocent wizards, witches, and muggles. He had a pet Grizzly Bear named Hedwig. His best friends were named Alex Carswell Weasley and Leo Tsypkin Granger. Harry was very Lovely just like Natalie Portman. Eventually, everything evened out after a lot of drama. He is married and has kids.

Category: Movies
Alfred Hitchcock movies part 2

1. The 39 Tools 2. Affectionate Agent 3. Young And Lovable 4. The Newbie Vanishes 5. Jamaica County 6. Foreign Director 7. Mr. & Mrs. Freeman 8. Shadow Of A/An Strap 9. Life Hovercraft 10. The Paradine Wrench 11. Underneath Capricorn 12. Drill Fright 13. Newbies On A Train 14. Strangers On A/An Hovercraft 15. Sweet Window