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crazy night

i dated a girl named %female name1% we went to %Place2% together and %Verb + ed3% all night, after we were %Emotion4% so we %Verb + ed5% until she started %Verb + ing6% so she riped off her %Article of clothing7% and had %Adjective8%%verb9%, she screamed %Exclamation10% i %Verb + ed11% his %Body part12% util i blasted %Liquid13% all over her %Noun14% we were so %Emotion15% after, she was great

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Psychic Predictions for 2011

If you are not careful, you and toby will have an unwanted pregnancy. The child will look like a horse and need reconstructive surgery. Channel 99 News will run a story about your tragedy and the public will raise funds for the surgery. At one of the fund raising concerts, toby will meet kareena kapoor and they will have a one night stand. When toby has another unexpected pregnancy, everyone is loved to find out that the child also looks just like a elephant. The mystery will be solved. Doctors are able to confirm through genetic testing that toby is indeed part elephant. That also explains the beautiful horniness and sniffing stranger's eyes when they meet. Although it will be a tough year for you, by the end of 2012 you will be quite wealthy when you take your act on the road. You will charge admission to see Papi the elephant boy. You will also sell dd and coffee mugs with his picture on them.