Category: Drinks

Saturday Night

On Saturday night, There was a Hot Matzoball dance. All of my sexy friends were there. Josh's was there and he got so much peanuts. All of my friends took off their shirts to show off their thrilling bods. We skateboarded all night with all the girls. Dunker got leveled by a amazing security guard, then he called impressive papa dunk and told him that he has a small cashews. After the dance, my friends went to Josh's house where he screamed at his intriguing parents. Joe went to allison landrys house and littered allison. Then a kindhearted rager started at Ashley's and it was beloved show with lots of hand sanitizer all around. Next weekend is Cinco de Mayo and we are going to have a fabulous Party at the Niagara Falls, I hope we have just as much fun as we did last weekend.

Category: Romance
The Date

You and bob decided to go to mcdonalds for your first date.Guess what you saw beyonce wearing bright dress.You and josh spilled orange juice all over justin bieber.After the date the fee was 34 dollars!