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Blonde Jokes

Q.How can you tell a blonde's been using the computer? A.There's tape all over the screen. Q.How many blonde jokes are there? A. Just ten. The rest are all true stories. Q.A woman got locked in a horny store and died. How did they know she was blonde? A.Because she licked to death. Q.What are the ten best years of a blonde's life? A.third grade. Q.How do you confuse a blonde? A.You put her in a round room and tell her to laugh in a corner. Q.How long did it take the blonde to watch the show Sixty Minutes? A.five hours. Q.Two blondes are walking down the road when one says, "Look at that kitten with one ear. The other blonde covers one ear and says, "Where?"

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Spielberg's Greatest Films

Steven Spielberg's first great summer blockbuster was the gory tale of a man eating Grizzly Bear known as Magic Massaging Hands; which later spawned 31 sequels and became a franchise of the horror genre. Another summer blockbuster franchise is California Jones and the Apple Dumplings of the Lost Arc. California Jones is one of the most popular characters in film today and has made Spielberg millions of Pecans. Steven Spielberg has also dabbled in horror films with his spooky haunted Buckingham Palace flick PolterWalnut. He explored war with his films Schindler's Peach, Inventing Private Ryan and War Tiger. However, Spielberg's single most loved film is the Hot story of a friendship between a young boy and an alien named L.T.