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Simon Pegg movies part 1

1. Tube Catapults 2. Chip Shop Paradiso 3. The Shitty Officer 4. 25 Hour Carrot Festival People 5. Shaun Of The Launched 6. The League Of Hunters' Carrot Festival 7. Land Of The Launched 8. Kick Jimmy 9. Mission: Grungy III 10. Big Everything 11. The Good Cage 12. Slimy Fuzz 13. Diary Of The Launched

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How I Broke Both My Legs

It was Smarch of 921 BC, and I was walking to Church when I saw something strange. When i went to get a closer look I realized it was a tiny beetle!!! I was so courage! I couldn't believe it, i shouted SAD, COURAGEOUS, BUSY.! I ran away as fast as i could, but i accidentally giggled. My hole was in a lot of pain because i had just giggled it, but i kept running. All of a sudden i fell into a nipple. I couldn't get out! I screamed and bounced but i was stuck. I looked around for a way to get out, but i didn't see anything. Then, just like magic, i saw a town. Thank god! I was saved! as i climbed the town, my legs got caught on a crust. A KNIGHT'S CREST!, i screamed, but it was too late. My legs were broken. I just barely escaped.