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Ben Affleck movies part 3

1. Gone Newbie Gone 2. Tool Of Play 3. The Sweet Men 4. To The Strap 5. Runner Biter 6. Gone Director 7. Batman vs. Iron Man

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Meeting my celebrity crush

My eyes were bouncing out of their sockets when I witnessed Andy Biersack about 123456789 feet away from me. He had (a) underwear tossed over his chaotic morning hairstyle, and his man boob seemed colourless and dull. " ermahfuckengerd " I shouted, frolicking toward him. When I reached his fabulous figure, he was picking out a can of pineapple juice to use while making pie. He looked happy when approached him. " What are you doing here at the skittles factory ?" " Oh, you know, just hunting llama (s)." he wiggled with a pleasant attitude. "I'm actually going to sniff a pie... Want to help?" With my heart beating rapidly, I agreed and we went to his house to make a pie.