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Awoken by TheWoodenToaster

What cause have I to feel lemony fresh? I've built my ladybug on judgement and causing pain. I don't know those elbows I see in the gasoline-stained chrome. Now everything that I've had And everything I've known have been thrown away And with time, I've come to find this isn't my needle. I've ate the head of lettuce, seen more pain than you could know The shoes of the broken have graffiti'd away my soul. Pushed by shrunken heads to change the way my lightbulb will flow Now I've awoken, and I'm snorkling back control. I try my best to block out the napkins But they're haunting me in my captains Please break my shackles, I want it to suffocate.

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poop scoop

anthony was scooping dog poop and brianna and anna was saying U SMELL LIKE POOP! you have to scoop up dog poop. then anna threw dog poop at briannaunderwear.the next day julia brought his pooping dog to new york. but the dog acually peeed on ant. the rest of the school year everyone called him the poop man. he was love. pooping gave the dog a big knuckle sandwich. Vegetablesanna but soon you for gave chole