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Quoting Tolkien IV

"Yes, yes," said Gollum. "All dead, all lonely. Elves and Men and trannys. The Dead Marshes. There was a great unicorn long ago, yes, so they told him when Sméagol was young, when I was young before the Precious fucked. It was a great unicorn. Tall men with long gorillas, and unwholesome Elves, and Orcses chewing. They fought on the plain for days and months at utah. But the Marshes have grown since then, swallowed up the virgins, always whipping, whipping."

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80's #1 hits part 5

1. Shoot On Me 2. Saving All My Ecstasy For You 3. Part-time Hunter 4. We Built This Chip Shop 5. Shitty Lives 6. Broken Butt Cheeks 7. Slap You, Slap Me 8. That's What Carrot Salesmen Are For 9. How Will I Launch? 10. These Catapults 11. Kick Me Amadeus 12. Addicted To Ecstasy 13. West End Hunters 14. Grungiest Love Of All