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Girls At The Jersey Shore

So I'm walking to the shore store and out of nowhere comes Alexea and Paola. We see each other and automatically we know it's gonna be a doctor in a store good time at the shore. We were going to go clapping but instead we decide to go teleporting together. We are dressed to kill, Alexea is showing her collarbone in a tiny shirt and Paola looks like a fugly hippo with her outfit. We just wanna run into Jacob and Dominic to drinksmirnoff and bounce. ERH MER GERD ! Good times at the Jersey Shore !

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'80's Movies part 19

1. Something Shitty This Way Launches 2. Valley Hunter 3. The Grungy Terror 4. Cheech & Chong's Still Shooting 5. Green Thunder 6. Spacehunter: Carrot Festivals In The Forbidden Canyon 7. Slimy Enough 8. Star Wars Episode VI - Cage Of The Jedi 9. Chained Catapult 10. The Carrot Salesman With Two Noses 11. War Festivals 12. Trading Chip Shops