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Advice for the Bride to Be

My Name is ______________ and I've known Sharon for ten years. I took a mini van all the way from The Alamo to attend this pink Bachelorette Party. I'm so frilly that Sharon & Rob are smoking the Knot! They have to be the most delicious couple, and i wish them sweet coffee for years and years to come. My best advice for the weeping bride to be? Make sure you run on the night before the wedding, and remember to sing and promise hardly on your wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of Happiness, Love, and flowers.

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The Worst Day at Work

My day was bad from the second I woke up - I woke up 42 hours late this morning! I jumped out of bed and looked in the mirror - my thigh looked like a coffee! I ran to get dressed, but since I was so tired I accidently put my skirt where my scarf was supposed to go! I threw on my shoes and ran out the door. When I got to work, the boss told me that he hadcut my men which made me furious. How dare he! What a goose! I sat down on my office chair when, OW! I had sat down on a breakup! My coworker looked over me and made a sweaty face. God, what a jerk. What a bad day! I went to go eat my breast for lunch, when I realized my fork was covered in milk! "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" I ran to the washroom to wash my hands when I spotted a cup dying in the toilet. Worst. Day. Ever.