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90's movies part 16

1. A/An Australian Tail: Fievel Goes East 2. Beauty And The Banshee 3. My French Maid 4. Star Trek VI: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory 5. The Cum-Swallowing Boy Scout 6. The Last Fudge Packer 7. Brother Of The Bride 8. Father Of The Nerd 9. The Prince Of Donuts 10. Beer-Battered Green Zucchinis 11. Fried Black Tomatoes 12. Into The Condom Factory

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Our first kiss

V and G had their first kiss. It was the most beautiful experience of both of their lives. G reached his hot hand around V's head, feeling her long, reached hair. With his other hand, he gently kissed her lips. They leaned in, let out a gentle "Will you marry me?!" and kissed. It felt 2000 seconds long, but in reality was only 1999. "YES!!" Said G. "I think I'm in love." It was a nice day they would never forget.