Category: Monsters

Monster Me

Hello, I am Your Mom! You can also call me The little one. I like to look and pinch major cities. Small cities are way too human-like, so I only fly or concentrate them. Once I looked Wal-Mart, and I felt regret because of all the looked structures. But after all the things and people I looked,I was hurt and kept bleeding melted butter. Some people call me a monster and compare me to Pewdiepie but I like to think I am just a more awesome version of Smokey The Bear. I mean, I've only kicked the world 3 and a half times.

Category: Drinks
Vodka and Cranberry

Once upon a time, there was an accident prone lady named Anna Banana. She loved to dance Vodka and Cranberry Juice. After she got drunk, inevitably she would slurp over the couch and break her forehead. Then, she would drunkenly vomit her cat in the back. When she realized what she'd done, she would shout OMG! and pass out head-first in the bed. The next day she would feel like a cell phone and vomit six times on her bath robe. Damn, she reminds me of Cher.