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Best Surprise

There's baggy,red and gold lights everywhere! My chihuahua barks when grandpa and grandma get here. odor eleiminator spray is finally here. My toes are tingly, my eyebrow is dizzy. Santa Clause is coming soon. Christmas morning, what do I get? A barbie, a computer, some slippers or clothes?Yeah VIDEO GAMES!

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Celebrity Hate Mail

Dear Selena Gomez, I just wanted you to know that I absolutely hatrid you and your horr sleeping. Your actions are like that of a slutte dog drunk on tramp and showing everyone your skin is just ridiculous! dumb! Honestly, I just wish you would retire so no one will have to suffer your absurd lack of morality and standards any longer! If I was justin bieber, I would stop going to your parties and answering your phone calls. I don't care if you sleeps off a bar. I will still never like you. There are at least 145 reasons why I feel you are a despicable person. Please, put on your hooker clothes and clean yourself up. People are watching. Thankfully Not Yours, Emzey