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201o Prom

Last year at our high school, vibrator High, my good friend Kevin was voted prom king and his girlfriend FeFe wasn't. Boy was she bored. In fact, my other good friend Craig was voted prom queen, and when Kevin and Craig were dancing Corey went unusualasinine and started shoving them and tried to negotiate them over the head with her pelicans. The principal yelled Y.M.C.A.!!! and the next day she wass soooooo suspended. Kevin broke up with her and everybody was talking about it. When she finally returned to school, she found out Kevin was dating someone new... another excelent friend of mine named Andy. Awww. They make the sweetest couple.

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Life Stories

One sparkley day, Karlee, Laura, Ana, and Lil' Cozy were steaming at a table at the public toilet. These friends all shared their life meatballs. When it was Krislee's turn she blurted out that she was in love with Seth. Then she got up and lope to MHS where she found this person. She gave them a hug and said, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!, I love you and you always wear the most fashionable thong!"