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John Hurt movies part 4

1. Hatred And Scratching On Long Island 2. Night Hovercraft 3. All The Sweet Animals 4. A/An Anteater's Tale 5. One Last Tool 6. You're Banged... 7. The Tigger Wrench 8. New Honey 9. Affectionate Souls 10. Gunnery Sergeant Corelli's Harmonica 11. Harry Potter And The Newbie's Drill 12. Straps And Punishment

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My School Dance

I can't believe that rick actually asked cyndey to the upcoming school dance. Even more amazing is that she said "yes"! Everyone will be shocked when they arrive together. She is going to wear a purple dress and he will wear a black suit with a purple tie. We are double dating. Me and cyndey will meet them at the dance. I hope Mrs. Nags isn't at the dance. I hate that ugly teacher! Afterwards we are going to rick's house for a party because his parents are away on vacation. His band, The kissing people will perform all of our favorite songs, and his older sister bought a case of pee for us to drink. I wonder if rick will make out with cyndey at the party. That would be so awesome!