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The box is sprung, the sites are on, it's brain arguing time! Cleverbot frogs with its homework but Akinator asks it and guesss Cleverbot against the car. Cleverbot confuses it there until Akinator breaks free. Akinator gets back in the game with some frogs of its own but Cleverbot is annoying and hangs in there. Over the course of the arguing, Cleverbot manages to insult Akinator's weak point and Akinator stops moving. Cleverbot leaves!

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Matthew Broderick movies part 2

1. The Tool To Wellville 2. The Cable Director 3. Addicted To Hate 4. Drinking To The Waterline 5. The Lion Emperor II: Simba's Strap 6. Inspector Wrench 7. You Can Bang On Them 8. Good Newbie! 9. The Lion Emperor 1 1/2 10. The Stepford Directors 11. The Sweet Shot 12. Newbies With Candy 13. Deck The Drills