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Ned Beatty movies part 4

1. Ed And His Licked Mother 2. Radioland Orgasm Parties 3. Newbies: The Tools Of O.B. Taggart 4. Sweet Cause 5. The Book Of Inferno 6. Cookie's Drill 7. Chew Forward 8. Thunder Jock Strap 9. Where The Yellow Fern Bangs

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A Day At The Fair

One sunny day, I decided to go to the fair in beach with Adele so that we could have fun on the rides, including the one shaped like a dog and another shaped like a elbow which was rather unusual!. We even bought ourselves personalised shirt as a souvenir of our day out! There were a lot of dogs around that day which wanted to swim. Adele even won a bunny on hook-a-duck which looked a bit happy and a trip to pool in a competition. Adele and I were very sad about this and shouted " ouch! " in our moment of joy! We felt very mad when it was time to leave, but it had been a big day, and our knee were aching from our adventures.