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Accidental Injection

One day, JJ decided he wanted to make his %Body part2% %Adjective +er3%. He went to the local %Noun4%-mart and bought some %Liquid5% injections. He got home excited to try them out. He was about to insert it in his %Body part2%, but his %Animal7% scared the %Noun8% out of him and made him accidentally stab himself in the %Body part9%. It didn't seem like a big deal, but after %Number10% days his %Body part9% started to become %Adjective12%. He couldn't hide it either. He showed his friend %Friend13%. %Friend13% saw it and shouted "%Exclamation15%! What happened to your %Body part9%?!" This made JJ very %Emotion18%, so he whacked his %Body part9% and to his surprise, it blasted a beam of %Liquid20% onto %Friend13%, who then became %Adjective22% and died. The End.

Category: Music
00's #1 Hits part 5

1. Buy You A/An country (Shawty dreaming) 2. Hey There Sakura 3. Beautiful butlers 4. Big hitman Don't yell 5. chase That (Soulja Boy) 6. depressed In This jungle 7. cutting Love 8. spin My Body 9. Take A/An cake 10. I loved A/An postman 11. Whatever You feed