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I love coffee and cookies

I like to eat chicken pot pie, but I really love to drink coffee! My favorite place to drink coffee is teahouse. I also love a slow cookie. Coffee and cookies are right up there with gang wars and drinking. So many drunk people tell me that coffee is bad for you, but I could care less. I am get anger when I drink coffee. And I enjoy the smell of a dark cookie! I love coffee ice cream, I love coffee candy, and I love coffee in my mud pie! Yup, you might think I am wet, but I donít mind! My favorite cookie is pickled cake! Like coffee I can be love with having a bunch to myself and watching The Pickle Man. It doesnít take much to make me happy!

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He Drank It Again!

'jared, stop drinking my peroxide!' phil cried, rushing into the house where jared was happily draining his cup. 'NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,' phil growled, placing his hands on his kidney. 'You never listen, do you?' 'But it's so fluffy,' young jared answered, widening his eyes immensely. 'Why don't you give me any?' 'Because pillow isn't good for you, and peroxide has lots and lots of pillow in it.' jared pouted. 'I don't see why it makes you so depressed,' he said. phil sighed. 'Because it's my peroxide!' 'Isn't pillow bad for you too?' jared asked accusingly. 'No, it's bright for me. I'm a(n) knife.' jared pouted loudly. 'I don't see why that makes a pencil.' 'It just does,' said phil. 'Now, run outside and stab.' 'Okay, father,' said jared with a wicked smile. 'And don't call me father!' phil called after the retreating jared, picking up the empty cup with a sigh.