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my new llama

today my potato gave me 123456789 llama(s). ermahgerd i yelled, i happy llamas. this is the best day of my life. then i went to the pet store to buy him a underwear that said i love Ashlyn. when we got there they said they had no pants availible. so then i went home and made my llama a hat i was angry. then i noticed i hadn't given my llama a name!!!!! those stupid hobos ate my pie again so i came up with the name of George. the end!!

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Adam Sandler movies part 2

1. The Lustful Chick 2. Pauly Shore Is Fucked 3. Horniness Management 4. 69 First Vibrators 5. The Horniest Yard 6. Deuce Bigalow: French Gigolo 7. Cum All Over Me 8. I Now Suck You Chuck & Dick 9. You Don't Fuck With The Zohan 10. Bedtime BDSM Stories