Category: Nursery Rhymes

Alice Wondered-Land

One sunny day Alice was at Boar Venice reading the most sexy peanut butter ever littered when she noticed a Navy tiger dressed in a jeans running in a panic. Alice quickly followed him and fell all the way down a tiger hole; at the bottom she ate a Chocolate bars which made her so small she was able to have a conversation with a rabbit that passed a cigar, a ivy that could passed and a lizard named Alex Carswell who called houses. The worst part was after she ate a greens and grew larger and was chased around by the Queen of snoozed who kept screaming "Off with her limb!"

Category: Super Hero
i am a super hero

my name is Dark Shield and i am a super hero i can fly use telekinesis and Invincibility and i can and my enemy is Alex Golf his name is White Death and he can Burn people alive and i usually win and today i saved the day my crime was with my arch enemy he hit me i flew away then he hung a girl named Evangeline on a pole then she fell and i used a new super power Super Jump and saved her THE END [please like]