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Burt Lancaster movies part 1

1. Lustful Force 2. Salt Flat Fury 3. Variety Hooker 4. I Jerk Off Alone 5. All My Sisters 6. Sorry, Wrong Butt Plug 7. Suck The Cum Off My Tits 8. Ball Gag Of Sand 9. The St. Andrew's Cross And The Whip 10. Mister 6900 11. Vengeance Whorehouse 12. Jim Thorpe: All-Frenchman

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Joining The Swim Team!

I carefully love to swim and I needed to join any sport team at school so that I wouldn’t have to take P.E. with Mr. shakira Besides, I've always loved to swim and be in the water! So, I thought that I would join the team! Boy, was I in for a surprise! On my first day of swim practice I was so unprepared for what I would go through! I must have swam 7 million laps in that pool! Swimming is a lot harder than I thought! The coach, who is also my history teacher, Mr. madonna, was an intense swim coach! He was screaming out directions and making sure that we kept on training! As the afternoon turned to evening, I was thinking, "When was I going to go home?" After a fun practice, I hobbled to the showers with the rest of my new teammates in the frigid night air. When I got home, I was so hungry and tired, I didn’t know what to do! I ended up eating 10 servings and drinking two glasses of water, only to fell asleep without doing any homework!