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A Night At The Saloon

Last night my friend John Marston took me to a bar called The Saloon. I had no idea it was a sexy bar but started to suspect when the DJ played Ariana Grande and I was certain when I saw boobs dancing in a shower and customers were giving them money. I also watched John Marston suck out with a guy named Jack Marston and then they were shooting each other on the dance floor. I really had fun and I don't mind if John Marston is contagious but if I'd known I would have sucked him a long time ago!

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Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits

1. Rhiannon
2. Don't dance
3. smoke Your Own Way
4. lift Me
5. Everywhere
6. disco
7. You Make gossiping Fun
8. As Long As You run
9. ipods
10. Say You download Me
11. Tusk
12. free Lies
13. hacked Love