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Hello Evan, So since you broke my Balls, i decided to write you a Lettuce. I wanted to let you know, that you are a Justin Bieber. Why don't you and Rebecca go die in a Asperaguis. Oh, and by the way, I already found someone new. His name is Levi. He at least doesn't hit on 13 year old girls. You are a Brittany Spears. Levi and I are going to a Papa Roach concert. Have fun in Paris you Miley Cyrus So not sincerely, Tessa

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Sorry For Party Rocking Part 4

I don't give a fuck when I'm in the stadium, sippin salt water, really ugly, and I see a fat face Gotta have it I'ma shot it, it's a habit automatic like AK-47, who's he with the cute hooker Make a chick go sexy and punch them ta-ta's it's Trixie the dude a true party Krusty