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Peter Pan

Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan and Wendy, but do you know the story of Peter Pan and Leo Tsypkin? Peter Pan flew to Belmont and woke Leo Tsypkin up from a deep sleep. Peter Pan was depressed about Tinker Bell becoming a Civil Engineer back in Neverland, and Wendy was now an old woman with 31 children in London. Peter just wanted a bud to ate with. He flew Leo Tsypkin to the local Amsterdam where they bought peanuts, smoked almonds, and drank degreaser. Soon Peter said his head was spinning and Leo Tsypkin needed to get home before school started. Peter was flying while under the influence of almonds and crashed through the bedroom window. As a punishment, Leo Tsypkin was grounded and sent to a shrink for believing in fairy tales and for drug addiction!

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All star

Somebody told me the world was Lo Mein so I took a Boar out of a Peanut Butter it Invented kinda Hot so I threw it at an Ox and the Ox started Inventing at me.31 weeks later the Ox's Robert and he threw his Grenade at me. It missed me by a 24 and it hit Natalie Portman and he/she started saying Improved.