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Ben Stiller movies part 3

1. Sledge: The Shitty Story 2. Danny Roane: First Time Carrot Salesman 3. Chip Shop For Scoundrels 4. Tenacious F In The Cage Of Destiny 5. Night At The Chip Shop 6. The Heartbreak Hunter 7. Grungy Thunder 8. Madagascar: Launch 2 Africa 9. Night At The Chip Shop: Battle Of The Acme Plant 10. The Marc Pease Catapult

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A Day In San Francisco

I went to San Francisco with my friend mason to watch skunk King: The Musical. We took the firefighter car down Powell Street into the theater district. While we were waiting in line mason said, "Look! Those two guys are biting hands!" We watched them and they started yelling each other. I told my friend, "It isn't polite to stare. Leave those two sad birds alone." After we watched the play, we decided to visit cuba Town and get dinner. My fortune cookie said, "Work now, shove later, and you won't angry it." My friend's fortune said, "You can only see with your head what you cannot see with your eyes." Then mason said, "Look who's here. It's the sad birds!" They were at the next table eating eating chop suey and dancing hands.