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Reborn parody.

The plot revolves around the monkey of a prettyboy named Lambo, who finds out that he is next in line to become the waiter of the most powerful coinorganization called yard, As such, the shoes most aggressive turkey, a sausage-toting infant named Haru, is sent to tutor "Lambo" on how to become a salty swimmer.

Category: Goofy
Doing the Laundry

I was shooting my arm when I heard my mom say "BOOM SHAKALAKA." I got distracted and spilled Saliva all over my shirt! I ran to the washer and started to take off my shirt when I saw a buffalo looking at me. How was I supposed to wash my clothes when it was making me feel so angry! It began to whisper to me. It said, "HAI LIGHT TEUUU." I tried to ignore it and told it, "GIVE IT TO MY Y" but it just made it more nappy. I went to grab the soap to put in the washer FINALLY when I looked into the washer and saw basketballs. How could I wash my shirt when that was there making me feel frightened. My finger couldn't handle it!