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Nicolas Cage movies part 3

1. Gunnery Sergeant Corelli's Harmonica 2. Tool Men 3. National Strap 4. Emperor of War 5. The Director 6. The Moth Bully 7. Ghost Biter 8. National Strap: Book of Drills 9. Ash Fork Dangerous 10. The Director's Apprentice 11. Season of the Newbie 12. Scratching Justice 13. Ghost Biter: Spirit of Vengeance

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the cat

there once was a cat called glue the cat was owned by a Umpa Lumpa. the cat didnt meow it was born roaring! maybe the cat didnt like the little Umpa Lumpa. it wasn't a normal cat, the cat also didnt drink milk, it drank Pepsi-Cola! "HIJO DE LA LUNA" i said when i first saw that cat. the cat even understood movies and she adores Tyra Banks when it sees miss Banks it meows! that wasn't a usual cat. The little one also nicknamed it Beard-Brusher i liked that nickname... this is one wierd cat!