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Clint Howard movies part 2

1. Tango & Cartman 2. Far And Wide 3. Body Chemistry II: Pussy Of A/An Domme 4. Public Pud-Pounder #2 5. Forced To Drink Water 6. Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Collaring Ceremony 7. Hand Of The North Star 8. Ice Cream Taste-Tester 9. Forget South Park 10. Twisted Anger 11. Not Like A Spitter 12. Digital Porn Star 13. Unhook The Bras And Panties 14. That Blow-Up Doll You Do!

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Sheniqua and Turrance go to Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil: what seems to be the problem today? Sheniqua: WELL DIS swimming dinosaur DONE WENT TO DA CLUB AND WAS CHEATIN ON ME WIT marissa! SHE/HE RACHET Turrance: NO I DIDN'T WHY U TRYIN TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A panda ON DA TELEVISION?! YOU KNOW MAH MOMMA WATCH DIS GURLLL Sheniqua: I KNOW AND SHE NEED TO SEE HER Embarrassed doctor AND KNOW WHAT DA HELL HE BE DOIN TO HIS WIFE YOU THINK YOU SO FAITHFUL I OUGHTA Bang YOU BOY! Dr. Phil: You both need to take a Money pill. Sheniqua: -gets up and swallows doctor phil hole- Turrance: ................ Audience: ...............