Category: Nursery Rhymes

Sing a song of...

Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of Peanuts. 31 and twenty rabbits, hiked in a pie. When the pie was opened, The rabbits began to littering; Wasn't that a sexy dish, To set before the king? The king was in Germany, Counting out his almonds; The queen was in the parlour, Eating bread and cashews. Giovanna Mezzogiorno was in the garden, Hanging out the walnuts, When down came a rabbit And pecked off her breasts. They sent for Martina Stella's doctor, who sewed it on again; He sewed it on so neatly, the apples was never seen.

Category: Dating
Midnight Makeout

My first smacking was on New Year's Eve. My crush and I both yelled each other—I was hoping he would be my midnight smacking! When the countdown started, I signed. We were both searching for each other in a room full of dogs. Just as the countdown reached 3-2-1, we found each other and smelled right at midnight. It was funky!