Category: Misc

My opening line

Hi, my name is Nina and I like girls. My hobbies are cuddling and walking. When Im with my family, we hug together and when Im with my friends we like to kiss. Especially with my friend Levin. At the end of the day I go to Burger King lay down, take off my pants and touch my butt when I am happy.. My name is Nina and this is how I live my life!

Category: Goofy
Walking to the store

So I needed to go to a store called stater bros, to buy a stairs. Some interesting things happened on the way there. This particular store is only 100 miles away, so I decided to walk. After walking for a short time, fabian spotted me. They were walking their pet Penguin. We talked about boxes for a bit, and then went our separate ways. A little later, to my surprise, I saw xavier jumping a door in the parking lot of walmart. I wasn't sure how to react, so I just kept walking. I was almost at the store I was heading to, when I saw this person I liked. Their name is jenny. I really wanted to talk to this person. Once we were in talking distance, I attempted to start a conversation by saying "I go pee and poop!!!". They just puked and walked away. I was disgusted about how that turned out. I got to the store and made my purchase and went back home. It was a pretty good trip, except my leg was sore from the walk. Oh well.