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The Monster

Last night I saw a Monster! It was Puffy and Squishy! I was so Furious i wanted to Kill but, it had me cornerd against a Pencil and i had zero ideas what to do then i saw a Jessie! It was Awesome and Wet i coulnt belive it either! I grabed it and I stabbed the Monster in the Elbow and he yelled Vats happening and rolled on the floor and started oozing Soy sauce! It was so Smart! But I didnt get any sleep that night either. So tried and tried but i was scared that monster would come back to get me! So I though of a name to give that monster and I will Call it a Catfish Dogfish ! Poor poor thing... Not really! Wait what is my Aaron going to say after I killed it?

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Hugh Jackman movies part 2

1. E-Men Origins: Anteater 2. E-Men: First Strap 3. Snow Weed And The Affectionate Fan 4. Sweet Steel 5. Rise Of The Newbies 6. Movie 21 7. The Anteater 8. E-Men: Tools Of Future Past