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The death of a friend

Today I was lying down in the bathroom of all places. I was really sick with pneumonia. My friend Armagetim helped me but got sick too. Now he in in the medicine hut with the nurse Maggie. She is very Stupid. She even slipped when giving him an elk's blood shot! Instead of helping she made a huge tear. Armagetim was bleeding until there was a large pool of blood in his room. Later that day, we found him dead on the floor. The nurse was fired and we hired a Rough one. We always had good needles since then! R.I.P Armagetim.

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90's movies part 17

1. The Hand That Rubs The Clit 2. Blowing Through 3. Lustful Analysis 4. Fleshlight Man 5. Medicine Dom 6. Wayne's Whorehouse 7. Vibrator Flyer 8. Stop! Or My Sister Will Cum 9. The Mambo Counts 10. Fuzzy Handcuffs Of An Invisible Submissive 11. Memoirs Of A/An Horny Man 12. The Lawnmower Pimp