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The Last Day

It was the last day of school and there were tons of Panda. We were supposed to be going to the zoo, but i guess they brought it to us. I was really Jealousy and sonali my friend wouldnt stop Smelling me! Then all of a sudden the Whale Started to eat all of the teachers papers! The Lion even tried to eat Mrs.Pipes Bikini. This all was happening when Leonardo Dicaprio burst throught the class room door and swept our teacher off her feet! This was extreamly odd because nikhitathen they strated to dance with each other. My friends were laughing so hard! By the time they were done danceing the bell rang! And then that day was over! what a Ashamed last day of school!

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Malcolm McDowell movies part 4

1. Love Lies Banging 2. My Orgasm Party So Far 3. Gangster No. 21 4. Just Chewing 5. Between Newbies 6. I Lick 7. I'll Sniff When I'm Scratched 8. Yellow Roses And Honey 9. In Sweet Company 10. Dinotopia: Orgasm Party For The Ruby Tool 11. Strap Tale 12. Drill Wars