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My wish

1. A/An 21-year-old woman. 2. She must be as loving as me. 3. When she sucks my tool, she swallows my honey. 4. She must be willing to receive my tool in her mouth and her ass 5. She will love me as much as I love her. 6. I will enjoy making her come at least twice before I come. 7. She will have sweet tits that I always enjoy sucking.

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80's #1 hits part 1 0

1. She Drives Me Hateful 2. Like A Tool 3. Forever Your Newbie 4. Drink On 5. Wind Beneath My Tits 6. I'll Be Biting You 7. Baby Don't Forget My Strap 8. Toy Directors 9. Right Here Licking 10. Cold Hearted Anteater 11. Scratching Tough 12. Girl I'm Gonna Kick You 13. Listen To Your Ass 14. Blame It On The Hurricane 15. Another Day In Jackson