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On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

If you love your mom Better tell them while theyíre here ícause They just may poop away from you Youíll never know quite when, well Then again it just depends on How long of time is left for you Iíve had the gayest llamas Iíve had the gayest llamas You can have it all but life keeps moving I take it in but donít look up ĎCause Iím on top of the microwave, Ďay Iím on top of the microwave, Ďay humping on this for a while now Paying my dues to the midget Iíve been waiting to smile, Ďay Been holding it in for a while, Ďay Take you with me if I can Been dreaming of this since a child Iím on top of the microwave. Iíve tried to cut these hobo Try to take the retarded way out I kept on falling short of seagulls I coulda gave up then but Then again I couldnít have ícause Iíve traveled all this way for something

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Date with my crush

When my long-time crush,Lambo asked me out, I think my nipple dropped to my crotch . Not only did I think it would never happen, but he wanted to meet me 5 hours after school! "Meet me at park " He walks away as he swats his hair from his eyes. I immediately get home and put on my favourite pair of top and jeans to add some detail. I lightly cake lipstick on my face and head off to my date, making sure I drank lots of sweat before. As I approached him, I felt as though he was way too suave for me, but I figured that I was probably negatively nervous. "Dauphine" He said as he took ahold of my buttcheek " You look absolutely embarrassed " I could already tell that this date was going to be naughty