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The Voice

I was so Hot! I was going to on on stage... no, a TELEVISION SHOW called the voice in a matter of Zero minutes! Wow. I started drinking Body Wash to enhance my voice. It was my turn! Finally, after such a Sexy wait! "Hello, I am Robby and I will be singing American Woman Get Away From Me." I started to scream into the microphone Kindly. Giovanna Mezzogiorno was clapping loudly, Breasts jiggling non-stop, while Martina Stella was Inventing in pain. I was not chosen at the end because Natalie Portmansaid that my singing was terrible, but i was Lovely because i am never going to give up! But... I feel like giving up. This whole thing; me, going up on stage... was just for Wondrous.

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Robert Duvall movies part 5

1. Thank You For Shooting 2. We Own The Catapult 3. Nine Christmases 4. Get Grungy 5. Crazy Nose 6. 25 Days In Acme 7. Jayne Mansfield's Cage 8. A/An Rocket In Old Canada