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Predictions for 2012

Briana and Angelina Jolie will adopt another baby; this time from rome. His name will be teddybear catstein. The Vikings will finally make it to the Superbowl, but they will lose to the Dallas dogs. Romney will finally find his true calling after losing the presidency. He will run for mayor of milan instead. Johny cash will star in a viral internet hot video with Zac brown. Don't watch it! You're too young! Zac Brown will win a Grammy and a hot Globe Award! Oprah will present her own brand of pants for plus sized women. Krispy Kreme will introduce the first water flavored doughnut.

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Grandma's closet

I was in my Grandma Savannah closet, looking for a Cat and you will never guess what i found in there. First, when i was walking through i saw a dog thing in the corner. When i got closer i realized it was a stinky horse. After throwing it back in the corner, i came across a bright red lacy cow, i didn't even wanna think why my Grandma had that in her closet. But, the most shocking thing i discovered was a BIG,chicken . Now, i know too never ever go in my grandma's closet again.