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First High

vanessa went over to his friend my dad's house for a sleepover with friends. He had brought the essentials for what he thought would be a typical sleepover: lettuce, pickle: the usual. To his surprise, my dad and his friends had some discharge-injections. It was not long until the four friends were injecting discharge in their boobs and tripping balls like bunnys. He saw apples and bears with over 69 esophaguss. He also met a sex offender named ben swisher who showed him how to talk to wild sloths. After it was over, they all woke up in an unknown field, with nothing but their thongs on. The End.

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Samuel L. Jackson movies part_5

1. Lakeview County 2. Soul Newbies 3. Sweet Basterds 4. Mother And Director 5. Astro Newbie 6. Iron Director 2 7. The Lovable Guys 8. Gunnery Sergeant America: The First Avenger 9. Biting Evil 10. Django Licked 11. Reasonable Hatred 12. Gunnery Sergeant America: The Winter Newbie 13. Affectionate Game 14. Avengers: Tool Of Ultron