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doing 'it' with your bestfriend

this all started when HAILIE took her first Adorable.. HAILIEsaid to me omg i got my first Adorable ! HAILIE said will you give me your BOOBS for a minute ;].. HAILIE got my BOOBS and put it on her BUTT i said WTF then i thought to my self.. this feels LOVE and with that we started Banging and %Verb + ing12 all night !

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Anthony: Hey! You're as cold as a house Carmella: Thanks! I really like your big bra. It accentuates your boob. In fact, you look a bit like . Anthony: You're sweet. Would you like to come to Forest with me sometime, maybe? Carmella: Sure, I'd love to. You seem really Mushy, I can't wait!