Category: Holidays

First Verse of Jingle Bells

fighting through the kiwi , in a one horse-open steel , excluding the robots we go, giggling all the way! Bells on cigars ring, making spirits unbearable ! What fun it is to yank and sing a(n) Embarrassed song tonight!

Category: Super Hero
Superman Vs. ____

Superman was convinced by Kat Lane to participate in a fashion show to raise funds for blind Gamblers. While strutting down the cat walk, he spotted his arch nemesis, Sammy Luthor. "Get off the stage, Super Pacaderm," Sammy Luthor yelled across the Sky Scraper. Superman was angry but continued with the show. Superman was showing off his Lio Wang designer cape when Sammy yelled "I thought I was coming to a Human show, not a gay parade!" Superman fly into the audience, grabbed the Crazy villian by the neck and told him, "It's one thing to insult me, but when you insult gay people, like Demi Moore, you've gone too far." Superman flew Sammy Luthor to the catwalk, and the crowd laughed at his cheap Goodwill suit and his Salvation Army tie.