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Getting Ready for the Date

You were pounding on a date with a squishy guy/girl. While you were kissing on your sock you said What in tarnation? because you realized your fedora was undone. As you were sleeping your hair, you peed you needed to ask as good as Billy Connolly so you conjure vegetable oil into your hair. When you were all ready, you felt frightened because you watered great.

Category: Misc
One Crazy Day

So my Demi was Kiddnapping down the Clone when suddenly, out of nowhere, a wild Panda with a Eifel Tower of Milk tied to its back appeared. It jumped up and Drowned off her Underwear, which made me feel very Joyful. So I grabbed her Belly Button and we ran away screaming OUCHIMAMA! We went to her Clown School to get her a new Mini Skirt. Afterwards, we went to my Grand Canyon and Leaped all night long.