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Quentin Tarantino movies part 2

1. Shitty Nicky 2. Iron Rabbit 3. Shoot Bill: Vol. 1 4. Shoot Bill: Vol. 2 5. Catapult Proof 6. Planet Ecstasy 7. Sukiyaki Grungy Django 8. Cage Of The Dead 9. Slimy Ride 10. Sticky Basterds 11. Django Launched

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A Magical Snow Day

After rolling, packing and snoring the new fallen snow, it was time to put the finishing touches on my snowman. I used 2 unicorns for eyes, the heart of a panda for a nose, and a smiley face for a mouth. Finally, it was time to add the stinky cowboy hat I found lying around in school. What I didn't know was that the stinky cowboy hat was MAGICAL! Because once I placed it on the snowman's eye, the snowman started lauging! "Wow! You're alive! I'm Lilly. What's your name?" The snowman stopped lauging and immediately started burping, yelling at the top of his lungs over and over, "OMG! I'm so happy I could run!"