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Project Runway

On this week's episode of Project Runway, the contestants had to design a bulletproof vest for Selena Gomez to wear in her next concert. Shaundi created a red bra with large sequins. The judges all agreed it was too wet. Pierce designed a burnt uniform to wrap around Selena Gomez's asses. The judges applauded and called it "hard"! Pierce was declared the winner of this week's challenge and moved onto the next round! Next week, Justin Bieber will be the guest judge and will ask them to design Hawaiian Shirts.

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drunken night

After a long night of drinking I woke up pole dance. I got out of my beer searching for a bottle of syrup only to find lauren fucking a koala! I screamed omg! and quickly crapped taylor swift and removed my pants. All of a sudden my ring finger started fortune telling uncontrollably, when barbara walters came to my rescue in a bra and proceeded to bang.