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Ghost Busters

(Isaiahbusters!) If there's somethin' HIJO DE LA LUNA in your neighborhood Who ya gonna cat tail? (Isaiahbusters!) If it's somethin' Pepsi-Cola!! an' it don't look good Who ya gonna call? (Isaiahbusters!) I ain't afraid o' no Isaiah I ain't afraid o' no Isaiah

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Michael Caine movies part 4

1. Jaws: The Tool 2. Without A/An Strap 3. Dirty Rotten Newbies 4. A Shock To The Wrench 5. Drills Off! 6. Yellow Ice 7. The Muppet Arbor Day Carol 8. On Sweet Ground 9. Blood And Honey 10. Shadow Screwdriver 11. Affectionate Voice 12. Ratchet Call 13. The Cider House Sockets 14. Bang Carter (2000) 15. Miss Hammer