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small, is how i started my day ofmall shopping..it started as i was riding the dog to the second floor when i saw my school crush fabian i immediatly pee myself. we started chatting about peeing and she began to get nervous untill i calmed him down wit som simple finger.. after a few minutes we found out we were going to the same store called pooping, once i found out she was going there i soda myself this time. mamma mia!!! i said look at the time its 100,000,000 o clock i really need to poop before i jump goodbye i said as i punched away and then i pooped britney spears

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Wolf Hunt

Tonight it is time to hunt for elk. We all love elk! The elk is very popular here, just like Justin Bieber! So many hunters eat elk! They are so funny, gooey and soft! I can't wait to eat it! It eats pasta and beer. Now that is a good food! YAY!! Time to hunt! My friend RIley is very excited, but he died from a disease just as we left. We covered him in some oak leaves and left him there. Now I just took down the elk and now we eat, I bit into its leg and pee squirted out! YUM! Now that we ate our elk. We are going home to have a noon time rest.