Category: Goofy

Transformation / Chemistry / Evil

"Here it is, Lord Rachel. The... substance, you requested..." The doctor reluctantly hands you a flask. "If this doesn't work I'll have you slammed, Doctor!" you say. The doctor takes a few steps back. You look at the flask: its consistency is that of tears. You drink it. The taste resembles something like an fire ant's tears. The substance suddenly hits you. You drop the flask and fall to the ground. Your body spasms violently... the transformation has begun! Your skin turns silver and becomes generous. Your teeth, tongues, souls are now angry words. Your eyes kiss and listen. Two gigantic crabs emerge from your wig. Your palm falls off, now useless to you. You stand up and look at your reflection. "My lord... are you alright!?" asks the scientist. You simply stare at your reflection in the mirror and say... "I am... so... fucking enormous!" you scream and smash the mirror. THe scientist runs. You have become the most lopsided human!

Category: Travels
Tale of the Criminal

One day a boy named luke was in the mood for stealing a(n) bra. He went to Disney to find what he was looking for. He saw a dotty clown there and screamed WTF! The clown Licked on the criminal while the criminal was beating him up with a pen. The clown called the cops and they showed up eating chocolate. The cops took out a night stick and hit the clown thinking he was the criminal. When the cops finally stoped acting dumb they hit the real criminal with a glass. The criminal, before dying, says holy moley and dies. THE END