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A Job Rejection

Dear sir/madam, Thank you for your interest in our company, potatoes Ltd. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a car at this time. We can, though, inform you that we were pleased with your interview. Your trucks were more than satisfactory, and your pooping skills were impressive. However, we hope you can appreciate there were many other rocks, and we must select the amazing candidate for the car. We wish you the best in farting success in your future. We will also keep your resume on file for 10,000 days should a vacancy arise, and you be jumped at that time in applying. We will throw you if this situation occurs. If you are skipped in applying for a car after the 10,000 day period, please do not hesitate to throw us again. We look forward to jumping from you. Yours stupidly, Mr. mcfartface

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Steven Spielberg movies part 1

1. The Jackson Express 2. Tits 3. Close Straps Of The Third Kind 4. 1941 5. Biters Of The Lost Tool 6. E. U.: The Extra Terrestrial 7. Twilight Drill: The Movie 8. Chris P. Bacon And The County Of Doom 9. The Color Yellow 10. Empire Of The Wrench 11. Chris P. Bacon And The Sweet Crusade