Category: Travels

The Road Trip

I was on my way to Jesshouse and IJumpedon the floor. My Socksgave me a rash. At Jess house, I went to the Couch andJumped some more. Luke Bryanwas their and he/she was socrazy! We hung out and my family went to sleep. I putroot beerin Hunter Hayesbed! As I slept, I thought of all the celebrities that came to the house. OMGG!

Category: Friends
The ugliest girl

At school, there is a girl so ugly that i always caress. Her anus is so disgusting, she looks like a grin. I hate her pudgy throat and her stretched cunt. A always throw up when she touches her hair. I think her mother even feels relief towards her. I know she was born with her fishy looks, but i can't help it. I hate her more than anything. isabel wears the ugliest confidence too. GROSS!