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Robert Duvall movies part 1

1. To Bang A Mockingbird 2. Gunnery Sergeant Newman, M.D 3. Nightmare In The Strap 4. The Tool People 5. Lovable Grit 6. THX 100,000 7. The God Mother 8. The Sweet Northfield Minnesota Drill 9. Chuck Kidd 10. Lady Wrench 11. Badge 21 12. The God Mother: Part II 13. The Banger Elite 14. Apocalypse Tomorrow

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Alien! YEAH

an alien named Alicia lived in a llamas butt the alien loved living here. but one day he saw that someone else lived here too. the person was george lopez. the alien was sad that someone else was living here.so the alien killed and lived alone hapily ever after! THE END