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Steve Buscemi movies part 4

1. Final Fantasy: The Dildos Within 2. The Blue Zone 3. Banthas, Inc. 4. Horny Disturbance 5. Horniness In The Time Of Money 6. 69 Moons 7. Spy Hookers 2: Whorehouse Of Fuzzy Handcuffs 8. Spy Hookers 3-D: Orgy Over 9. Coffee And Riding Crops 10. Big Snake 11. Whorehouse On The Range

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My Crazy Night

OMG, so last night, I walked to Bancock. I heard somebody yelling "Lauren!!" I turned around, and saw Alex Trebek. I hate that moron. "Lauren what the heck are you doing in Bancock?" My hatred took over and all I could do was yodle. "...You ok? You want Alex Trebek to make it better?" Overcome by intolerance for speaking in 3rd person, I threw 59 spoonfuls of mercury all over Alex Trebek. "How you like that Alex Trebek?? Does Alex Trebek like Lauren throwing mercury in yo FACE?" Just then, I saw the police pull up. "Is that mercury you're throwing on Alex Trebek...?" he asked me. "..Maybe?" I replied. "Iíve ALWAYS wanted to do that!" After the policeman and I finished throwing mercury on Alex Trebek, we went to a bar and ordered spiked gravel. The policeman, named Speakerphone, asked me to split a fried booty. Of course I said yes! It was so very inapropriate. We got drunk and spent all night praising God. When I woke up, I had 425,000 skyscrapers in my pocket.