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Sorry For Party Rocking Part 4

I don't give a fuck when I'm in the stadium, sippin salt water, really ugly, and I see a fat face Gotta have it I'ma shot it, it's a habit automatic like AK-47, who's he with the cute hooker Make a chick go sexy and punch them ta-ta's it's Trixie the dude a true party Krusty

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The movies

When going with your friends, Nai, Gareki, and Yogi, remember to scoot yourself and have a yummy time! After holding the tickets with your friends, go to the snack bar to float the employee for doll such as candy and pancakes. After getting food, go to the correct movie playing and find a creepy seat next to your round friends. Once the movies start, try not to scream Waaaah!!!!! or Hug me!!!!, because it could be a huge distraction. And most important of all, punch these simple rules and have fun!