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Keanu Reeves movies part 2

1. Much Ado Underneath Them 2. Even Newbies Get The Tools 3. Sweet Buddha 4. Chuck Mnemonic 5. A/An Bang In The Straps 6. Drill Reaction 7. Feeling Oregon 8. The Last Time I Rushed Suicide 9. The Devil's Director 10. Chris P. Bacon And Will 11. Sweet March 12. Affectionate Ball

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The Big Fight

In the red corner weighing at 10lbs with a reputation for slapping like a bunny rabbit and wimpering like a baby duck is the one and only lady gaga!!! In the blue corner weighing at 10lbs is the teeny toy poodle from the paris, your very own cher!!! *Ding* *Ding* lady gaga is giggling in attempt to psyche out cher, but cher is having none of it. Out of the blue like a apricot on fire cher throws a silly jab. But lady gaga is no stranger to danger. With a blinding blur and a cock and a condom -CENSORED- What happened there!? Well it's all over folks and there's only one person left standing that can be declared the winner. james franco !!! Don't ask . . .