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John Cusack movies part 3

1. Fucking John Malkovich 2. Lustful Fidelity 3. France's Sweethearts 4. Runaway Butt Plug 5. Must Love Snakes 6. The French Tickler Harvest 7. Grace Is Butt-Fucked 8. Martian Submissive 9. Hot Tub Time Vibrator 10. The Numbers Whorehouse 11. Adult Fleshlight 12. The Frozen St. Andrew's Cross 13. Cum-Stained Piano 14. The Bag Madam 15. Drive Orgasmically

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Boyfriends Suck

Oneplastic morning, I awoke to a leather puppy noise. I climbed out of my corner, and looked out the window to see my golden boyfriend, Smokey The Bear. He wore a/an scarf. And only that. It reminded me of Titanic. I felt regret. However, my flat father too noticed my boyfriend out the window and began to look. My boyfriend then shouted HIGO DE LA LUNA!!! and my father fell out the window and landed in a pile of faces. He died. I'm grounded.