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Kevin Bacon movies part 3

1. St. Andrew's Cross Shop 2. Where The French Tickler Lies 3. The Air I Fuck 4. Death Corset 5. Rails & Fuzzy Handcuffs 6. Frost/Johnson 7. My Eight And Only 8. Snake White 9. G-Men: First Fleshlight 10. Crazy, Orgasmic, Love 11. Jayne Mansfield's Butt Plug 12. Skum Eats Pussy 13. 69 Miranda Drive

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Advice for Marriage

My Name is gay ass nigga with the gimp leg . I took a goddamn scooter lookin like some lil barbie jeep type shit all the way from in the pope's coffin to attend this like seriously glowing Bachelorette Party. I'm so almost as beautiful as my dad that Tobias Funke & one cool daddio, that fat guy off the life alert commercial are fucking up the Knot! They have to be the most like super duper pregnant couple, and I wish them super gay for me freakin disgusting raw meat patty for years and years to come. My best advice for the pissing all over the place bride to be? Make sure you trip balls on the night before the wedding, and remember to take a shit and drop a deuce on your wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of Happiness, Love, and Friends.