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A Walk to Remember

One day, as I was mourning with my sticker down the sofa, I slipped on a(n) broken banana peel. When I fell down, my sticker ran away from me. "Abbe" I called, trying to get him back. "Come back here!" Suddenly, he mixed in some blackcurrant squash. "Verity" my friend exclaimed, "your sticker is drowning! You should get Rick Astley to save him!"

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Dear mr.bob I am currently in your cooking class and I am wondering if I could get an extension on my presentation about trees. I wonít be able to attend class next week due to a subway accident. I also broke my back while walking my pet cat. The final reason I am unable to attend class next week is because my dad, justin bieber, is coming into town. I am depressed that I wonít be able to present on time, but as you can imagine, I have a lot going on in my life. Iím enthusiastic to return to class as soon as possible. Sincerely, skinny winnie