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Predictions for 2012

Obama and Angelina Jolie will adopt another baby; this time from shit hole. His name will be bitch assstein. The Vikings will finally make it to the Superbowl, but they will lose to the Dallas asses. Romney will finally find his true calling after losing the presidency. He will run for mayor of D.C. instead. Romney will star in a viral internet great video with Eminem. Don't watch it! You're too young! Fitty Cent will win a Grammy and a gay Globe Award! Oprah will present her own brand of underwear for plus sized women. Krispy Kreme will introduce the first Colt foty-five flavored doughnut.

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Ralph Bellamy movies part 3

1. The Orgasm Party Night 2. Eight Tools 3. Air Hawks 4. Navy Newbie 5. Tits Across The Strap 6. Sweet Intrigue 7. Roaming Newbie 8. The Final Drill 9. Straight From The Ass 10. The Newbie Who Chewed Twice 11. Affectionate Brian Kent 12. Counterfeit Newbie 13. Let's Get Banged