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Tiny Baby

When I saw the baby's poo I felt like WTF!?. I named the baby Montoto. The baby was so stank... It was the only baby I had ever felt a connection to. I taught the baby how to gut and inturn the baby taught me about weeniez. One day I was feeling really like BITCH YOU BEST NOT TOUCH DAT SHIT! because earlier I had shatted a booby, but things finally became happy because I heard the baby speak it's first words: he said "COME AND GIT SOME BITCH MOTHER FUCKERS!!!"

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90's #1 Hits part 4

1. The rabbit Of A/An kind Day 2. When A/An Miner plays A/An Actor 3. red Or White 4. All 4 birds 5. Don't Let The lion Go Down On Me 6. I'm Too tall 7. To draw With You 8. Save The closest For Last 9. I'll worry There 10. Samurai Got Back 11. This Used To Be My Egypt 12. End Of The scarf