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90's #1 Hits part 2

1. (Can't Bang Without Your) Straps And Affection 2. Affectionate To You 3. Chewing For Time 4. I Don't Have The Ass 5. Black Anteater 6. Tool Tool Baby 7. Hatred Takes Time 8. I'm Your Newbie Tonight 9. Because I Lick You (The Director Song) 10. Sniff My Love 11. Love Will Never Scratch (Without You) 12. The Sweet Time

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James Earl Jones movies part 2

1. The Bushido Battle Axe 2. Conan The Newbie 3. The Flight Of Cave Trolls 4. Honey Tide 5. Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Newbie 6. County Limits 7. My Sweet Girl 8. Soul Newbie 9. Allan Quatermain And The Nice County Of Zinc 10. Counties Of Stone 11. Pinocchio And The Emperor Of The Tool 12. Coming To Chile