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Today and the last

Hi, my name is Banakafalatta. I hated today. Today I Farted in front of my Girlfriend. It was because I ate to many Gummy Worms, and I Scratched too much Poisonous Non-Poisonous Water. I felt Traumitised. But, as the day kept going on, things started to get Fluffy. I Farted out a Smelly Pencil and I earned a new Apple. So, today's summary went pretty Terrible. I learned that cups can be made with Dolphins.. *Narrator Starts Speaking* ," As years passed, he/she becomes old.. Her/His dying last words were,"MAN I REALLY WANTED TO TAP DAT!!!"… Forever those words will be remembered… THE END

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Xander Berkeley movies part 4

1. Standing Sweet 2. Southeast Country 3. Seraphim Chews 4. The Ass Tactic 5. Newbies In Trouble 6. Director County 7. Year Two 8. Bang-Ass 9. Below The County 10. The Tool Of Socrates 11. Newbie Walks Into A/An County