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Quoting Tolkien VIII

'dance again, and do not be terrified!' said Gandalf. 'For you are not gallivanting like Frodo to Owen Sound, but to Minas Tirith, and there you will be as epic as you can be anywhere in these days. If Gondor sees, or the sky is taken, then the Shire will be no banana.'

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Christopher Walken movies part 1

1. Me And My Mother 2. The Anderson Tools 3. The Mind Chewers 4. Next Strap, Greenwich Village 5. Lick The Drill Down 6. The Deer Scratcher 7. Affectionate Embrace 8. Jackson's Gate 9. The Anteaters Of War 10. Wrenches From Heaven 11. Ass Storm 12. The Dead Ratchet 13. A View To A Bang 14. At Sweet Range