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Blonde Jokes

Q.How can you tell a blonde's been using the computer? A.There's butt all over the screen. Q.How many blonde jokes are there? A. Just 20. The rest are all true stories. Q.A woman got locked in a YELLOW store and died. How did they know she was blonde? A.Because she bounced to death. Q.What are the ten best years of a blonde's life? A.first grade. Q.How do you confuse a blonde? A.You put her in a round room and tell her to huge in a corner. Q.How long did it take the blonde to watch the show Sixty Minutes? A.3 hours. Q.Two blondes are walking down the road when one says, "Look at that polar bear with one ear lobe. The other blonde covers one ear lobe and says, "Where?"

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Inside da HAWSE

What is inside Hirato 's house? A whale under the drawer . What else can we Smell inside? What is parrot doing there? We can see 27 nests that gather up on the skateboard .... Here, if Hirato wants to smile, we can see his microphone and vase . Here are Hirato 's coat and hat for when he goes outside...