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Kirk Douglas movies part 3

1. Last Helicopter From Ray Gun Hill 2. The Devil's Carrot Salesman 3. Hunters When We Meet 4. Chip Shop Without Pity 5. The Shitty Sunset 6. Ecstatic Are The Brave 7. 25 Weeks In Another Chip Shop 8. The Cage Of Adrian Messenger 9. For Ecstasy Or Money 10. 26 Days In April 11. In Harm's Catapult 12. The Carrot Salesmen Of Telemark

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Our first kiss

V and G had their first kiss. It was the most Odd experience of both of their lives. G reached his Mushy hand around V's head, Smelling her long, Happy hair. With his other hand, he gently Scratched her Mouth. They leaned in, let out a gentle "lel" and kissed. It felt 1776 seconds long, but in reality was only 1492. "Tada!" Said G. "I think I'm in love." It was a Furry day they would never forget.