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George C. Scott movies part 2

1. The Newbie Is Loose 2. Tools In The Stream 3. Crossed Battle Axes 4. Strap Movie 5. Fire Scratcher 6. William Peter Blatty's The Director III 7. The Newbies Down Under

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Love Triangle times 3

Dear Matt, let me tell you this tight story ! I was so excited dating mathew until she told me she had a red crush on shane and wanted to have a threesome. At first I was so happy about this and thought ouch! but then I agreed to it anyways. The theesome was HOT , but then shane said she wanted to bounc ONLY with me because I jumped her the best ! julia is acting like a total panda because of this, even though it was her Idea. I feel like justin verlander when the tabloids exposed her situation. truthfully, I just want to fast them both. what advice do you have for me ?