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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is an American born bastard, who inherited her famous father's beers and became famous for starring in a smart tape where she peed mj and then smacked his penis. Known for the size of her large vagina and extra large ass Kim occasionally models for Nike and other hip-hop clothing brands. Usually Kim makes extra money by marrying athletes and rappers like micheal jordan and future but she recently had a child with enimem while still married to someone else and that means she gets a double salary! Good job, Kim!

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World's Worst Puppies

I had a dog name Shani. She ran away from home and disappeared for a long time. I looked and looked and couldn't find her. Then all of a sudden she showed up in the back yard. Her belly was swollen and I knew she was pregnant with pups. If I had known then that the pups had been fathered by a Bear, I would have left her outside. The first pup she gave birth too was 8 feet tall with blue and burgundy stripes. The second pup was boring and looked like a cross between a badger and an bat. The third pup was almost entirely beige but had a bronze brain. The fourth pup was big and boney. In the end I sold all the pups to a freak show and gave away the dog. I still have nightmares to this day.