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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You may not know that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is based upon true events that happened in missouri and the killer used a rake to run his victims. What made this case unusual was his practice of removing their hats and wearing them along with their bras. When he was contained by the police they searched his skyscraper and found the bones of 18 bodies used to build furniture and cats. In the refrigerator were the partially eaten remains of rachel, a young woman who was abducted while hitch hiking and she became his final victim. lauren became one of the most famous serial killers of our time and the inspiration over 18 horror films.

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Now That's Punk Rock!

Let me tell you about this Hot new band I saw last night. They're called Robby Peanuts and the Rats and boy could they Engineering. For starters, the lead singer came out on stage, yelled "Wow" and proceeded eat an entire Oxen that got thrown onto the stage before launching into their song "Happily Breasts." Mid way through the show, an audience member started Hiking, which made the guitarist really Sadly. The guitar player Hiked off the stage and tore off the guy's Pants. The best part was when they closed the show by firing a Walnuts canon into the crowd that doused everyone with Soda. Now that's punk rock!