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My Boyfriend's Tattoo

I angers my boyfriend! He is such a great man! He is handsome, smart, funny, and in good shape. He also has interesting eyes that I just canít get over. And the best thing is that he is the first guy my parents like! But he has one thing that just eases me! He has a giant tattoo of his ex-girlfriend on his penis. The tattoo is a large illustration of her body on his motorcycle with the words ďonce you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger!Ē Now, I know they broke up six months ago and they donít speak to each other anymore but it just bothers me. Anyway, Lady Gaga ended up breaking his heart. How can he ever stop thinking about her when he sees her every hours on his arm? I should just probably get over it and have him put a tattoo of me on his Vagina!

Category: Travels
First Time At Disneyland

Dear Snoop Dogg, Today was my first day visiting Disneyland. I had so much fun! First, we took the Cadillac Snoop De Ville to ho Land and i rode the Haunted Dogg House. At the end of the ride a blunt is riding in the cart with you and waving at you in the mirror. I wasn't scared but my little sister was totally pimpslapp'd. Next we rode tha LBC Jones and the crack house of Doom. The special effects were amazing! My all time favorite ride was It's a pimped out World; although that jacked up as heyll song got stuck in my head. At the end of the day we took a photo with Mickey Doggystyle and Winnie The Gat. I made the photo into a post card so I could write to you. Next year you have to come with us. My homeboy said you could. We can ride paper stack Mountain together since my little sis is too scared!