Category: Travels

A Day In San Francisco

I went to San Francisco with my friend Macee to watch Possum King: The Musical. We took the Book car down Powell Street into the theater district. While we were waiting in line Macee said, "Look! Those two guys are Crying hands!" We watched them and they started Writing each other. I told my friend, "It isn't polite to stare. Leave those two angry birds alone." After we watched the play, we decided to visit United States Town and get dinner. My fortune cookie said, "Work now, Drink later, and you won't Sad it." My friend's fortune said, "You can only see with your Toe what you cannot see with your Arms." Then Macee said, "Look who's here. It's the angry birds!" They were at the next table eating eating chop suey and Cleaning hands.

Category: School
Prom Night

Last year at our high school, Mcdonalds High, my good friend Mark was voted prom king and his girlfriend Ana wasn't. Boy was Ana pissed off. In fact, my other good friend Natalie was voted prom queen, and when Mark and Natalie were dancing Ana went completely wet and started killing them both and tried to grab Natalie's crown. The principal yelled "Daniel my brother you are older than me!" and the next day she wass soooooo suspended. Mark broke up with Ana and everybody was talking about it. When she finally returned to school, she found out Mark was dating someone new... another excellent friend of mine named Jennifer. Awww. They make the sweetest couple.