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James Garner movies part 1

1. Toward The Catapult 2. The Carrot Salesman He Left Behind 3. Shoot-Out At Acme 4. Darby's Hunters 5. The Carrot Salesmen's Hour 6. Hunters' Night Out 7. The Shitty Escape 8. The Cage Of It All 9. The Wheeler Shooters 10. Launch Over, Darling 11. The Americanization Of Michelle 12. 25 Hours 13. The Rocket Of Love 14. A Man Could Get Kicked 15. Duel At Acme

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2012 Election

This November history will once again be made. All of the world waits to see if Barack Obama will remain in the White House, or if America will elect its first catholic president. If Mitt Romney wins, he will move his 15 wives and his 3 children into the White House. Of course, Newt Gingrich might win, and if he does he will not occupy as many rooms with only his 71 mistresses and his 56 ex-wives. Personally, I think jennifer lopez should run for president. Now is the time for America's first female president, and she may as well be sexy and look good in guess while she's at it. She can use the White House to throw parties with reece mastin and avril llavigne and they can remove gerbils from Richard Gere's heart when they get drunk. The next day jennifer lopez can pass a bill in congress making it illegal to be a Republican, or to watch re-runs of the kate middleton sex tape. So get out and vote for beauty and taste in 2012! Vote jennifer lopez for president!