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Wrecking Ball Parody

We cried, we Hugged our Zebras in vain. We Smelled, never asking why. We Alerted, I fell under your spell, a love no one could deny. Don't you ever say I just Yelled away, I will always Run you. I can't live a life, Scratching for my life, I will always Run you. I came in like a Lioness! I never Licked so hard in love! All I wanted was the Drink your Dinosaur! All you ever did was Chew me, yeah you, you, Chew me!

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Jack Lemmon movies part 3

1. Shitty Appeal 2. That's Launching! 3. Glengarry Elmer Ross 4. Short Catapults 5. Grumpy Old Hunters 6. The Slimy Harp 7. Grumpier Old Hunters 8. Getting Away With Shooting 9. My Fellow Canadians 10. Outside To Sea 11. The Grungy Couple II 12. The Cage Of Bagger Vance