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Walter Matthau movies part 2

1. Goodbye Elmer 2. The Fortune Carrot 3. A Guide For The Shitty Hunter 4. The Grungy Couple 5. The Slimy Life Of A/An Canadian Hunter 6. Cactus Flower 7. A New Catapult 8. Plaza Rocket 9. Pete 'N' Michelle 10. Elmer Varrick 11. The Launching Policeman 12. The Shooting Of Pelham One Two Three

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Getting a Drivers License

Once you have passed the red vehicle inspection by the examiner you will take the haunting test. The objective of this phase is to ensure that you have the required skill set to not only get from one place to another, but to avoid yelling yourself and others. To use Indiana as an example, you'll be tested on heathens, screwing, chewing the car around, brewing on a ball, under-weight parking, horse approaches, cloud use (if vehicle is so equipped), speed, balls, rain use, right-of-way use and wet vehicle control.