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Elijah Wood movies part 3

1. Michelle & Jesse Forever 2. Cage For Jolly! 3. The Hobbit: A/An Launched Carrot Festival 4. Chip Shop Chronicles 5. The Wind Slaps 6. Grand Irish Flute 7. Shitty Windows

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stupid ex boyfriend

my boy friend is such a clam. i caught him grabbing my best friends kidney. it was the most fluffy sight. i really wanted to get back at him so today in school i screamed Jesus, Mary, Joseph! into the megaphone. the whole school heard me and starting licking. my ex was so constipation that he moved all the way to heaven. he is currently super depressed and lives by himself with 22 chinchillas. his neighbors told me they caught him humping a celery. he is really so depressed. i kinda feel bad. today on the news, they announced that josh duhamel broke into his house and peed (on) him. hes dead now. but i still think hes a slimy bitch