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Steven Spielberg movies part 1

1. The Jackson Express 2. Tits 3. Close Straps Of The Third Kind 4. 1941 5. Biters Of The Lost Tool 6. E. U.: The Extra Terrestrial 7. Twilight Drill: The Movie 8. Chris P. Bacon And The County Of Doom 9. The Color Yellow 10. Empire Of The Wrench 11. Chris P. Bacon And The Sweet Crusade

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Phone Call

Anna: Hello? Betty: Anna. What are you doing? Anna: Washing some faces. Greg got cheese all over them during our trip to China. Betty: WHAT? That fat fuck! Anna: I know, I'm so chewy it's nauseating. What's up? Betty: Funny you ask, I wanted to see if you wanted to get cheese with me and Greg. Anna: Only if we can go to the wild moose store and look at their balls. Betty: Greg has tons of balls. Why don't you ask for one? Anna: No thanks. They probably have cheese on them too. Betty: Ok, now YOU'RE being the fat fuck. Why don't we just get deep fried chicken breast at "Justine's pimple & Grill"? I heard they're supposed to be really nauseating. Anna: I heard they actually have an interative pimple there. Betty: I just hope the cheese isn't made from wild moose meat like last time we went out.