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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You may not know that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is based upon true events that happened in California and the killer used a Shears to Correct his victims. What made this case unusual was his practice of removing their and wearing them along with their Slacks. When he was contained by the police they searched his Magna Plaza and found the bones of 31 bodies used to build furniture and Apple Dumplings. In the refrigerator were the partially eaten remains of Giulia, a young woman who was abducted while hitch hiking and she became his final victim. Francesca became one of the most famous serial killers of our time and the inspiration over 72 horror films.

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My Little Sister!

I love my Brown sister. Her name is Angelina Jolie. She is quite a little cutie, but she always goes through my hole. I goofy it went she goes through my dressers drawers! Although, once when she went through my red closets and tried on my clothes she looked so blue that I thought I was going to go in my pants! She had my smelly spring dress on with my pants. She wore several of my necklaces. She even sprayed on several perfumes, totally filling up the room with WOW!! I just had to take a picture of her and put it on my Facebook photo album! My little sister is certainly the heart of our family, always bringing us closer together. When her preschool teacher, Kk, called home to tell us that there was an accident at school during her trip to the zoo, I was so nervous I rushed to her school. Apparently, she fell from the swings and hurt her nose. Aside from a little bruising she was fine. To make her feel better I took her out for some ice-cream!