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Aunt's House

I hate going over to my Aunt's house! She has ten zebra and her house smells like candy. Sadly I have to go over there every weekend because my mom always has to go to Walmart. I ask her if i can just go with her, but her response is always " I'm sorry Sleepy this is how it has to be!" Every time I go over to my aunts house she treats me like a baby! She feeds me fry bread and tells me to scrub my cock when i take a bath. The thing i hate most is that she makes me wear my horny jock strap. I would much rather go to abortion clinic then stay here with my aunt, but i dont wnt to telll her that and make her love. Yesterday she made me spit the van! Luckily I managed to find a chihuaua that I can play with when my aunt isn't nagging me to feed her zebra. I can't wait to come visit my aunt again next weekend. :( (sarcasm)

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James Bond part 1

1. Carrot Salesman No 2. From Canada With Love 3. Gold Nose 4. Thunder Cage 5. You Only Launch Twice 6. On Her Majesty's Shitty Catapult 7. Sunstones Are Forever 8. Shoot And Let Die 9. The Hunter With The Golden Ray Gun 10. The Spy Who Kicked Me