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Nick gets his pimp on

It was a wonderful day at The Coop, and Nikki was working the cash register, when suddenly a small talking bear Lio walked in with two rather large black girls . Myself and Brandon were walking through the door at the time. The bear said "Where the heck is NICK ADAMS?!" and the prostitutes run on the produce. Fortunately, like a knight in the mist Nick arrived. His sock was glistening in the rays of florescent lighting, and the appeal of majesty was among the shoppers. "Where the hell is my money for that heather babe I sold you nick?" said the bear, while laughing a cucumber. "Oh I don't have a phone so I couldn't call you". Nick whistled loudly and his frog arrived with Reeses fast breaks and corn. Ouch said nick as he shoved them all down his throat. Then him and the bear left the coop, chunky girls and all, without a care in the world. "I need some punch for my stomach" nick remarked as the bear smoked a 14 gram blunt. "Lio 's mom's got it in her snach man".

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Alice In Wonderland

One sunny day Alice was at Peanut butter Park reading the most sexy book ever written when she noticed a white cat dressed in a jeans running in a panic. Alice quickly followed him and fell all the way down a cat hole; at the bottom she ate a cashews which made her so small she was able to have a conversation with a snake that smoked a cigar, a tulip that could ate and a lizard named Jenna Gunter who cried houses. The worst part was after she ate a pizza and grew larger and was chased around by the Queen of almonds who kept screaming "Off with her breasts!"