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Bing Crosby movies part 2

1. Waikiki Orgy 2. Double Or Something 3. Bang, You Sinners 4. Ash Fork Honeymoon 5. East Side Of Jackson 6. The Star Scratcher 7. Tool To Singapore 8. If I Had My Strap 9. Drill On The River 10. Wrench To Zanzibar 11. Birth Of The Sockets 12. My Affectionate Blonde 13. Ratchet To Morocco 14. Star Sniffed Rhythm 15. They Got Me Licked

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my dumb life!!

i have a life like a dog its dumber than kiki shes a friend her real name is abbie she stinks like Correctly and has a Jellyfish and i also have this dumb boyfriend named Kallie he sucks i only date him because hes cute but dumber than a Somebody his mom is miley cyrus and shes strange i also have a dog named selena its the best thing thats ever happened to me!!!! but my life is like a Whomever so everytime i think about it i say Ay Cramba