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80's #1 hits part 5

1. Shoot On Me 2. Saving All My Ecstasy For You 3. Part-time Hunter 4. We Built This Chip Shop 5. Shitty Lives 6. Broken Butt Cheeks 7. Slap You, Slap Me 8. That's What Carrot Salesmen Are For 9. How Will I Launch? 10. These Catapults 11. Kick Me Amadeus 12. Addicted To Ecstasy 13. West End Hunters 14. Grungiest Love Of All

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Our monkey

The monkey named Ashley was a bit of a Adorable one it loved to Run the ground and hump the Mouth of the other monkeys. Sometimes we think he/she was Faith Hill in disguise. Oh well he/she is everyone's Chest Money monkey.