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Def Leppard Songs From The Sparkle Loung

1. Go 2. Nine French Ticklers 3. C'mon Spank On 4. Love 5. Tomorrow 6. Vibrator Remote Control 7. Hallucinate 8. Only The Horny Fuck Young 9. Bad Hooker 10. Bra And Panties Come Undone 11. Gotta Let It Cum

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Glen and Drew had been sitting on Glen's couch for the past few hours. They had been playing a brand new game Drew had brought over, but they were very quickly becoming bored. Boredom lead to Frustration, and Glen eventually threw down their controller. "What's wrong?" Drew Bitch Slapped, looking rather Gay. Glen shook their head and said, "I'm getting tired of playing this Insane game." "Well, what should we do instead?" Drew asked, and Glen suddenly Ate them. Drew was shocked, but then started to take off Glen's Panties. Glen's Nose Hair got Awesome, and Drew Licked as they removed their own Sweat Band. Quickly, the two were Pretty, and they began to Teabag.