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Rejected Disney Scripts

(1)tomato White and the twelve senior citizens (2)swinging Beauty (3)knitting Nimo (4)101 ostriches (5)Bed Knobs and bricks (6)The Jungle liver (7)queens of the Carribean (8)David In slowLand (9)The Haunted tipi (10)The crown Before Easter

Category: Drinks
Vodka and Cranberry

Once upon a time, there was an accident prone lady named Lisa. She loved to sleep Vodka and Cranberry Juice. After she got drunk, inevitably she would pee over the couch and break her eye. Then, she would drunkenly brush her cat in the ear. When she realized what she'd done, she would shout Don't lumping yell at me! and pass out throat-first in the bed. The next day she would feel like a plum and vomit 5 times on her boot. Damn, she reminds me of Danny Devito.