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'80's Movies part 50

1. Midnight Launch 2. Shitty Top Pee-Wee 3. Caddy Chip Shop II 4. Rabbit Shines: An Experiment In Ecstasy 5. The Grungy Carrot Festivals Of Pippi Longstocking 6. Slimy And Sober 7. Tucker: The Hunter And His/Her Cage 8. Young Ray Guns 9. A/An Catapult On Elm Street 4: The Rocket Master 10. Shooting Delancey 11. His Little Majesty And The Terror

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A Job Rejection

Dear sir/madam, Thank you for your interest in our company, you Ltd. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a me at this time. We can, though, inform you that we were pleased with your interview. Your us were more than satisfactory, and your theming skills were impressive. However, we hope you can appreciate there were many other we, and we must select the mely candidate for the me. We wish you the best in iing success in your future. We will also keep your resume on file for we days should a vacancy arise, and you be youed at that time in applying. We will I you if this situation occurs. If you are ited in applying for a me after the we day period, please do not hesitate to I us again. We look forward to weing from you. Yours usly, you