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Kurt Russell movies part 2

1. The Horniest Dom In The World 2. Used Whips 3. Escape From Reno 4. The Fox And The Snake 5. Orgasmic Shift 6. The Lustful Season 7. The Best Of Fleshlights 8. Big Butt Plug In Little Taiwan 9. Beer Sunrise 10. Winter Dommes 11. Unlawful Fucking 12. Ensign Ron 13. Orgasm-Inducing Decision

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Sally's Grocery Adventure

Sally, the 111 - year old girl that just bought a brand-new Dog, went to Sainsbury to do some shopping. Upon walking through the Red doors, she spotted a Kitten running Creepy through the store! She Recently told the Sainsbury manager, but he seemed too Stinky to help out. Sally decided she would do it herself! Grabbing her gun , Sally ran at the Kitten and Rushed it! All the people in the store were very proud of Sally. "I may be old, but am an athlete! now gtfo everyone!", she said.