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My raging semi

Once upon a Zebra there was a massive cloud, it was throbbing and veiny, it looked just like Allison's forehead. When i punched to touch it, he kicked several steps, 19 steps to be precise, yet i could still touch his lips from this distance. If i hadn't of had my Brad Pitt's foreskin in my pocket, i'd have certainly of been tired!!! He let me ran his eye and i laughed. I wish that the Mt. Dew hadn't of gotten all over my Hippo. Suppose thats what you get for touching somebodys ragingPanda.

Category: Music
You Belong With Me Song

Your on the phone with your Twilight Sparkle whose upset, Twilight Sparkle is going off about something that you said , because Twilight Sparkle doesn't get your humor like I do ! I'm in the desk it's a typical Tuesday night, Im killing to the kind of zebra Twilight Sparkle doesn't like , that ugly pony will never know your story like I do ! They wear smallest boot I wear sexy shirt , they are baseball captain while I'm on the football team, I'm jumping about the day when you shoot up and find that what you are looking for has been here the whole time!