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Star Trek movies revised

1. Star Trek: The Sweet Picture 2. Star Trek II: The Tool Of Khan 3. Star Trek III: The Funeral For Spock 4. Star Trek IV: The Orgy Home 5. Star Trek V: The Lovable Frontier 6. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered County 7. Star Trek: Straps 8. Star Trek: Affectionate Contact 9. Star Trek: Wedding 10. Star Trek: Newbie 11. Star Trek 12. Star Trek Without Darkness

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My family member

My name is Emily. Last week my 6 year old uncle ben moved in. He is a dirty and very rarely is seen without his prized stuffed Giant. He Banged my girlfriend and I found out. I Banged my sister.I tossed out his whale. I then chopped off his mouth before that. That male was a real stupid