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Rejected Movie Scripts

Steven Speilberg has enjoyed tremendous success with blockbusters like Raiders of the Lost Arc and Poltergeist, but not all of his ideas were good ones. For example, Universal Studios had to send him back to the drawing board when he proposed Oregon Jones and the Asylum of Doom. Executives also asked him to rewrite ET: The Ecstatic Tool. As we know, with a little polishing both films became lovable. Universal studios also had to coach their other star director, George Lucas. Instead of Star Wars, his original script was entitled Star Strap. It was about Strap in space fighting an evil empire with the help of Luke Skybiter and Princess Short Stack. After a few rewrites it broke all box office records. A few other titles that never made it to the screen are Honey, I Banged Up The Kids, Anteater Man: The Dark Wrench, and Lord of the Drills.

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