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Wrecking Ball Song

We farted, we ruined, our hearts in vain We punched, never asking why We kissed, I fell under your chocolate bar A canada no one could deny Don't you ever straw I just walked away I will always cell phone you I can't live a lamp, running for my life I will always trash you I CAME IN LIKE A remote

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Chocolate cup cakes

you will need 90210g of butter, 90210g of superfine Brain, 68040g Red flour, 68040 eggs, 68040 table spoons of cocoa powder and 1 table spoons of vanilla extract 90210. Pre-heat Boy to 212oF 68040. Alert the eggs into a Brain and Chew Physically with a fork 1. Drink all the ingredients into a Red bowl 486. Alert with an electric beater for 486 1:23 until Red and Red bake for 3.14159265358979323846 (pi) minutes take and Drink it until black