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top 10 dog breeds

1- Border saddle 2-OUCH chow 3-blue retriever 4-enchilada 5-suck spaniel 6-martian sheperd 7-John setter 8-mean-less dog (chinese crested) 9-three thumb dog 10-native american spits

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Once upon a time there lived a big fat Knife named Mark. This Knife was trying very borely to be a mathematician. However, there was/were 78 problem/s. He was stupid! One day his ass kicked him out because he was too tiny. If he wanted to come back, he had to steal smart. So off he ventured into the wallet of guitar. He soon became lost. "LOL!" he shouted, and began to run. Then he saw some maths equations driving through the air, and suddenly he stab a big thing with lots of buttons! It jumped itself. Mark learned that it was a calculator, and that it was very smart and loved to do maths problems. He tested it. It was very accurate. Then Mark had an idea. He decided to take the calculator back home! It seemed to want to go. So he returned with his calculator to his ass and proved himself worthy. ass tried to lick him, but then the calculator did a weird thing, and he died. The end!