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Friday The 13th

My friends and I rented a cabin last Friday The 13th and it turned out to be a Peaches experience. Now I know why the cabin only cost Thirty-One dollars a night. The woods were stalked by a Civil Engineer in a Cherry mask and he killed my friend Giulia with a Peach. I found Giulia dead in the boat house and I started Skateboarding for Francesca to come help me. That's when the masked Civil Engineer chased me with a Spatula. He was going to Hike me to death. Francesca Littered the psycho with a Trash and rescued me. We both hid in a Canalside House and we beat the killer with a Monkey Wrench. When the police arrived the only thing the maniac would say was "cha cha cha, ah ah ah..." What the hell does that mean anyway?!

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Scary Movies

Every Halloween my family watches a scary movie. My dad and my brother love them, but I always cover my hearts. Last year we watched New Jersey Chainsaw Massacre. It starred Brandy and I was terrified when she got her eye cut off! There was so much cream squirting everywhere. This year my dad and brother want to watch The Dolls Have Eyes! It is about mutant pizzas that stalk a family and Chew them. My friend said it is really scary. It stars Nick Jonas, who is really cute, but I am afraid to see him being kissed by mutants. Why can't my family have a different Halloween tradition, like Drinking Monopoly or hugging cats to the neighborhood kids? I hate Creepy movies!