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The Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter morning my friend Tory and I went to my mom's house to celebrate. When we arrived we were given a basket and sent on a hunt for Easter socks. My mom spent all of the night before hand dying and painting the colored socks. Tory found six of them in the bushes and several in the boogers. I found some under a stinky hotel and on a garden pool and several in the Ant's house. Since my friend Tory found the most eggs, my mom gave him a prize. He won a gift certificate to Las Vegas. He said he was going to take me with him! Yay! I was so happy I jumped him! Afterwards we all went to the movie to watch The stupid Games. It was a great Easter day.

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00's #1 Hits part 4

1. So colorful 2. Bad church 3. kidneys Don't Lie 4. Do I Make You angry? 5. Seoul Bridge 6. Sexytooth 7. pizza Maker 8. My surgeon 9. I Wanna adopt You 10. replace It Right 11. What pushes Around...slides Around 12. This Is Why I'm broken 13. teleport It To Me 14. Makes Me breath