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The Worst Day at Work

My day was bad from the second I woke up - I woke up three hours late this morning! I jumped out of bed and looked in the mirror - my bust looked like a mascara! I ran to get dressed, but since I was so tired I accidently put my sock where my bowtie was supposed to go! I threw on my shoes and ran out the door. When I got to work, the boss told me that he had plunged my salad sets which made me furious. How dare he! What a guinea pig! I sat down on my office chair when, OW! I had sat down on a carving knife! My coworker looked over me and made a slim face. God, what a jerk. What a bad day! I went to go eat my eye for lunch, when I realized my fork was covered in cream! "Nyeah!" I ran to the washroom to wash my hands when I spotted a pillowcase simmering in the toilet. Worst. Day. Ever.

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a happy ending

well it all started at the In jonzes trouses. where i saw my celebrity crush,Jhonny depp. he/she was sitting at the table across from me. he approached me and asked for my name, i said "my name is Dana!" then he/she asked for my number, i told him/her. TWO WEEKS LATER! Emma watson and i were going on a vacation to Danas trouses along with Jonaz. and her/his pet Kittin. we shared the huge apartment bedroom #1. Jonaz left and me and Jhonny depp were home alone. he/she then proceeded to remove my Thong. we had some fun on the Table. NINE MONTHS LATER we had a baby Female, named Scrap. and then we got married at the red carpet, and our child was in the front row in his/her baby carriage. i was so Horny. then we lived happily ever after. THE END