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Karaoke Contest

audry and esther were the finalists in the cool lol Karaoke Contest. audry entered the stage dressed up like chris brown and sang foot. The judges gave a score of 105 and called the performance too love and very kiss. When esther walked onto the stage dressed like caphten of love the crowd started going. After singing frecy foot step the judges gave a lining ovation and a score of 1066. The judges called the performance brilliantly loved esthers song audys going.

Category: Romance
Just Another Day.

Me, my friendAshley, and my friendLili went to my boyfriend,Nathan's house. We went into the basement and sat on the couch infront of the TV. Me and my boyfriend started Kissing. He was so Cute, the most popular guy at school. We have been together for 13 months. And he always made me Happy. We would see each other everyday. And he would always compliment me on my Eyes or my Dress. He was so sweet to me, but my friends didnt like him because they wanted him for themselves. But of course he was in love with me, because we had an amazing every night in his bed, and i would always make him Coffee. He looked like a celebirty, like Nathan Sykes. (: