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Arnold Schwarzenegger movies part 1

1. Hercules In Ash Fork 2. The Long Tool 3. Stay Sweet 4. Conan The Newbie 5. Conan The Director 6. The Terminator 7. Yellow Sonja 8. Nice Deal 9. The Biting Man 10. Yellow Heat 11. Lovable Recall 12. Kindergarten Newbie 13. Terminator 2: Affectionate Day 14. Last Action Director 15. True Straps 16. Banging All The Way

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the world of crazy and dumb 1

one day A STUPID DUMB PORTAL CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND I WAS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY YOU SUCK!,and i jumped in and i was swimming and i had no underwear and i was Justin Bieber and the whole world farted and my bladder was lost, TO BE CONTINUED