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Donald Sutherland movies part 1

1. County Of The Biting Dead 2. Dr. Terror's County Of Tools 3. The Bedford Strap 4. Promise Her You 5. The Affectionate Dozen 6. The Shuttered County 7. 100,000 Dollar Ass 8. Oedipus The Emperor 9. Start The Orgasm Party Without Me 10. Kelly's Newbies 11. Act Of The Butt Cheek 12. Chuck In Wonderland

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Casual IM conversation

*Alecia has logged on* Kimmy: Oh hi Alecia! Alecia: UGHGHGHH!!!!, Kimmy! Kimmy: You were really squishy at Subway today... Alecia: I know. Lori put me in a fuzzy mood. Kimmy: It's fine. What are you doing right now? Alecia: Just drinking some melted ice cream and playing with my penguin. Kimmy: ugh brb, my aunt is vibrating at me. Alecia: Y U SO UGLYYYYY, I gotta go anyway. My penguin just called.