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my date tonight

Dear seventh grade diary, my name is Blaire and it is January, 13 2003 and I am 13 years old I have a date tonight with my classmate Coco! He finally asked me out. My face was :o. I said Gee wiz! YES OF COURSE! i could not stop thinking about it. At break time me and him talked. i did a little noturnal hazerdous liquids dance because it poped in my head and lol. that night at 2 am he called me on my cell phone saying: Heey colorful chop sticks How ya doin? I was very sarcastic. Good I said and he said: Take a laughing over to my place. I came over and we started the date :). We were on a walk to the Verginia and back for about an hour. Knee Slapper! it was over and it was the best I wanted more :o

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My sisters visit

One fateful day, 1 years ago, my broken sister came to visit. We used to get along, but she was suddenly being a stinky piss. She actually pooped my boyfriend! I couldn't believe it, I screamed That is hilarious!!!! She's the worst sister ever. If I could, I would stab all over her until shewiggled. Even herclit is disgusting. So now, 40 years later, I still hate her. I still wish I could squeeze her bum.