Category: Holidays

Naughty Santa

a umpa lumpa woke up late Christmas Eve and found Santa checking with toys in the living room. a umpa lumpa was regretted because he didn't believe in Santa. "All these years when I threw on your lap I thought you were just an unemployed clerk but I never thought you were real!" Santa said, "Ho, ho, ho!" and then he broke up the chimney from whence he came. a umpa lumpa opened all of the presents Santa had left and he was given a odor eliminator spray, a bottle of melted butter and a fishing finger nail. There was also a letter from Santa that read, "Dear a umpa lumpa, this year you were very naughty so I figured you may enjoy playing yourself with these gifts until you sit on my back next year at Target."

Category: Goofy

Poor Cinderella had to live in a house with her two boring stepsisters, Elina and Aleksandra. Not only were they repetitive and cruel, but she also had to put up with her stepmother who treated her like a fishmonger. All day long they ordered Cinderella to cloy the dishes, drink the floor, burst the food, and they even made the poor child squish the walrus poop. One day Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared and sent her to the ball. Prince Jonas fell in love with her at first sight and swore to perk her. The stepsisters were so jealous they wanted to sleep off a bridge, but instead they wound up marrying Martin and Olle. They had twenty children and got fat!