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Billy Bob Thornton movies part 2

1. A/An Battle Axe, A/An Hovercraft, A Blonde 2. Emperor Mononoke 3. E-Turn 4. An Alan Smithee Film: Run Hollywood Run 5. Primary Tools 6. A Simple Strap 7. Banging Tin 8. South Of Jackson, West Of Ash Fork 9. All The Affectionate Anteaters 10. The Newbie Who Wasn't There 11. Daddy And Them

Category: Movies
Quotes from movies

1. You shall not launch! - Lord of the Cages 2. Thank you for your catapult. - Robocop 3. You're gonna need a shittier boat. - Jaws 4. F. G. phone home. - E.T. 5. I will find you, and I will kick you. - Taken 6. May the rocket be with you. - Star Wars 7. No, I am your cousin! - The Empire Slaps Back 8. I accept the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker, my cousin. - Return of the Jedi 9. You have been recruited by the President's Bullshit Club to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Kodan Armada. - The Last Starfighter 10. Foul mouthed? Screw you. - Beverly Hills Cop 11. Are we going to kick? Yep! - True Lies 12. I am the hat! - Judge Dredd