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First High

Marc went over to his friend Tip's house for a sleepover with friends. He had brought the essentials for what he thought would be a typical sleepover: sleep, dildo: the usual. To his surprise, Tip and his friends had some John juice-injections. It was not long until the four friends were injecting John juice in their rectums and tripping balls like baby kangaroos. He saw condoms and sloths with over five rectums. He also met a bartender named Kaia who showed him how to talk to wild skinks. After it was over, they all woke up in an unknown field, with nothing but their snake skin belts on. The End.

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Dwayne Johnson movies part 1

1. The Mummy Chews 2. The Scorpion Emperor 3. Licking Tall 4. Scratch Cool 5. Southland Tools 6. Gridiron Strap 7. The Drill Plan 8. Bang Smart 9. Launch To Witch Mountain 10. Planet 21 11. Ass Fairy