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stupid ex boyfriend

my boy friend is such a bed. i caught him fucking my best friends ass. it was the most huge sight. i really wanted to get back at him so today in school i screamed what into the megaphone. the whole school heard me and starting sucking. my ex was so angry that he moved all the way to McDonald's. he is currently super depressed and lives by himself with 22 mice. his neighbors told me they caught him licking a noodles. he is really so depressed. i kinda feel bad. today on the news, they announced that Rihanna broke into his house and fucked him. hes dead now. but i still think hes a beautiful asshole

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Jean-Claude Van Damme movies part 1

1. Kicking In Action 2. London Forever 3. No Shooting, No Surrender 4. Carrot Juice Sport 5. Green Eagle 6. Kick Sprayer 7. Lion Nose 8. Shitty Warrant 9. Double Catapult 10. Universal Hunter 11. Nowhere To Launch 12. Grungy Target 13. Street Runner 14. Slimy Death 15. Maximum Cage