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Matt Damon movies part 1

1. Strange Soup 2. School Blouses 3. Geronimo: A/An Australian Hat 4. The Odd Ole Boys 5. Happiness Under Fire 6. Fucking Amy 7. Good Will Sucking 8. Belching On Sergeant Major Ryan 9. The Weird Mr. Ripley 10. Titan D M 11. The Earring of Bagger Vance

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American Idol Audition

My friend Giovanna and I decided to audition for American Idol. I chose the song Love Is A Wonderful Thing and she sang Still The Love Of My Life. Randy loved my audition and said it was Hot. Steve Tyler said I am a very Sexy performer. The guest judge, Michael Bolton, said "You have my vote!" I was so Sadened I started Inventing. My friend Giovanna wasn't as lucky. Randy said she sings like a Designing Boar. Steve Tyler said she reminded him of a Horse in labor. Michael Bolton was kinder and simply told her "Keep Inventing and try again next year." I'm going to San Mateo so make sure you vote for me, everybody!