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Gary Cooper movies part 4

1. Design For Pussy-Eating 2. Pimp 13 3. The Fuzzy Handcuffs Of A Bengal Lancer 4. The Orgy Night 5. Mr. Deeds Goes To The Mustang Ranch 6. Reno Boulevard 7. The Ensign Jerked Off At Dawn 8. The Plains Hooker 9. Doms At Sea 10. Bluebeard's Eighth Domme 11. The Collaring Ceremonies Of Marco Polo 12. The Cowboy And The Cock Sucker 13. The Orgasmic Glory 14. Butt-Fuck John Doe

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First Time At Disneyland

Dear Cher, Today was my first day visiting Disneyland. I had so much fun! First, we took the Limo to Silicon Land and i rode the Haunted Tanning Salon. At the end of the ride a Botox is riding in the cart with you and waving at you in the mirror. I wasn't scared but my little sister was totally horned up. Next we rode Kentucky Jones and the Prison of Doom. The special effects were amazing! My all time favorite ride was It's a Aging World; although that Gay song got stuck in my head. At the end of the day we took a photo with Mickey Ass Gerbil and Winnie The Glamazon. I made the photo into a post card so I could write to you. Next year you have to come with us. My House Boy said you could. We can ride Push-up Bra Mountain together since my little sis is too scared!