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The PERFECT night

One day my boyfriend Braeburn took me to a movie called Her dress for our anniversary. It was perfect! The girl's name was Emma, she was at the church. When she left, she lost her sweater. Thats when Gabriel picked it up and searched for Emma. But then a bee peeked out of the giant pockets and the man got really scared! He said "What in tarnation". Emma came back and found that her pet Sugarcube was saved as well as her corset by Philip! She kissed him on the nose. The epilogue shows that they lived a very sour life. I loved this childish movie night especially because Emma was played by Elton John who I LOVE! Thank you to my boyfriend who took me to Zakopane to watch this movie.

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Sleepover or Nah?

One day you decided you wanted to have some fat. You got your two skinny friends, Alfred and Tiffany. You guys decided you were all going to have a sleep over. Alfred fucked next to you. Chelsea loved on Alfred's leg. You were confused by what was going on. You just drank some apple juice and watched ugly movies. In the morning you woke up and had c** on your boob. You knew this was Alfred's doings. Alfred and Dazlyn came in and laughed at you. You were upset. You told those fat ass ratchet hoes to get out the heck out of your house. Later you decided to run your hair and go to sleep again.