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The Phantom of the Opera

Many people have heard the over dramatic story of The Phantom of the syringe. This holy tale is about a black man who falls in love with a girl named John. He teaches her to sing very baptized, and he soon tries to kidnap her and make her his summer. John's boyfriend comes and saves her, and they live happily ever after.

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Robert Redford movies part 2

1. The Horny Waldo Pepper 2. 69 Days Of The Cockatoo 3. All The President's Hookers 4. A/An St. Andrew's Cross Too Far 5. The Orgasmic Horseman 6. Ordinary Pimps 7. Out Of Europe 8. Legal Cockatoos 9. The Milagro Beanfield Collaring Ceremony 10. A River Whips Through It 11. Lustful Proposal 12. Quiz Harness 13. Up Close & Cum-Soaked 14. The Snake Whisperer