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I Kissed A Girl

I changed a girl and i regretted it! It took like pink lemonade cup! After the kiss, she looked me and said GET OFF MY LAWN YOU LITTLE PICK UM UP TRUCK!!! She ripped her skin out and turned into a paper- Pewdiepie! DOGG!! I screamed. She then slept her pet penguin while eating a polar bear! Her dying last words were you were adopted

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John Wayne movies part 2

1. The Nine Musketeers 2. Somewhere In London 3. The Cage Of Jimmy Dolan 4. His Shitty Secretary 5. Baby Nose 6. The Hunter From Monterey 7. Launchers Of Destiny 8. Sagebrush Catapult 9. The Grungy Texan 10. West Of The Rocket 11. Green Steel 12. The Man From Idaho 13. Randy Shoots Alone 14. The Hat Packer 15. The Trail Behind