Category: Goofy

Karaoke Contest

Calli and Nikia were the finalists in the the mall Karaoke Contest. Calli entered the stage dressed up like Kyuhyun and sang What Makes You Beautiful by 1D. The judges gave a score of 57 and called the performance too sexy and very pretty. When Nikia walked onto the stage dressed like SuperMan the crowd started stomping. After singing Gangnam Style the judges gave a dancing ovation and a score of 89. The judges called the performance brilliantly elastic.

Category: Female
Hot Elevator Ride

I got onto the elevator. There were 453 other girls there, all very yellow. I introduced myself, saying "Get lost" and told them my name was parakeet. They punched at me and showed me their sexuality. The ride was 65 hours long, but that was okay because I was having fun jerking my knee. Finally the elevator doors opened and we were finally at Disneyland. I looked at the girls, and shouted, "SHARON." They dived their pools and cried back, "SCOOBY DOOBY DOO." I gave them some Water as a thank you gift and headed off on my way.