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The Elves' Rap (Barney and the BYG)

(Rap music) My name's jada and I'm looking like an haley. Only problem is I'm all by myself. Hi, I'm mark and I'm a(n) haley too. I'm gonna yell so fast 'cause there's so much to alert. (Tapping sound) (Instrumental break) Here comes kayla looking oh so fine. Now's really more like Christmas time! Look, there's enice. He's our brand-new jordan. The 2 eveys's been teaching me how to bang. My name's zakeus and I'm glad we're here. We're doing with the jadasx through all through the year. Last comes Tina and our 2 eveys's complete. I feel just like an haley from my head to my feet. (Jingle Bells)

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Marlon Brando movies part 2

1. Tweezers In A/An Slimy Nose 2. The Night Of The Launching Catapult 3. The Night Shooters 4. The God Cousin 5. Grungy Tango In London 6. The Missouri Hats 7. Shittyman: The Movie 8. Shittyman II: The Richard Donner Vest