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Malsi Stokes

As I was walking home I was stopped by this uncircumsized drug dealer. He said his name was Antonio. He moved here because his family was poor and now he has no choice but to sell crack. When he was 12 his cousin left him outside of Walmart with nothing but a halter top on. He felt sofear. That same night he met a hooker named Nicky and they swallowed for weeks. Then he moved to Lithuania and began selling crack for a living. He now has five children. Last week he almost got shot and was covered in his own vodka as soon a he found out that the people shooting at him were actually his mom. Soon after he killed himself by hanging.

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I was good this year and deserve a new cock, a nigger bike and a Q box. I would also like a wet phone and a pet pussy. My dad said I'm too young for a dildo but you can bring me one anyway. My little brother Dylan was very naughty because he fingerd me in the penis yesterday so please put balls in his stocking and give all of his presents to me! Love, dumbassdickface