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Your own Teen Wolf story!

It's a new day. I'm awake. Carlo calling me on my phone. He have found a Apple creepy thing in the woods. Skip and I have been friends for a long time. Giulia and Francesca are in the Orange and waiting for me. Here I am Natalie and Giovanna. Wow you look like Natalie Portman. Yikes cute. But what is the Peanut ? Here Lisa says. My God it's Dish soap!!!

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Sleep tight.. I wont bite :)

I watch you sleep at night. I watch you climb, I watch you look, I even watch you ..feed Did you know that you jump in your sleep? I know you do :) I am the human-like Cucaracha and I will corner you tonight.. Don't block, Don't exit. As you cannot escape me. Now..just go to sleep. You wont wake in your bed. As you will be dead..