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Alfred Hitchcock movies part 1

1. The marzipan Garden 2. The Mountain swan 3. The Lodger: A/An cloud Of The Osaka Fog 4. The Farmer's Librarian 5. blushing Virtue 6. ceruleanmail 7. The starfish Of Mary Boyle 8. Elstree romancing 9. The Skin funeral 10. military And Strange 11. Number 13 12. Waltzes From Hamburg 13. The Prince Who annoyed Too Much (1934)

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a happy ending

well it all started at the Star Bucks in the mall. where i saw my celebrity crush,Drake Bell. he/she was sitting at the table across from me. he approached me and asked for my name, i said "my name is Leah!" then he/she asked for my number, i told him/her. TWO WEEKS LATER! Drake Bell and i were going on a vacation to Figi along with Maria and Jay. and her/his pet cat Midnight. we shared the huge apartment bedroom #On floor 7 room 174. Maria and Jay left and me and Drake and I were home alone. he/she then proceeded to remove my clothes. we had some fun on the bed. NINE MONTHS LATER we had a baby boy and girl, named TACO and DOOM. and then we got married at the red carpet, and our child was in the front row in his/her baby carriage. i was so overjoyed to be with Drake. then we lived happily ever after. THE END