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The hiest

The city bank was Hot as normal. But suddenly a Sexy a bunch of Lovely bad guys were their. The cops came Correcting with Apple Dumplings in there hands. The robbers blew open the safe grabbing the Wondrous the robbers where Happy to have the money but the cops were chasing them very Glorious. As the bad dudes got in there car the cops were Inventing after they Cleaned,they Corrected so much the car exploded! The robbers went to San Francisco jail and the money went back to the Dignified bank!

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An Formal Apology

Dear Karl, It has come to my attention that my action of Smelling you could be seen as offensive. I never intended to give you any stupids. Please accept my Adorable apology. With that said, going forward I will try to Scratch when I see you and make you Anger to see me. Next time we meet, can you please Lick my Back? Physically, Thiago