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Graduation Speech

As I stand before you today and Bang at all of your faces. I feel Ashamed that we will all go on to do Embarrassed great things! For instance Mia will no doubt become a Building!!! And Annie who is always falling will become a gross girl!!! An I of course will go to college for 0 years, move to Disney, marry Jennifer Lopez, have 1 kids, divorce, and marry Steven Tyler, all while making panties for a living.

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'80's Movies part 51

1. Eight Doms Out 2. Kashyyyk Hookers Are Easy 3. Moon Over The Mustang Ranch 4. Fucking On Empty 5. Miles From The Mustang Ranch 6. Pimp Of Death 7. More Orgasmic Than Leather 8. Daffy Duck's Quack Fuckers 9. Snakes In The Mist: The Butt Plug Of Dian Fossey 10. Elvira: Domme Of The Dark 11. Heartbreak Whorehouse 12. Alien Whorehouse 13. Clara's Pussy