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Vodka and Cranberry

Once upon a time, there was an accident prone lady named diannie. She loved to fuck Vodka and Cranberry Juice. After she got drunk, inevitably she would rape over the couch and break her penis. Then, she would drunkenly harrase her cat in the vagina. When she realized what she'd done, she would shout Ass! and pass out boobs-first in the bed. The next day she would feel like a condom and vomit 69 times on her thong. Damn, she reminds me of oprah.

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George Carlin movies

1. With Eight You Get Spaghetti 2. Limousine Wash 3. Horny Fortune 4. Bill & Ted's Circle Jerk 5. Bill & Ted's City-Wide Orgy 6. The Count Of Handcuffs 7. Jay And Horny Bob Fuck Back 8. Scary Riding Crop 3 9. Jersey Hooker 10. Orgasmically N'Ever After