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Tom Cruise movies part 2

1. The Last Structural Engineer. 2. War of the Boston Cream Pies 3. Tigers for Lions 4. Tropic Peanut Butter 5. Mission Impossible: Chestnut Protocol 6. Edge of Two Years

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American Idol Audition

My friend Eudial and I decided to audition for American Idol. I chose the song Love Bites (So Do I) and she sang Fire Woman. Randy loved my audition and said it was giddy. Steve Tyler said I am a very calm performer. The guest judge, Phil Harmonic, said "You have my vote!" I was so overjoyed I started kicking. My friend Eudial wasn't as lucky. Randy said she sings like a screaming Dobermann. Steve Tyler said she reminded him of a Welsh Corgi in labor. Phil Harmonic was kinder and simply told her "Keep fist-fucking and try again next year." I'm going to Chicago so make sure you vote for me, everybody!