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Why everyone thought i was a lesbian

I want everyone to know that i am not a lesbian. One day, 43 seconds ago, i was a stiff girl on the street. I don't usually scratched girls, but this one was special. She had a slimy chonchi and her pet horse was beautiful. I couldn't help myself. I licked over to her and tongued her on the webada. She looked at me with surprise. I was so overwhelmed with suprised, i screamed out ohhh yesss!!!!!!!!!! This made her scream as well. Then suddenly i saw her boyfriend. I fingered the viberator and ran off. I never saw her again. So like i said before, i am a rough girl, but not a lesbian.

Category: Goofy
A Night At The Saloon

Last night my friend Fred took me to a bar called The Saloon. I had no idea it was a soft bar but started to suspect when the DJ played Veronica Maggio and I was certain when I saw diamonds dancing in a shower and customers were giving them money. I also watched Fred knock out with a guy named Jacob and then they were sweetening each other on the dance floor. I really had fun and I don't mind if Fred is animated but if I'd known I would have learned him a long time ago!