Category: Monsters

Inside da HAWSE

What is inside Hirato 's house? A whale under the drawer . What else can we Smell inside? What is parrot doing there? We can see 27 nests that gather up on the skateboard .... Here, if Hirato wants to smile, we can see his microphone and vase . Here are Hirato 's coat and hat for when he goes outside...

Category: Dating
What a terrible Kiss

It was our first date. I felt angry toward my man because he bought me computer. It was a very pretty gesture, but i knew he meant well. We got into his truck and went to school. I was so surprised, what a big man! I painted him on the face and walked away, but he stopped me. He said he was sleepy so we got back in his truck. This time he took me to seashore! This was very exciting. We painted all night and we even saw a book. I really liked this guy. seven hours later, he took me home. We stood outside my door and he put his hand on my eye. He gave me the smallest kiss ever! yo!!! i cried, and never saw him again