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'80's Movies part 4

1. The Sweet Tool Of Dr. Fu Manchu 2. The Banging Of The President 3. Smokey And The Newbie II 4. Those Tits, Those Ass Cheeks 5. He Knows You're Nice 6. Chuck And Howard 7. My Newbie 8. Stardust Straps 9. The Lovable Affectionate Sin 10. Oh, God! Drill II 11. One-Trick Anteater 12. Somewhere In Chile

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Once upon a time there lived a big fat car named Matthew. This car was trying very quickly to be a mathematician. However, there was/were 5 problem/s. He was stupid! One day his flower kicked him out because he was too blue. If he wanted to come back, he had to jump smart. So off he ventured into the hat of coat. He soon became lost. "Oh gee!!" he shouted, and began to walk. Then he saw some maths equations walking through the air, and suddenly he run a big thing with lots of buttons! It farted itself. Matthew learned that it was a calculator, and that it was very smart and loved to do maths problems. He tested it. It was very accurate. Then Matthew had an idea. He decided to take the calculator back home! It seemed to want to go. So he returned with his calculator to his flower and proved himself worthy. flower tried to do a poo him, but then the calculator did a weird thing, and he died. The end!