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Tale of the Criminal

One day a boy named Ryan was in the mood for stealing a(n) dildo. He went to Scotsdale, Arizona to find what he was looking for. He saw a shitty clown there and screamed MOTHER FUCKER! The clown raped on the criminal while the criminal was beating him up with a glass. The clown called the cops and they showed up eating chocolate doughnuts. The cops took out a tazer and hit the clown thinking he was the criminal. When the cops finally stoped acting dumb they hit the real criminal with a phone. The criminal, before dying, says FAGGOT! and dies. THE END

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'80's Movies part 8

1. Monday The 13th Part 2 2. Orgasm Party Day 3. King Of The County 4. Tool Of The Beast 5. Banging Loose 6. The Four Straps 7. The Drill Of The Lone Director 8. Dead & Chewed 9. The Night The Wrenches Went Out In Chile 10. Cheech & Chong's Sweet Screwdrivers 11. Affectionate Exam 12. Tuck Licking