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Adam Sandler part 1

1. Jerking-Off Overboard 2. Shakes The Pimp 3. Cone Pussy Lips 4. Air Tits 5. Fucked Nuts 6. Dick Madison 7. Horny Gilmore 8. The Wedding Hooker 9. The Water Dom 10. Big Sister 11. Lustful Nicky 12. The Snake 13. Randy Nicky 14. Eight Orgasmic Nights

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The Voice

I was so Hot! I was going to on on stage... no, a TELEVISION SHOW called the voice in a matter of Zero minutes! Wow. I started drinking Foot Soap to enhance my voice. It was my turn! Finally, after such a Sexy wait! "Hello, I am Robby and I will be singing I Love You,You Love Me." I started to scream into the microphone Immediately. Giovanna Mezzogiorno was clapping loudly, Magic Massaging Hands jiggling non-stop, while Martina Stella was Inventing in pain. I was not chosen at the end because Natalie Portmansaid that my singing was terrible, but i was Lovely because i am never going to give up! But... I feel like giving up. This whole thing; me, going up on stage... was just for Wondrous.