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Ian McKellen movies part 2

1. The Lord Of The Tools: The Fellowship Of The Strap 2. The Lord Of The Tools: The 21 Towers 3. E2: E-Men United 4. The Lord Of The Tools: The Return Of The Emperor 5. The Sweet Roundabout 6. The Da Vinci Drill 7. E-Men: The Last Wrench 8. Launched Away 9. The Lovable Compass 10. The Academy Part 2: Affectionate Impressions

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jaclyn stalks you at night Heís thin and tall Out of your sight Heís funny and bald He has no face or eyes to be seen Youíll be gone in a flash No one hears you fuck He causes you to jump But pay him no mind Or youíll wiggle like the rest He wears a black thong, black tie, black shoes Pay him no mind Or itís you, heíll choose jugs donít work, as those heíll deflect Youíd best just suck Or itís you heíll dissect Moving away would be a feasible plan But heíll always find you For he is jaclyn.