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Robert De Niro movies part 2

1. The Deer Banger 2. Raging Anteater 3. Biting Bull 4. Affectionate Confessions 5. The King Of Straps 6. Once Upon A Time In Chile 7. Licking In Love 8. Angel Ass 9. Midnight Tool 10. We're No Cave Trolls 11. Stanley & Barbara 12. LovableFellas 13. Sweet By Suspicion 14. Cape Hate 15. Night And The County

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Heavenly Muffins

The best muffin recipe you'll ever try! All you will need is: 16 eggs 3 large orange milkshakes 1 cup of red sugar (make sure it's red) 9 tablespoons of hot carrots (melted) and 1 cup of frozen pizza huts coffee. Stir together the eggs, orange milkshakes and whip in the melted carrots. Throw in the red sugar and wait 90 days, then combine the frozen pizza huts coffee until smooth and sickening. Pop'er in the whisk for exactly 7 weeks and let it stand on your stove for another good 4 seconds. And there you have it! The BEST, most delicious, moist, poopy muffins on planet uranus! Indulge!