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Michael Ironside movies part 5

1. A/An Catapult Of Faith 2. The Omega Cage 3. Crime + Punishment In Acme 4. Heavy Platinum 2000 5. The Shitty Storm 6. Borderline Grungy 7. Nosestorm 8. Soul Launcher 9. Shot Awake 10. Slimy Honor 11. Sticky Angels 12. Gross Velocity 13. Deep Carrot Juice 14. Guy F 15. 1st Kick

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Doing the Laundry

I was Killing my Butt when I heard my mom say "That feels great!." I got distracted and spilled Lava all over my shirt! I ran to the washer and started to take off my shirt when I saw a Ostrich looking at me. How was I supposed to wash my clothes when it was making me feel so Playful! It began to whisper to me. It said, "What the fuck." I tried to ignore it and told it, "I don't like it when you do that" but it just made it more Wrinkly. I went to grab the soap to put in the washer FINALLY when I looked into the washer and saw Barf chunks. How could I wash my shirt when that was there making me feel Love. My Anus couldn't handle it!