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Nicolas Cage movies part 1

1. Sexy Times at UC Berkeley 2. blowing with the Moon 3. The canvas Club 4. The Boy in Navy 5. Peggy Sue Got littered 6. skateboarding California 7. civil engineer's Kiss 8. Never on Friday 9. sexy at Heart 10. Fire oxen 11. Chinese New Year in San Francisco 12. green Rock West

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Store Excursion

Today I woke up feeling poopy. I was late to my appointment at KMart because my butt fell off again. Damn that butt. When I got to KMart, P Diddy was working the desk. He said ever since he spilled poop on Ellen Degenerous's bush baby, nobody wanted to hire him and he lost all of his money. Still feeling poopy, I gave him some extra solar systems I had with me. "OH YES! HARDER!" he said. "Thank you! I've been out of solar systems for ages and haven't been able to afford more." It meant nothing to me because I go through solar systems like there's no tomorrow. I noticed that his big bra was dirty also, so I gave him mine. It make him horny. I got horny too. We were horny together. It reminded me of the time Ke$ha and I got drunk on soy sauce and wound up screwing on Obama. I looked around KMart for a new big bra. They had a new brand, poopwear, designed by P Diddy. Really? I went back and took all my solar systems back, and threw poop on him.