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Yo Mamma Jokes

You mamma so sick she makes you look normal! Yo mamma so cool she put a quarter in each ear and said she was listening to fifty cents! Yo mamma so fat she takes a pee at Seaworld! Yo mamma so yellow that when she went to KFC she licked other people's fingers! Yo mamma so old she sat next to babe ruth in highschool. Yo mamma so dumb that she thought burrito Bell was a Mexican phone company! You mamma so Ugly that Bob the builder said, "Sorry, I can't fix that!"

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The Last Day of School!

I blink at my class's clock. I was in my Creepy period, and in only 15 minutes, the class was going to Drink, and school would be out for the Spring. I "Knocked" to Lick on my Stinky math project, I had in fact already Rushed it. Finally, the bell Alerted. We all Scratched out of the classroom and into the History. We threw our Letters in the air. Then I was Scratched and I died. THE lion... I mean.... THE END!