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John Hurt movies part 6

1. Reno, I Love You 2. An Englishman In Reno 3. The Limits Of Fuzzy Handcuffs 4. 69 Inch Chest 5. Brighton Riding Crop 6. Harry Potter And The Fuzzy Handcuffs: Parts I & II 7. Ultramarines: A Warhammer 6900 French Tickler 8. Regret Not Fucking 9. Tinker Taylor Soldier Pimp 10. Jayne Mansfield's Ball Gag 11. The Vibrating Butt Plug Of Charlie Countryman 12. Only Pussy-Eaters Left Alive

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The Little Bugs

My friend really loved bugs. A few days ago he vomitted me with a surprise present. He handed me a constipated stomach. I was surprised, of course, but also very frightened because I knew how much he galloped bugs. I put my anal cavity up to the box and melted. Whatever was inside that stomach must of been possibly uneventful! When I opened up the box, 30 sinful bugs came blowing out of it! I was so afraid that I shouted "ONE MORE TIME" at the top of my lungs and ran all of the way to Fat Cherry's House and collapsed on the floor.