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The Big Bad Wolf

All through out history, the big, bad wolf has been misunderstood. In reality, he was the freezing, sweating wolf, he was a she, and her birth name was lorna. It was simply a rumor that she Banged Little green pooping Hood's grandmother. She simply wanted to have a pajama party, talk about aj and paint each others lungs. Grandmother had so much fun she suffered a Bladder attack and died laughing. Little green pooping Hood jumped to the wrong conclusion. As far as the three little hippos go; that was misinformation as well. When lorna was banging on their doors to come in, she was trying to hide from an angry woodsman with an Jellyfish who was trying to Scratch her to death. See how unfair rumors and prejudice can be?

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Gary Oldman movies part 2

1. Air Force Nine 2. Kicked In Space 3. Catapults For Camelot 4. Nobody's Carrot Salesman 5. Interstate 25: Hats Of The Road 6. Harry Potter And The Hunter Of Azkaban 7. Batman Shoots 8. Dead Rabbit 9. Harry Potter And The Picnic Basket Of Fire 10. Harry Potter And The Cage Of The Canary 11. The Shitty Knight 12. Vest Fall 13. A/An Cinco De Mayo Carol