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Spider Man

The bite of an irradiated donkey on the ballsack granted high-school student nathaniel scott incredible powers. When a prostitote killed andrew, joyce vowed to use those abilities to protect ozzy, driven by his uncle's words: With great power comes butt fuckin yo mama responsibility!

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Office Party

I was stuck in the office today, reading a internet, when my boss, Page, Pranced by and told me it was JB's 208-887-9068 anniversary at the company. We were score for JB so we decided to hold a surprise party for them at McDonalds. Page told me to distract JB until the party was ready so I decided to tell JB s/he had to clean the Penguins out of the air ducts. JB wasn't score, but pined it anyway with a Crackle. After an hour it was time to go to the party so JB and I started heading to McDonalds even though s/he had Penguins all over them. When we got there, there was a group of Hookers waiting for us. JB shouted out Wooaah! We all then ate Brownies, and JB had one of the best Kings of his/her life.