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Just Another Day.

Me, my friendNat, and my friendSami went to my boyfriend,Kyle's house. We went into the basement and sat on the couch infront of the TV. Me and my boyfriend started kissing. He was so hot, the most popular guy at school. We have been together for 9 months. And he always made me happy. We would see each other everyday. And he would always compliment me on my boobs or my shirt. He was so sweet to me, but my friends didnt like him because they wanted him for themselves. But of course he was in love with me, because we had an amazing every night in his bed, and i would always make him cum. He looked like a celebirty, like sodapop. (:

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Sermon On The Mount

Blessed are the Faithful in spirit, for theirs is the Cloud in heaven. Blessed are those who Sing, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the Careful, for they shall inherit the Library. Blessed are the Slow, for they shall obtain Abdominial Cephilitis. Blessed are the Sneaky in Elbow, for they shall see Tom Thumb.