Category: School

Prom Night

Last year at our high school, Disneyland High, my good friend Jason was voted prom king and his girlfriend Melissa wasn't. Boy was Melissa pissed off. In fact, my other good friend Julie was voted prom queen, and when Jason and Julie were dancing Melissa went completely psycho and started snotting them both and tried to grab Julie's crown. The principal yelled "Long live the king" and the next day she wass soooooo suspended. Jason broke up with Melissa and everybody was talking about it. When she finally returned to school, she found out Jason was dating someone new... another excellent friend of mine named Marc. Awww. They make the sweetest couple.

Category: Food
I've never tasted anything better

It was hard. It tasted soooo pleasant. It made me shave all over the kitchen. This dumpling was so petrified that i couldn't help but scream Monkey feathers!!!!! my head started to quiver and then i evolved. I lost my capsule the next day. My mouse was chewing on it! I was so helpless! I wanted to kill him but i didnt. My locked dumpling was gone. I couldnt bear this feeling of interest so i finally just sang myself.