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My Water Just Broke

I've been pregnant now for 38 weeks and my water finally broke tonight! I was wetting at the time, feeling jealous, when suddenly liquid skin sprayed everywhere! My husband looked at me and shouted, "BUBUBUBU" and we jumped in the car. We drove to the hospital as quickly as possible. Once we got there though, I realized the doctor was very moist. When he saw me he said "what the fuck?!" and called me sport which made me feel vengeful. I had to let him help me give birth to my child though, because my stomach started to burn. When I laid down on the table and spread my legs, the baby inhaled and all was well. I named the child horse.

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Woody Harrelson movies part 3

1. A Tool Home Companion 2. Chew Jimmy 3. No County For Old Newbies 4. A Scanner Underground 5. Orgy In Seattle 6. Sleep Licking 7. Director, Dude 8. 21 Pounds 9. Zombie County 10. Newbies With Benefits 11. The Hunger Orgies 12. 31 Psychopaths 13. Now You Bang Me 14. Free Anteaters