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Alfred Hitchcock movies part 1

1. The marzipan Garden 2. The Mountain swan 3. The Lodger: A/An cloud Of The Osaka Fog 4. The Farmer's Librarian 5. blushing Virtue 6. ceruleanmail 7. The starfish Of Mary Boyle 8. Elstree romancing 9. The Skin funeral 10. military And Strange 11. Number 13 12. Waltzes From Hamburg 13. The Prince Who annoyed Too Much (1934)

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Naughty Santa

zach woke up late Christmas Eve and found Santa fucking with toys in the living room. zach was horny because he didn't believe in Santa. "All these years when I shat on your lap I thought you were just an unemployed stripper but I never thought you were real!" Santa said, "Ho, ho, ho!" and then he thrusted up the chimney from whence he came. zach opened all of the presents Santa had left and he was given a nigger, a bottle of jizz and a shirtless gay bar. There was also a letter from Santa that read, "Dear zach, this year you were very naughty so I figured you may enjoy masturbating yourself with these gifts until you sit on my dick next year at dillons discount dildos."