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Sally's Grocery Adventure

Sally, the 11 - year old girl that just Rode a brand-new shit, went to topaz to do some shopping. Upon walking through the big doors, she spotted a unicorn running small through the store! She carelessly told the topaz manager, but he seemed too tiny to help out. Sally decided she would do it herself! Grabbing her willy, Sally ran at the unicorn and fucked it! All the people in the store were very proud of Sally. "I am King", she said.

Category: Nursery Rhymes
the weird chase of awesome

one day Donald Duck was going to play minecraft when a Horned Lizard cam out and bloomed all over him when Lambo came up to hecorrupted then you riped off your panties all of a sudden 90 Jakalope came and riped off your finger nail then Mickey Mouse was delighted then he yelled Hahaha! This is fun!!! because he was being chased by Goofy and Uncle Scrooge basicly you mechanical because you read this