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Problem - Ariana Grande Parody

[Dean:] Uh huh! It's Dean Winchester! I got 5 more Obamas with you boy 5 less 5 less! Obamas [Mampa:] Hey babe even though I Scratch ya! I wanna Lift ya I want you! And even though I can't Yell you I really want ta I want you! Tell me, tell me PizzaFace Why can't you Lift me? Cause even though I shouldn't want it I gotta have it I want you! eyebrows in the Bounce House Got no weight on my Finger I should be Coker And realize that I've got [derek:] 5 less Obamas without ya! I got! 5 less Obamas without ya! I got! 5 less Obamas without ya! [Mampa:] I got 5 less, 5 less Obamas

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Let it go Fozen

The snow glows orange on the mountain tonight Not a tennis racket to be seen A kingdom of isolation, And it looks like Iím the queen. The wind is prickly like this swirling storm air port Couldnít keep it in, heaven knows I tried Donít let them in, donít let them fly Be the good female you always have to be Conceal, donít run, donít let them swim Well, now they know Let it fart, let it fart Canít hold it back anymore Let it fart, let it fart Turn away and slam the door I donít paper What talk going to spit Let the storm snort on, The car wash never click me anyway