Category: Goofy

Karaoke Contest

Porom and Ceodore were the finalists in the Weapon Shop Karaoke Contest. Porom entered the stage dressed up like Holy Dragoon Kain and sang Take On Me. The judges gave a score of 9999 and called the performance too hot and very burning. When Ceodore walked onto the stage dressed like Golbez the crowd started fighting. After singing Face Down the judges gave a dancing ovation and a score of 99999. The judges called the performance brilliantly crititcal.

Category: School
Prom Night

Last year at our high school, Target High, my good friend Kyle was voted prom king and his girlfriend Ava the pussy destroyer wasn't. Boy was Ava the pussy destroyer pissed off. In fact, my other good friend Pussy eater was voted prom queen, and when Kyle and Pussy eater were dancing Ava the pussy destroyer went completely hoe bag and started `hitting them both and tried to grab Pussy eater's crown. The principal yelled "YOUR SUCH A HOE BAG!!!!!" and the next day she wass soooooo suspended. Kyle broke up with Ava the pussy destroyer and everybody was talking about it. When she finally returned to school, she found out Kyle was dating someone new... another excellent friend of mine named Robert Lopez. Awww. They make the sweetest couple.