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I've never tasted anything better

It was rotten. It tasted soooo swollen. It made me spray all over the kitchen. This poop was so adorable that i couldn't help but scream its on fire!!!!!! my all of my skin started to quiver and then i fell. I lost my garbage the next day. My Raccoon was chewing on it! I was so excited! I wanted to kill him but i didnt. My adorable poop was gone. I couldnt bear this feeling of frustrated so i finally just orgasmed myself.

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Rejected Disney Scripts

(1)Catapult White and the 25 Hunters (2)Launching Beauty (3)Shooting Nimo (4)101 Rabbits (5)Bed Knobs and Cages (6)The Jungle Stick (7)Carrot Salesmen of the Carribean (8)Bugs Bunny In ShittyLand (9)The Haunted Library (10)The Hat Before Cinco De Mayo