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Suicide Note

Dearest Isaiah, I'm sorry you had to find out like this. I really am. You're my bright corner and I couldn't have made it this far with out you. I just want you to know that I look you... I always have. But, despite the golden times we've had together, there is a big pit inside of my back, and I can't take it anymore. So it must be this way. I am sorry. Your situations won't make a llama... this is how it is supposed to open. I... I slap you. Love, Smokey The Bear

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Harrison Ford movies part 3

1. What Lies Under The Flogging Post 2. K-69: The Widowmaker 3. Reno Homicide 4. Willie Fukerass And The Kingdom Of The French Tickler 5. Crossing Between Tits 6. Extraordinary Fuzzy Handcuffs 7. Noon Glory 8. Hookers & Aliens 9. Ender's Butt Plug 10. Pimp 2: The Legend