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A Date With A Celebrity

One hot day I am walking on the streets of Hollywood blvd in black snap back and a very adorbs crop top with black glasses to sheild my eyes from the burning sun. A man that is about 30 comes up to me he is dressed all in black and looks as if he is hiding from something or someone. He goes up to me and says hey sexy want to go out tonight? Um.. Sure? I give him a paper with my address on it. Ok see you later he says. He sounds so familiar like I've heard him before. Wait I say. He stops walking and turns around. What is you're name? Call me Charlie Scene.

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Morgan Freeman movies part 1

1. Who Says I Can't Fuck A Rainbow?! 2. Harry & Sister 3. Whip Smart 4. Clean And Horny 5. Cum On Me 6. Dick Handsome 7. Butt-Fucking Miss Daisy 8. The Bonfire Of The Fuzzy Handcuffs 9. Cockatoo Hood: Prince Of Pimps 10. The Ball Gag Of One 11. The Shawshank St. Andrew's Cross 12. Butt Plug Reaction 13. Fuck The Girls 14. Orgasmic Rain