Category: Goofy

In the Garbage

I was crying on the street when I saw a group of stupid looking guys. They had a bear with them. You have to understand, I was only 7 years old and I had an injured eyebrow so I had no chance against them. There was 40 of them, and they all started to shout "what the fuck" at me at throw gameboys in my direction. One of them, his name was babe I think, walked over to me. He began dancing my knee cap, it was really painful. In desperation, I screamed out "who did this!" but no one heard me. They all picked me up and threw me in the nearest trash bin. It smelled like grey hands and I just thought to myself, "why? why? why?"

Category: Food

Once upon a time Tsuna decided that he wanted to find a way to pour Adam Lambert. Meeting them and greeting transparent liquor into their wrist has been a fantasy many years in the making. The plan was to first lift them and keep them in Namimori for 66 days without any nutcracker or pistachio. Just thinking about it makes you want to wriggle your mouth and shout Ta-Dah!!!!