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New Years

This week has been so drunk. Gill-It bought me a kitchen for Christmas. I was so excited I humped and I don't care who knows it. Gill-It took a picture of me with the kitchen and put it in a kitchen picture frame, but my cleavage looks really sweaty. For New Years, we're going to this new bar "Danny's Bottle of Ciroc". They're supposed to have the best penguin tatas in town. I love all tatas, but penguin tatas are my weakness fo sho. I hope I don't drink piss all night like I did last year when I threw up on Miley Cyrus. Especially if I'm full of penguin tatas. That would not be a pretty picture. This year, I will try not to lose my jock strap, and I won't introduce myself to everyone as "Alex the gay".

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Robert Downey, Jr. movies part 1

1. Baby It's Them 2. Sweet Turf 3. Nice Science 4. Back To Jackson 5. The Pick-Up Newbie 6. Less Than Two 7. Johnny Be Lovable 8. Rented Tits 9. That's Adequate 10. Affectionate Believer 11. Chances Stink 12. Air Chile 13. Too Much Tool 14. Ass And Souls 15. Short Straps