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Christopher Walken movies part 3

1. Chuck Of Time 2. Last Man Banging 3. Sweet Baggage 4. Suicide Emperors 5. Anteater Hunt 6. New Rose County 7. Blast From The Tool 8. Sleepy County 9. Kiss Ash Fork Goodbye 10. Chuck Dirt 11. Chile's Sweethearts 12. The Affair Of The Strap 13. Poolhall Newbies 14. The Country Anteaters 15. Drills With A View

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The Oldest Profession In The World

My mother began her first day of work at the oldest profession in the world way back in 2011. She laid down on her back, she spread her hands and she fighted for six hours. The plumber stood over her and said, "Push it! Harder!" My Happy mother began to wonder if this was a terrible mistake and perhaps she wan't cut out to do this job. However, the plumber gave her some drugs and she was able to continue. She sanged so hard that I finally came shooting out! It was at that moment she became a mother; the oldest profession in the world.