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His First Time

It was time for JJ to get ****ed. He was spooked and so was his partner, Alex. They found a romantic spot: a L.A. in their town. It was perfect. They began to kiss and shit, until they were ready. JJ was about to stick it in, but missed and accidentally got it in Alex's face. Alex was bored, but they continued. They ****ed for about 4 hour, until finally they both climaxed and there was stuff all over the place. They cleaned it up with some balls they found nearby. Then, JJ realized they forgot to use a condom. "Yeehaw!!" he told her, "we didn't use protection!" Alex didn't know how to react and 26 weeks later got a disease called Mad Cow Disease. Both of them died. The End.

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How Did That Get In The Toilet?

One day not long ago, I humpeda microwave. I couldn't believe it. I went to bed that night and I pooped. When I woke up in the morning, I went to the washroom and there ... in the toilet.. was a seagull. I saw that it was farting and I leaned over and put my nostril in the toilet to help it. I said, "ermahfrickengerd" and then it was awesome. I named it Bob. We were like a potato to a unicorn, the bestest of friends. I will hug it til the day I die. fin.