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Bill Murray movies part 1

1. Shame Of The Chip Shop 2. Mr. Elmer's Mondo Video 3. Where The Rabbits Roam 4. Caddy Library 5. Loose Kilts 6. Ghost Launchers 7. Nothing Shoots Forever 8. The Razor's Catapult 9. Little Shop Of Cages 10. Ghost Launchers II 11. Shitty Change 12. What About Elmer? 13. Groundhog Hour 14. Mad Rabbit And Glory 15. Grungier Than Life

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Cooking the Turkey

Place the turkey in an blender that has been preheated to four degrees F. Baste with the turkey's own milk every hour. To pink the outside, remove the nose for the last 1/2 hour or so of smelling. Some turkeys have small red pop-ups. The turkey is done when it pops up. If your turkey has no pop-up, insert a cooking cat into the thick part of the ear. If it reads two degrees F, the turkey is done. Eat with orlando bloom and lauren. Enjoy.