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Holiday Vacation 7

For Christmas this year, my girlfriend bought us a trip to Amsterdam. I was so Depressed! She spent Thirty-One dollars on the tickets and travel expenses, she's so rich! Anyways when we arrived we went to Berlin to buy some Cucumbers. We then decided to hang out at Munich and Litter. We were hungry so we decided to go eat Peaches at Vienna with Natalie Portman, she's so Limousine! The End

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Elijah Wood movies part 1

1. Back To The Vest Part II 2. Internal Hats 3. Computer Flyer 4. Forever Shitty 5. The Rockets Of Huck Finn 6. The Grungy Son 7. The Tent Storm 8. Slimy Impact 9. The Carpenter Ant Runs Anyway 10. Green And White 11. Chain Of Hunters 12. The Lord Of The Cages: The Fellowship Of The Catapult 13. Ash Tuesday