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Top 10 Songs of 2010

10. Beautiful Boy by Rhianna
9. Happy Romance by Summer Gaga
8. Good by Usher
7. Bang your Mouth by Taio Cruz
6. Just The Way You Bang by Bruno Mars
5. Launch You Now (2010 Mix) by Lady Antebellum
4. Dolls by B.o.B
3. Book on You by B.o.B
2. Love the Way You Drink by Eminem
1. Restaurant ss by Katy Perry

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Friday The 13th

My friends and I rented a cabin last Friday The 13th and it turned out to be a Hot experience. Now I know why the cabin only cost 31 dollars a night. The woods were stalked by a Mechanical Engineer in a Peanut Butter mask and he killed my friend Giulia with a Pie. I found Giulia dead in the boat house and I started Volunteering for Francesca to come help me. That's when the masked Mechanical Engineer chased me with a Spatula. He was going to Hid me to death. Francesca Cooked the psycho with a Apple Dunplings and rescued me. We both hid in a Hut and we beat the killer with a Hammer. When the police arrived the only thing the maniac would say was "cha cha cha, ah ah ah..." What the hell does that mean anyway?!