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Transformation / Chemistry / Evil

"Here it is, Lord Sonia. The... substance, you requested..." The doctor reluctantly hands you a flask. "If this doesn't work I'll have you frozen, Doctor!" you say. The doctor takes a few steps back. You look at the flask: its consistency is that of orange juice. You drink it. The taste resembles something like an flamingo's orange juice. The substance suddenly hits you. You drop the flask and fall to the ground. Your body spasms violently... the transformation has begun! Your skin turns magenta and becomes grody. Your pubes are now bananas. Your eyes vibrate and snore. Two gigantic sponges emerge from your toenail. Your earlobe falls off, now useless to you. You stand up and look at your reflection. "My lord... are you alright!?" asks the scientist. You simply stare at your reflection in the mirror and say... "I am... so... dastardly!" you scream and smash the mirror. THe scientist runs. You have become the most HAIRY human!

Category: Movies
Patrick Stewart movies Part 1

1. Wild Snake II 2. Code Name: Opal 3. The Pimp and the Hookers 4. Reno Story 5. Cockatoo Hood: Men in Leather Corsets 6. Star Trek: Fuzzy Handcuffs 7. Star Trek: Lustful Contact 8. Ejaculation Theory 9. Safe Whorehouse 10. Star Trek: Orgy 11. The Count of Kenya 12. G-Men