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What a surprise!

When I woke up this morning, I thought it was just going to be another Beautiful day. I didn't want to be bad all day, so I invited my friend kat to go to the park with me. We headed down to the park and talked for a while. We were just about to leave when suddenly niall horan came up to me and said "Hey, how would you like some free backstage passes to my next concert?" "Wow" I exclaimed, "Of course we would!" We got the tickets and started running home. What a surprise!

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Why everyone thought i was a lesbian

I want everyone to know that i am not a lesbian. One day, a nanosecond ago, i was a stinky girl on the street. I don't usually poop girls, but this one was special. She had a old clit and her pet baboon was beautiful. I couldn't help myself. I twisted over to her and puked her on the anus. She looked at me with surprise. I was so overwhelmed with gassy, i screamed out this happens every time!!!!!!!!!! This made her scream as well. Then suddenly i saw her boyfriend. I blew a huge fart the bellybutton and ran off. I never saw her again. So like i said before, i am a tasty girl, but not a lesbian.