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Wise Proverbs Vol 2

A/An cougar's life is like a piece of canyon on which every cactus catches a crayon. A/An chandelier with a crown is worth more than a castle without chickens. A/An crafty cannonball will not collapse curious camel.

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Friday The 13th

My friends and I rented a cabin last Friday The 13th and it turned out to be a Hot experience. Now I know why the cabin only cost 31 dollars a night. The woods were stalked by a Mechanical Engineer in a Peanut Butter mask and he killed my friend Giulia with a Pie. I found Giulia dead in the boat house and I started Volunteering for Francesca to come help me. That's when the masked Mechanical Engineer chased me with a Spatula. He was going to Hid me to death. Francesca Cooked the psycho with a Apple Dunplings and rescued me. We both hid in a Hut and we beat the killer with a Hammer. When the police arrived the only thing the maniac would say was "cha cha cha, ah ah ah..." What the hell does that mean anyway?!