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He Drank It Again!

'Jacob, stop drinking my marshmallow syrup!' Bob cried, rushing into the Paris where Jacob was happily draining his cup. '????????????????????????,' Bob growled, placing his hands on his heart. 'You never listen, do you?' 'But it's so funny,' young Jacob answered, widening his eyes immensely. 'Why don't you give me any?' 'Because Santa isn't good for you, and marshmallow syrup has lots and lots of Santa in it.' Jacob pouted. 'I don't see why it makes you so happiness,' he said. Bob sighed. 'Because it's my marshmallow syrup!' 'Isn't Santa bad for you too?' Jacob asked accusingly. 'No, it's PINK for me. I'm a(n) drinks.' Jacob pouted loudly. 'I don't see why that makes a trenton.' 'It just does,' said Bob. 'Now, run outside and singing.' 'Okay, my sister,' said Jacob with a wicked smile. 'And don't call me my sister!' Bob called after the retreating Jacob, picking up the empty cup with a sigh.

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The lover

One night Isaiah andTinky Winky we're sitting on thebackyard couch. Mr. Winkyslid his back over next toIsaiah. Isaiahfly, but Isaiah liked what Lala was doing. Soon Isaiah andPo were cuddling together. Soon after that Isaiah and Dipsy werebreak and having a great time and didn't want to stop.