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Gary Cooper movies part 7

1. Affectionate Persuasion 2. Hatred In The Afternoon 3. 21 North Frederick 4. Newbie Of The West 5. The Banging Tree 6. Directors Came To Cordura 7. The Strap Of The Mary Deare 8. The Naked Tool

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Wrecking Ball Parody

We SNAPPED, we Knocked our Sofas in vain. We Licked, never asking why. We Scratched, I fell under your spell, a love no one could deny. Don't you ever say I just Banged away, I will always Launch you. I can't live a life, Farting for my life, I will always Launch you. I came in like a GUMMY BEAR!! I never Pooped so hard in love! All I wanted was the dancing Salsa your Balloons! All you ever did was Tickle me, yeah you, you, Tickle me!