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Wasted and Drunken Up

glena and I went to the liquor store and decided to take her mom's wiener mobile. Instead, we got lost in the middle of a(n) smelly elm street but we found a bar. We screwed in there and sat down. Unexpectedly, David was there! However, glena did not know I had a crush on him. Whenever he's around me, I act hollabalooza around him. So I bought an abundant amount of beer and started getting wasted. I saw stars, monkey, and marilyn manson in a bear suit! I didn't notice that I screwed onto a table and sang tell me what you want off-key. My friend was so embarrassed and my guy friend pulled me off the table. All of a sudden, he gave me a kiss and I threw up on him! He screwed out the door and I never saw him again.

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Dennis Hopper movies part 3

1. Apocalypse Underground 2. Carrot Juicebath 3. Out Of The Green 4. Pharaoh Of The Mountain 5. Human Catapult 6. Rumble Rabbit 7. The Osterman Carrot Festival 8. Green Star 9. The Inside Hunter 10. My Hunting Bugs Bunny 101 Project 11. Straight To Acme 12. The Canadian Way 13. Green Velvet 14. The Idaho Ray Gun Massacre 2