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Def Leppard Yeah!

1. 20th Century Hunter 2. Spray On 3. Slapping On The Telephone 4. Acme Sunset 5. Hell Shooter 6. 2500 Overture 7. Shitty Life 8. Drive-In Tuesday 9. Little Bit Of Catapult 10. The Grungy Age Of Rock 'N' Carrots 11. No Matter What 12. He's Gonna Fall On You Again 13. Don't Kick A Cage 14. Run With Me

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Wolf Hunt

Tonight it is time to hunt for elk. We all love elk! The elk is very popular here, just like Justin Bieber! So many hunters eat elk! They are so soft, juicy and sweet! I can't wait to eat it! It eats pasta and orange juice. Now that is a good food! HOLY COW!! Time to hunt! My friend Liam is very excited, but he died from a disease just as we left. We covered him in some oak leaves and left him there. Now I just took down the elk and now we eat, I bit into its leg and pee squirted out! YUM! Now that we ate our elk. We are going home to have a midight time rest.