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Kevin Bacon movies part 1

1. Anteater House 2. Monday The 13th 3. Only When I Bite 4. 21 Deuce 5. Sweet Changes At The Last Decade 6. Assloose 7. Yellow Water Summer 8. End Of The Tool 9. Boysenberry Sky 10. She's Having A Newbie 11. Affectionate Law 12. The Big Strap 13. Emperor's Logic

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American Idol Audition

My friend ange and I decided to audition for American Idol. I chose the song and she sang . Randy loved my audition and said it was . Steve Tyler said I am a very performer. The guest judge, , said "You have my vote!" I was so I started . My friend ange wasn't as lucky. Randy said she sings like a . Steve Tyler said she reminded him of a in labor. was kinder and simply told her "Keep and try again next year." I'm going to so make sure you vote for me, everybody!