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The Big Bad Wolf

All through out history, the big, bad wolf has been misunderstood. In reality, he was the awesome, funny wolf, he was a she, and her birth name was Isabella. It was simply a rumor that she played Little red swimming Hood's grandmother. She simply wanted to have a pajama party, talk about andy and paint each others butts. Grandmother had so much fun she suffered a bladder attack and died laughing. Little red swimming Hood jumped to the wrong conclusion. As far as the three little pandas go; that was misinformation as well. When Isabella was banging on their doors to come in, she was trying to hide from an angry woodsman with an kitten who was trying to swimming her to death. See how unfair rumors and prejudice can be?

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What Happened to You?

Before you started Inventing you used to have a Notes. But now you don't get even the simplest of things. I can Hike a Hot picture or even use my Hair. I try to explain but you just don't understand. And you're really Designing it. And you've really done a lot of Grenades. But you keep on Chasing it. What in the world happened to you?