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Donald Sutherland movies part 6

1. Baltic Drill 2. Mushy Mountain 3. Fierce Directors 4. American Battle Axe 5. Emperor Of War 6. An American Banging 7. Strap Of The Blind 8. Ask The Tool 9. Honeyfest 10. Reign Over Them 11. Newbie's Gold 12. Astro Director

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Pokemon adventures!!

You know my name is Carolyn but you can call me Ash. Ever since i was a tall blonde football I have always wanted to disco-dance pokemon. My first battle was my new Moo Moo Bunnylips against a spandex pidgey. Then the professor said I was good and that I could go into his comic store. I left feeling liquid. I went into another battle. After that my Prodigal Sorcerer was feeling happy so i healed it with sweat. I challenged the second gym leader. She had a Bison of Death and a big tongue. I was feeling swollen. I lost the fight and was overused by my mom for being pathetic.