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Nicolas Cage movies part 2

1. Fucking Tess 2. Sucked in Paradise 3. Belch of Death 4. Farting In Ajo 5. Alien Air 6. Ass/Off 7. City of Panties 8. Kangaroo Eyes 9. 52MM 10. Jerking Out the Dead 11. Drooled On in 62 Years 12. The Weird Man

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Phone Call

maik: Hello? dan: maik. What are you doing? maik: Washing some peoples. yon got fish all over them during our trip to seattle. dan: WHAT? That beautiful bob! maik: I know, I'm so kindly it's agle. What's up? dan: Funny you ask, I wanted to see if you wanted to get fish with me and yon. maik: Only if we can go to the dog store and look at their cats. dan: yon has tons of cats. Why don't you ask for one? maik: No thanks. They probably have fish on them too. dan: Ok, now YOU'RE being the beautiful bob. Why don't we just get deep fried chicken leg at "sol's animal & Grill"? I heard they're supposed to be really agle. maik: I heard they actually have an interative animal there. dan: I just hope the fish isn't made from dog meat like last time we went out.