unlucking ?
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Verb + ing
same Place
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same Place
same name as before
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Category: Drinks

I was so drunk last night...

Last night i darnk so much semen that i became intoxicated. I was acting really painful when i realized i was missing a nipple tape. I was so free! My friend, tess helped me find it. when i got it back i realized i was actually missing my sleeves too. Well i felt so surprised! how embarassing. wow! that felt great!! I can hardly remember doing it, but i heard that i bounced rachel's crow. I bet he's angry at me. I had a smelly time, but next time i won't drink so much.

Category: Goofy

Poor Cinderella had to live in a house with her two ample stepsisters, amber and abby. Not only were they loud and cruel, but she also had to put up with her stepmother who treated her like a dentist. All day long they ordered Cinderella to drill the dishes, run the floor, laugh the food, and they even made the poor child assault the cat poop. One day Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared and sent her to the ball. Prince gabriel fell in love with her at first sight and swore to joust her. The stepsisters were so jealous they wanted to bite off a bridge, but instead they wound up marrying chris and shamlin. They had twenty children and got fat!