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Nude Beach No No

The bride wanted to look skanky so she planned to get a Brazilian wax (which is the removal of all third testicle hair), however, she was embarrassed to go to a crack house to have it done. Her sister offered to do the waxing but did not use the correct waxing elements; the future bride’s soggy dick was so fucked it destroyed her wedding day and honeymoon! The waxing caused an irritation that leaked for over a week. When the hair finally started to grow back on her third testicle she had an incredible itch! Their honeymoon night and the week following were not spent ejactulating the way they wanted. Obviously! She was very gay and used shitting cream, with a bandage, to reduce the irritation.

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the cat

there once was a cat called glue the cat was owned by a Umpa Lumpa. the cat didnt meow it was born roaring! maybe the cat didnt like the little Umpa Lumpa. it wasn't a normal cat, the cat also didnt drink milk, it drank Pepsi-Cola! "HIJO DE LA LUNA" i said when i first saw that cat. the cat even understood movies and she adores Tyra Banks when it sees miss Banks it meows! that wasn't a usual cat. The little one also nicknamed it Beard-Brusher i liked that nickname... this is one wierd cat!