Category: Goofy

the day i shat my pants

there i was, sat in the middle of my bed Fear my eyes out because there was a huge Dog on my wall. i called my Matthew to come and get rid of iut, but he couldnt, so i got some Milk and threw it at the wall, hoping it would drown but it didnt. so i shouted Wow and it lost a Brain, crawled out the window and fell to the floor!! i laughed so hard, i nearly lost my Jacket

Category: Goofy

So, today i was eating a salami while i was driving, and then this asian beaver smashed into my brand new toyota. well, i guess that's what you get for buying a condom car like a toyota. my Lio died in the crash. what a stupid lizard i am. and the worst part was they had to amputate my egg sack and my shoes fell of while i was chewing a cock.