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Friends to Foes in a Flash

Shelby and Steve have been close friends since elementary school. But as you get older, Steve seems to be more angry and willing to take somebody in the basketballs. What do you do? You pee your friendship with Steve for good. But that doesn't stop him from beating others, possibly including you. After a week of being Nikki's worst enemy, you try to be friends with him again. What a dumb idea! He kicks you in the cooking readily sore, and tries to break you. Will this nightmare stop?

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The puppie

once a puppie was barking for no reson and was cazy shes barking at people. once and old guy came dj dance like a holagan then she hobo then he sad i am the plunger man! than he went home because nature is calling him!!!! LOL then my puppy had a wacky dream. the and