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'80's Movies part 46

1. The Fucking Man 2. The Running Pimp 3. Sign O' The Fuzzy Handcuffs 4. Teen Snake Too 5. Planes, Trains And Limousines 6. Three Pimps And A Baby 7. Leather-Bound Steel 8. Throw Sister From The Limousine 9. *Fuzzy Handcuffs Not Included 10. Good Morning, Taiwan 11. Whorehouse Of The Sun 12. Puss In Leather Corsets 13. The Dungeon Trip 14. Braddock: Fucking In Action III

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Adam and Eve

In the beginning, there was a naked man named Adam who lived all alone in a garden. To keep himself busy, he would pass the time naming all of the customers in the garden. When there weren't anymore customers left to name, he said "God, I'm bored to tears! Send me a friend, please." The next morning when Adam awoke, a insane woman named Eve said, "Good morning, dear! Your breakfast is ready." Adam was shocked but he decided to eat the food and get to know her better. Eve served him oatmeal with baked bananas on top. When he finished the meal he said, "That was delicious. Where did you learn to cook like that?" Eve explained that the talking Iguana in the bananas tree had taught her how. Adam realized they had both been tricked by the Devil, and now God would curse all mankind forever. Adam and Eve left the garden, learned to wear socks and levis; and that is why today we must must pay bills, go to confession, and burp at the office like alcoholics!