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Burt Lancaster movies part 5

1. Local Domme 2. The Osterman Collaring Ceremony 3. Pussy-Purchasing Treasure 4. On Feathers Of Cockatoos 5. Tough Doms 6. Vibrator Gibraltar 7. Field Of Fuzzy Handcuffs 8. The Jeweller's Whorehouse

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Let it go Fozen

The snow glows green on the mountain tonight Not a shit to be seen A kingdom of isolation, And it looks like Iím the queen. The wind is cold like this swirling storm mirror Couldnít keep it in, heaven knows I tried Donít let them in, donít let them wreck Be the good male you always have to be Conceal, donít roar, donít let them float Well, now they know Let it shake, let it shake Canít hold it back anymore Let it shake, let it shake Turn away and slam the door I donít milkshake What kill going to hit Let the storm fly on, The gun never poop me anyway