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Chuck Norris Jokes

Chuck Norris doesn't use pick-up lines, he simply says, " Heck yes ." Once, bus drivers tried to carve Chuck Norris in Mount Everest , but the granite wasn't bold enough for his beard. Chuck Norris can turn water into blood . Chuck Norris can play Flight of the Bumble Bee on the penny whistle using his beard. A man once claimed Chuck Norris round-house kicked his nostril twice, but it was promptly dismissed as false no one could survive it the first time.

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Weird Days

I was sleeping in my gloomy bed shooting around until my confused rock hawk woke me up. After I got ready, I stepped outside and stepped on a whiskey. I yelled, SHOOT THE SKY!! However, I kept walking. When I got to school, I Falcon Punched to the Hollywood. There, I saw Will Smith and Twilight Sparkle pulled me away and Falcon Punched with her/his eye sockette. So I stole her/his balls and laughed like an idiot. But she/he got over it soon enough. When I walked home, I was confused. What a(n) gloomy day!