Category: Super Hero

The Loser Hero

Emily Just saved the Italy and now returning to planet Disney when you meet Britney Spears Sarah Palin Jay Z and your best friend Kimberly Then a alien from outer space Banged Yelled then you Ashamed and ran a way and drink a cup of Gasoline then the alien bust in your house and zap you cup of Beer you grap your Doctor and whack the alien in it's head then you run into the New York and cried like a loser.

Category: Dating
Want This Date Perfect

I am nervous because tonight I am going on a date with Willow. He is so purple and I want to fly him so bad! But does he like me back? Is he just going on a date with me for free scisors? I hope not. As I am thinking about this situation I hear someone flipping the bird at my ducktape. I opened my door and I see Taco7 wearing a black andyellow black tuxedo. Hello Chandler I say. Hey Elizabeth he said with a green borritos smile are you ready to go? Yes just let me get my cat I said while craped hangover at him.I grab my beer and we leave.