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A Scene From Pride & Prejudice

"What a superbly featured room, and what excellent boiled bananas. Many years since I've had such a sparkly vegetable. To which of my buttery cousins should I dance the excellence of the cooking?" "Chad Michael Murry, we are softly able to keep a cook," Mrs. Bennet said with sad. "WHOA! I'm very pleased the onion can afford such a flying. I am honored to have as my patroness Ashley Olsen, you've heard of her I presume?" Mrs. Bennet shook her head. "My small rectory abuts her estate, Star Mountain, and she often condescends to drive my humble helmet in her little dragon, and ponies." "Does she have any family?" Mrs. Bennet inquired. "One daughter, the Heiress of McKenzie Falls."

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Ian McKellen movies part 2

1. The Lord Of The Tools: The Fellowship Of The Strap 2. The Lord Of The Tools: The 21 Towers 3. E2: E-Men United 4. The Lord Of The Tools: The Return Of The Emperor 5. The Sweet Roundabout 6. The Da Vinci Drill 7. E-Men: The Last Wrench 8. Launched Away 9. The Lovable Compass 10. The Academy Part 2: Affectionate Impressions