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raper van

the hairy raper van followed infected. they threw a loincloth at me and it was covered with jungle juice that must have come out of their penis. They threw me into the back seat, ripped off my loincloth and inserted their vagina into my titty. it felt so very close to resembling a penis that i screamed out OH GODDD!! when they finally let me go i was walking like i had a narwhal up my ass, so they decided to call me Sex Muffin

Category: Goofy
The Defining Statement of You

I love, love, love, loooooooooove marshmallows! I just must have it, it completes me, as a mauve person. It defines as a what my true recognition is. I love eating candy wrappers Myneck is so fun cool too. People say that true shyness is what makes a person who they are, but I say scarfplane is the way to go... truly, forever.