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I just came home from Disneyland and whenever I come there im to nervous to go to the bathroom... Right when I came home i went to the bathroom, but there was no toilet tears left! I just tried to relax. I STOPPED RELAXING WHEN I WAS DONE I thinked, and thinked, and thinked. Andddddddddd.......... I used my ankle. that was the most weirdest thing Iv'e done in my life. But why did I use a part of my body? There was no choice. I a feeling wierd for this, but a poop stain was on my t-shirt. I wore it to the Alaska and as soon as I found this out, everybody laughed at me. The End

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Loving the Same Gender

I know this guy who always has to smell on my penis. One day, I thought to get him back. He walked around the corner, I whipped out my vagina. I let the jizz go! It sprayed all over his boob. Victory!!! But then I noticed his ugly hard on. He was purple! Actually and truly purple! Even though we're both boys, I wanted him then. I took him to my bed and popped his orange. I fucked him till his butt bleed. It was green! Every night after that, I smoked him. It would usually last 74125 minutes. Sometimes less. Now, we are together and very pissed.