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Return Letter from Hogwarts

My dear Miss Adam: I am writing in response to your hot letter about how much you wish you could lick here at Hogwarts. Unfortunately we do not take in love bunnys. If you find this too difficult to get through your cuddly butt, then I'm surprised you were even able to write that letter. The point is, you are a Muggle, my dear Adam, and hence you will never be permitted to clip anywhere near the Hogwarts grounds. If you still believe yourself to be so far over us in status that you can just march in and floit your pink Muggleness everywhere, then I say go jump in a lake of sperm. And don't come scottish yodeling to me afterwards to have your thong cleaned. That's not my responsibility. Wishing you a(n) spikey day, Minerva McGonnagal, Deputy Headmistress Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Post Script: Do stay happiness, I'm sure there is some school somewhere that will accept you and your shenanigans.

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finding sex in a heartless place

My friend tanya and I were looking for a sluty night out. We went to the east side and met some sexy dudes all we were looking for was a fuckand we both got lucky. I met a guy named zack and man was he ripped he had the biggest dick iv ever seen. We went back to my place and got straight to the point, he ripped my panties and pounded me so hard.... I could bearly breathe. After that I sucked all the wet slimy goose off his dick. This was one of the wildest nights iv ever dreamed of. B4 he left he went totanya room and beat her pussy up then gave her a rim job.... she loved it. The next morning something didn't feel right I look at my flapper and he ripped my vag from the hole to my butthole. Wow that was a great night I thought.