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Dancing With The Stars

My favorite TV show is Dancing With The Stars, and my favorite episode starred Ted Nugent dancing with Karina Smirnoff. Even though he did not know how to 69 very well, he still looked homo when he tried. I also enjoyed Christina Agulara dancing the girl-on-top with her partner, Derek Hough. Too bad he is happy. I just couldn't figure out why Kassie was a guest on the show this season. She isn't a celebrity. She is only famous for that sex tape she made with Miley Cyrus the slutty bitch which went viral on the internet. Just because she can put her ankles behind her tit, it doesn't make her famous! If I sleep with I and put it on Facebook can I dance with the stars too? Furthermore, Kassie doesn't even have rhythm. She couldn't 69 to save her life. I'm so glad Ted Nugent won. He deserved it.

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Patrick Stewart movies Part 2

1. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Tool 2. Star Trek: Newbie 3. E2: E-Men United 4. The Strap of Their Drill Bits 5. Sweet Island 6. Hawk Little 7. The Hovercraft Queen 8. E-Men: The Last Wrench 9. Teenage Affectionate Ninja Anteaters (2007) 10. E-Men Origins: Anteater