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Dear ..........

Dear Joan Cusack, I'm a huge fan of you, my friend Rick Chasteen and I admire you. You are our inspiration, and when we grow up, we'll name our son/daughter Joan Cusack, you are like the shine in the sun,You're a really peanut butter person, when you started hiking, we started to hike too, I just told you, you are our inspiration! - love Leo Tsypkin

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Morgan Freeman movies part 1

1. Who Says I Can't Fuck A Rainbow?! 2. Harry & Sister 3. Whip Smart 4. Clean And Horny 5. Cum On Me 6. Dick Handsome 7. Butt-Fucking Miss Daisy 8. The Bonfire Of The Fuzzy Handcuffs 9. Cockatoo Hood: Prince Of Pimps 10. The Ball Gag Of One 11. The Shawshank St. Andrew's Cross 12. Butt Plug Reaction 13. Fuck The Girls 14. Orgasmic Rain