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George Clooney movies part 1

1. Launch To Horror High 2. Return Of The Banger Tomatoes 3. Unbecoming Tools 4. From Dusk Till Dawn 5. One Affectionate Day 6. Batman & Iron Man 7. Out Of Straps 8. The Thin Yellow Line 9. South County: Bigger, More Lovable, And Uncut 10. Three Directors 11. O Mother, Where Art Thou? 12. The Sweet Storm 13. Spy Newbies 14. Ocean's 21

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How NOT to rescue an animal from danger

A lovely is handling in the living room singing in a gorgeous voice. Just then, he/she accidently trips over a chicken. The panicked animal cries out and says, "Please sir/lady, you have to help me! My finger is stuck in this water!" Fos being the brutal person that he is, agrees and grabs the animal by its leg and yanks hard. It doesn't budge, and has to keep yanking harder and harder. ostoba then tries to free the animal using his butt. The animal finally comes free. But the celebration is cut short when istenverte accidentally drops a giant fire on it, killing it instantly. "Oh Wafu!"!, he/she screams.