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Graduation Speech

As I stand before you today and Bang at all of your faces. I feel Ashamed that we will all go on to do Embarrassed great things! For instance Mia will no doubt become a Building!!! And Annie who is always falling will become a gross girl!!! An I of course will go to college for 0 years, move to Disney, marry Jennifer Lopez, have 1 kids, divorce, and marry Steven Tyler, all while making panties for a living.

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90's movies part 4

1. Cookies From The Darkside: The Dunking 2. Cadillac Shooter 3. Hawk On A Wire 4. Bird On A/An Pirate 5. Back To The Dungeon Part III 6. Fire Hawks 7. Shitty Recall 8. Another 48 Minutes 9. Gremlins 2: The New Batch Of Cookies 10. Betsy's First Time Getting Eaten 11. RoboBaker 2 12. Balls Of Thunder 13. Ghost Brother