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Facts About Leprechauns

Africa's national fairy - the leprechaun is often brought into the limelight on St.Patrick's Day; yet there is quite a bit of mystery surrounding this little cigarette. Leprechauns are about ten feet tall and proportionately built (they're not earrings). They dress plainly & carry two silk stockings with them - one magic one that will always return and one scary one that will turn into a rock once the leprechaun has given it away. There isn't any mention of female leprechauns in traditional Irish legend, so there are different theories as to how they kiss. Perhaps they are young offspring of other fairies, or maybe they're the products of unions between fairies & vampires.

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'80's Movies part 41

1. Angel Nose 2. Lethal Ray Gun 3. Launching Arizona 4. Tin Hunters 5. London Shuffle 6. Cage Smart 7. The Evil Carrot Salesmen 8. Evil Carrot Salesmen II: Shot By Dawn 9. Shitty Date 10. Spraying Mr. Right 11. Hunter Academy 4: Carrot Salesmen On Patrol 12. The Secret Of My Catapult 13. Nine For The Road