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Ron Howard movies part 2

1. Elmertv 2. How The Grinch Launched Cinco De Mayo 3. A/An Shitty Mind 4. Osmosis Fudd 5. Mickey Mouse Man 6. The Da Vinci Cage 7. Frost/Adams 8. Angels & Banshees 9. From Up On Flower Hill

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I was so drunk last night...

Last night i darnk so much saliva that i became intoxicated. I was acting really drunk when i realized i was missing a socks. I was so frightened! My friend, melissa helped me find it. when i got it back i realized i was actually missing my shoes too. Well i felt so intimidated! how embarassing. RUN!! I can hardly remember doing it, but i heard that i collapsed tess's pelican. I bet he's jealous at me. I had a black time, but next time i won't drink so much.