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Samuel L. Jackson movies part 4

1. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Dommes 2. XXG 3. Country Of My Pussy 4. Fuck Bill: Vol. 2 5. Pimp Carter 6. XXX: State Of The Mustang Ranch 7. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Doms 8. Farce Of The Snakes 9. Snakes On A Plane 10. Blue Snake Moan 11. Whorehouse Of The Brave 12. Binding And Gagging The Champ 13. Iron Hooker 14. Star Wars: The Domme Wars

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Karaoke Contest

John Connor and Willie were the finalists in the Strickland Propane Karaoke Contest. John Connor entered the stage dressed up like Arnold Schwarzenegger and sang Gotta get down on Friday-Rebecca Black. The judges gave a score of 76 and called the performance too epic and very party rocked. When Willie walked onto the stage dressed like Jesus Christ the crowd started sniping. After singing She Will be Loved-Maroon 5 the judges gave a knifing ovation and a score of 450,000. The judges called the performance brilliantly Kmart Smart.