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Jerry Springer

Yesterday I was bunning through channels on the TV when suddenly I was overwhelmed to see my friend Patsy Stone on the Jerry Springer show. She was dressed in a tight sock which barely covered her elbow. She confessed that she lives a double life; a bathroom attendant by day but a bee keeper by night. Next, her boyfriend, John Robertson walked onto the stage. He was so upset he was clapping and he kept asking her, "Why, baby? Why did you do me this way?" Patsy Stone said it was because she needed the money. John Robertson threw eight dollars at her and she got on her knees and tried to stand his camel toe. The crowd was cheering and chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" I don't think I can be her friend anymore. I don't want people to see us together and think I am a bee keeper too.

Category: Goofy
the turnandi palace

the unstable Turnani palace was biult by a hovercraft. When he finished he scram you can't!!!! There lives king Jiggy pepper. The palace has 99 floores.some people think its haunted by lassos. Jiggy pepper doesnt. under it lives a wolf. once he fluttered the king. sadly he left to a bread loaf. then Lag Seeing lived there. a nicely ending.