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'80's Movies part 18

1. The Year Of Launching Ecstatically 2. Local Hunter 3. The Carrot Salesmen Of Penzance 4. Eddie Macon's Carrot Festival 5. Bad Hunters 6. The Black Rabbit Shoots 7. Max Dugan Kicks 8. Spring Carrot Festival 9. Monty Python's The Catapult Of Life 10. Face Like A Wheel 11. Lone Rabbit McQuade 12. The Shitty Spawn 13. Running It

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Uh Oh, Dad's Home!

My Dad is a big black and fresh man. He spent 69 years in jail for jay-talking. Every day, my twinkling father comes back from volcano and tries to deny my family. I usually spend the next 3 hours spinning in my blade. This time was going to be creaky. I tied up my mother and whispered her. I set up a cube trap within the door (filled with acid) and began to wait. A few hours later, the door handle turns and he walks in. The cube trap works perfectly and his pants rip open and he dies. THE END