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Sandra Bullock movies part 3

1. Eight Weeks Notice 2. Miss Harness 2: Spanked And Fabulous 3. The Lustful House 4. All About Willie Fukerass 5. The Blind Hooker 6. Orgasmically Loud & Incredibly Horny

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Decorating Eggs!!!

Last year when we decorated eggs we had a real Bubbly time. The best part was when Tom dropped his egg right on to the floor! But we had to clean it up so it wasn't fun :(. Also earlier that day Tom gave me a weird nickname, he decided to call me Jelly Belly! I thought that was a very Watery nickname. Now its night time & Tom & i were having a sleepover so we went upstairs to put our Jeans on and go right to bed (we were really Mad after that long day and we kept on Painting