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Jodie Foster movies part 1

1. Napoleon And Michelle 2. Kansas City Kicker 3. One Shitty Indian 4. Alice Doesn't Launch Here Anymore 5. Catapults Of A Summer 6. Taxi Slapper 7. Freaky Tuesday 8. The Little Hunter Who Shoots Down The Lane 9. O'Hara's Carrot Salesman 10. The Hotel Idaho 11. The Carrot Juice Of Others 12. Nine Corners 13. Running Home 14. Spray Fire

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The Portal

ONE DAY A PORTAL GOT IN THE CITY AND IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE I GOT IN IT BUT I HAD NO goggles ON I was pooping in it and it took me to a desert and when I got there I discovered I was naked and I turned happy and I was justin bieber I was really thirsty, soom I found a sodafall! I ran to it but right when I was about to drink I got arrested by police but killed him with a gun and escaped I found another and drank from it BUT THEN I FOUND SOME UNDERWEAR I FILLED IT UP WITH porta-potty AND PUT IT ON I found the portal so I went in it and I was flying, It got me back home with my clothes, and my new underwear.