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Scary Movies

Every Halloween my family watches a scary movie. My dad and my brother love them, but I always cover my Knees. Last year we watched PPI Chainsaw Massacre. It starred Selena Gomez and I was terrified when she got her belly-button cut off! There was so much milk squirting everywhere. This year my dad and brother want to watch The turtles Have Eyes! It is about mutant elephants that stalk a family and hug them. My friend said it is really scary. It stars Justin Bieber, who is really cute, but I am afraid to see him being pushed by mutants. Why can't my family have a different Halloween tradition, like triping Monopoly or taping shirts to the neighborhood kids? I hate calm movies!

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Chevy Chase movies part 3

1. Sweet Meat 2. Hawk On The Loose 3. Lovable Money 4. Stay Affectionate 5. Hot Tub Lamp 6. Chuck And The Beanstalk 7. Not Them Not Them Movie 8. Before I Bang