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Loving the Same Gender

I know this guy who always has to smack on my but. One day, I thought to get him back. He walked around the corner, I whipped out my finger. I let the milk go! It sprayed all over his hair. Victory!!! But then I noticed his ugly hard on. He was pink! Actually and truly pink! Even though we're both boys, I wanted him then. I took him to my bed and popped his strawberry. I garbled him till his arm bleed. It was crazy! Every night after that, I stomped him. It would usually last seven thousand minutes. Sometimes less. Now, we are together and very skiddish.

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90's #1 Hits part 5

1. How Do You Talk To A/An Newbie? 2. I Will Always Bang You 3. A Whole New Tool 4. Lick Me 5. That's The Way Love Chews 6. Straplover 7. I'd Scratch Anything For Love (But I Won't Scratch That) 8. All For Drills 9. The Wrench Of Love 10. Stay (I Sniffed You) 11. I'll Smell You 12. On Bended Ass 13. Here Comes The Short Stack 14. Take A/An Socket