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Strange IM Converation

*Suzie has just signed in* Jack: OMPoop,Suzie Suzie: I just pooped Albert Einstein. Jack:Ouchers! I have a(n) wowzers secret! Suzie: wowzer doodles, tell me about it! Jack: Well I love you and it makes me feel very very frowny to tell you. Suzie: Oh! Sorry my spoon just peed! Jack: That's fine, my mud peed too... You Stink!! Bye! *Suzie has just logged out*

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Bad News From The Doctor

One morning I woke up and I looked at my tits. It was lumpy! This frightened me and I ran upstairs to tell me mom. I said "mom look at this!" but all she said to me was "SHIT!." so I had to get to the hospital myself I guess. I ran outside and caught a bus, but the bus hit a baby spider so we had to stop. I got off the bus and ran the rest of the way to the hospital. When I showed the doctor, he looked wrinkly, and looked closer. He suddenly sucked and knocked over all the toes. "What is it doctor?" He shuddered and whispered, "oh god. In other words, you have a baby." I stopped breathing. He couldn't have possibly said something worse. That night, I poured blood all over myself and never woke up.