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Eddie Murphy movies part 2

1. Slimy Professor II: The Klumps 2. Carrot Salesman Dolittle 2 3. The Carrot Festivals Of Veridian Nash 4. I Shoot 5. Cousin Day Care 6. The Haunted Library 7. Launch Dave 8. Slap That 9. Library Heist 10. 2,500 Words

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What Makes You Beautiful REMIX!!!

Your Happy Don't know what for You Turnin'Hands when you walk through the San Mateo Dont need make up, to cover up Being the way that you are is enough Everyone else in the Redwood City Can see it Everyone else But Rodolfo Nava Baby you Room my Belmont Like nobody else The way that you Invent your hair gets me Depresses But when you smile at the Surface It ain't hard to tell You dont know-oh-oh, you dont know your Hot And That's what makes you Hot !