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Texting in Class

Kavita always gets crying when his students send text messages each other in class. Though there are school rules which allow us to have machine in class, texting is not allowed. Well, last Thursday my teacher saw me texting my friend, arjun He walked right over to me and told me that I would need to put my device away and spend 55 in after school detention. I just couldnít do that much time! I told him that I was happines that I was texting a friend who wanted to know what page to read for homework, but he didnít buy it! He also said that I would not be able to earn the extra credit points that we were working on Begumpur! I couldnít believe it!

Category: Animals
My Warrior Cat's Death

My Name: Bluestar My pelt color: Blue-gray My gender: Female My rank: Leader Bluestar snuck through the bushes, hearing eerie cat yowls... She blushed. She tried to look away, but the cat's gaze held hers. The cat lifted his Tail and greeted her. "My name is Oakheart. Please do come to my clan camp..." Oakheart said "But I am a Leader in ThunderClan..." said Bluestar Oakheart looked at you, unsheathed his fuzzy claws and grabbed your throat. You yowl for help, but it's too late. The cat kills you.