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Dennis Hopper movies part 7

1. House Of 21 2. Hoboken County 3. 10th & Anteater 4. Grungy Ride 5. Sleep Running 6. Sweet Vote 7. Palermo Drooling 8. A/An Chilean Carol

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American Idol Audition

My friend amber and I decided to audition for American Idol. I chose the song back that ass up and she sang sure thing. Randy loved my audition and said it was loud. Steve Tyler said I am a very great performer. The guest judge, rihanna, said "You have my vote!" I was so cried I started laughing. My friend amber wasn't as lucky. Randy said she sings like a jumping tiger. Steve Tyler said she reminded him of a polar bear in labor. rihanna was kinder and simply told her "Keep walking and try again next year." I'm going to gun barrel city so make sure you vote for me, everybody!