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How Did That Get In The Toilet?

One day not long ago, I shaveda gun store. I couldn't believe it. I went to bed that night and I pondered. When I woke up in the morning, I went to the washroom and there ... in the toilet.. was a chow chow. I saw that it was dieting and I leaned over and put my toe nail in the toilet to help it. I said, "Yowza wwwwwaaaaa!!!!" and then it was meaty. I named it Casey. We were like a lip to a hot dog, the bestest of friends. I will wash it til the day I die. fin.

Category: Dating

Fooz and Kylie wanted to go to Miley Cyrus's house and Ran on the Foam Finger. When they got there, they was greeted by a(n) Bear at the door. After 69 minutes of Twerking at it, they decided to go to Strip Club instead to Sat together. First, Bra was ripped off Fooz then Thong was ripped off Kylie. Kylie moaned Bitch in Fooz's Booty. It got extremely Sexy that day. Unforgettable.