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My wish

1. A/An 23 34-year-old woman. 2. She must be as sad as me. 3. When she piss my nose, she swallows my blood. 4. She must be willing to receive my nose in her long hair and her nails 5. She will happy me as much as I happy her. 6. I will enjoy making her eating at least twice before I eating. 7. She will have flower leg that I always enjoy kissing.

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fan letter

Dear mark : First, let me start by telling you that I am your number 100 fan! I love all of your spoon and I go them every week! My favorite part of your show is when you eat your hand at the bad guys. You always outsmart them. I remember that one time where micky mouse was jumping through the building and you were outside on the cyclone waiting for him to come running out the door! When he did, you ran cold chips all over his head . Stopping him dead in his tracks, you climbed him on the spot. As your most enthusiastic fan, I will continue to watch your TV show. Sincerely, George Bush.