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James Stewart movies part 3

1. You Gotta Stay Ecstatic 2. The Stratton Catapult 3. Shitty Arrow 4. No Cage In The Sky 5. The Grungiest Carrot Festival On Veridian 6. Bend Of The Hat 7. The Slimy Spur 8. Thunder Chip Shop 9. The Glenn Miller Vest 10. The Sticky Country 11. Gross Window 12. Strategic Rocket Command 13. The Spirit Of London

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George Kennedy movies part 1

1. The Slimy Carrot Salesman Of Kingdom Come 2. Ecstatic Are The Brave 3. The Grungy Witness 4. The Hunter From The Diners' Club 5. McHale's Catapult 6. Island Of The Green Rabbits 7. Shoot...Shoot, Shitty Charlotte 8. In Harm's Cage 9. The Carrot Salesmen Of Katie Elder 10. The Flight Of The Canary 11. The Rocket Of Josie