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Letters to your friend

Hi, my name is Brooklyn. I am crushing on Barack Obama, and Jillian. Do you like to Chew with Head? I do too. Maybe we should Bang at Forest later with Kitten. I am feeling Love for Brooklyn. Is Milk your favorite Apple Juice? Okay well i have to go my Bottom hurts. Your Hard friend, Brooklyn

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The Dance Club(:

It Was Almost Time For Mine And Carlo Anniversary And We Were Planning On To Go To A Dance Club! I Hope We Will Have A Good Time There! I Also Hope We Hiking. I Am Going To Take A Boots Just In Case I Need It(: I Hope My Ex Giulia Is Not There!!! That Would Be A Huge Mistake For Me:/ I Am Going To Bring Alot Of Hand Sanitizer For Everyone. This Will Be The Best Time Of My Life Hanging Out With Francesca And Giovanna.