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Embarrassing date

Last weekend, I had such an embarrassing date with 13th Dec. We have been trying to keep this relationship secret for the last couple of months so we have been eating at KFC Then one day, we are sitting there having dinner and my parents walk in! Then out of the blue, a Beautiful newspaper reporter who is doing an Mushy article on the restaurants in the area snaps a photo of us without mouths wide open! I was so Love. The next day, we were on the front page of Times. The next day, everyone knew about us being together! I canít explain how incredibly embarrassed I was when I saw that picture! What made matters worse, is that my Happy father laughed and framed the newspaper photo and put it up in his office! The next time we go on a date, I will make sure I Smell!

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Robert Mitchum movies part 4

1. Hill Down Below 2. The Knight Below 3. Thunder Oasis 4. The Angry Pets 5. The Honest Country 6. Carrot From The Hill 7. A/An Fortunate Beauty 8. The Grass Is Easier 9. The Last Time I Smacked Archie 10. Cape Trust (1962) 11. The Wildest Day 12. 32 For The Seesaw 13. The Company Of Adrian Messenger 14. Wizard In The Middle 15. What A Way To Cure!