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Dan Aykroyd movies part.3

1. The Random Tool 2. Gunnery Sergeant Bilko 3. Getting Away With Scratching 4. Celtic Strap 5. Feeling Oregon 6. My Fellow Chileans 7. Grosse Pointe Drill 8. Blues Mothers 2000 9. Susan's Wrench 10. The County Of Mirth 11. Ruby Harbor 12. The Ratchet Of The Jade Moth 13. On The Ass 14. Unconditional Hatred

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Work was so ridiculous today. I had a BUID with 24 supervisors and Lavi was playing on the bottle all day. I only got hours for my lunch break, and Komui wouldn't let me finish eating my nutcracker. This tech asked for 10001 more points on this job and Komui made me give it to him. Ta-Dah!!!. Another tech texted in saying he fell off his ladder and was hanging in a tree by his coat. I was so flustered, I accidentally answered the phone and said "Dispatch this is dazzling butterflies". The tech started to swim and I guess just hung up. My boots are just in a big knot and I want to go home and have my warm nutcracker with noodles. My badger hasn't been feeling well bit Allen, and I just want to make sure he's not eating my nutcracker when I'm not home. That would be dazzling.