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Robert Mitchum movies part 5

1. The Cock Pointed West 2. Villa Jerks Off 3. Eight Card Stud 4. Orgasmic Ceremony 5. Lustful Billy Young 6. The Horny Guys And The Bad Doms 7. Ryan's Sister 8. The Hookers Of Eddie Coyle 9. The Horny Tycoon 10. The Amsterdam Circle Jerk 11. The Orgasmic Sleep 12. Night Fuck 13. That Championship St. Andrew's Cross 14. Maria's Pimps

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The Golden Banana

One day, Bob and I decided to go to the Golden Banana, the gayest China in the whole microwave. At the Golden Banana you can wiggle midget and pour hot pee all over your wenis and then have a kitten swim you right in the nostril. Also, it is very common to see Andy Biersack there getting his ear hugged by Bob!