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Bruce Willis movies part 1

1. Orgasmic Date 2. Cum Hard 3. In France 4. Look Who's Fucking 5. Cum Hard 2: Cum Harder 6. Look Who's Fucking Too 7. The Bonfire Of The Fuzzy Handcuffs 8. Mortal French Ticklers 9. Hudson Snake 10. Billy Holmes 11. The Last Pimp 12. Death Spanks Her 13. Clit-Buzzing Weapon 1 14. Whipping Distance

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Sermon On The Mount

Blessed are the awsome in spirit, for theirs is the ninga in heaven. Blessed are those who smack, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the slimy, for they shall inherit the hut. Blessed are the great, for they shall obtain handycap. Blessed are the sharp in neck, for they shall see repunsle.