unlucking ?
Verb + ing
Verb + ing
same Place
Body part
same Place
same name as before
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Category: Monsters


Katrin and Chris went looking for Diamonds in the afternoon. You had a backpack of supplies and Chris had food supplies.You saw a cave and told Chris you saw a cave you guys went in the cave and you took two flashlights out of your backpack and kept one and gave the other to Chris and you two went in. Chris saw an Emerald and put it his satchel. you kept on going and saw more valuables three hours later it was 7:00 PM and you guys were 1000 feet underground and you heard something "grarrl" "what was that?" said Katrin "nothing." said Chris then you two saw a big blue monster half lion half minetaur and with red eyes then Chris brought out his Emerald and gave it to him and then he took it and gave you a ride out "Thank you!" you two shout at the same time you went to bed at 9:30.

Category: Poetry
Love Poems For Tards

My love for you is chubby and strong It makes my neck beat dimwitted and long If you were to suddenly die I swear to steveo I would start to cry I love you, pontius; it's not a lie If I ever cheat with bob saget I won't deny I'll show you the video and I'll apologize I'll give you a purple crayon so you will realize My love for you, pontius, is super true It will stain like urine and stick like glue!