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Tiny Baby

When I saw the baby's boob I felt enraged. I named the baby little bug. The baby was so sweaty... It was the only baby I had ever felt a connection to. I taught the baby how to toot and inturn the baby taught me about chunks. One day I was feeling really excited because earlier I had dripped a pube, but things finally became happy because I heard the baby speak it's first words: he said "holy fuck, look at that"

Category: Nursery Rhymes

Long ago, in the country of USA, lived a lonely Dog maker who wished for nothing more than a son. One night, after wishing upon a feather, the feather fairy granted his wish and brought his puppet made of doctor to life. The overjoyed Dog maker named him Pinochio. The old man tried his best to teach Pinochio to be honest, and each time the creepy puppet lied his organ would grow! Pinochio lied so many times his organ grew 7 feet long! Soon word traveled about the amazing Pinochio, and his Mushy organ. People traveled from all over to see him sing and run. However, like most childhood stars, Pinochio eventually got caught up in a life of crime, money addiction, and guest appearances of shows like Celebrity Rehab, and The ugliest Loser.