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'80's Movies part 3

1. Herbie Launches Bananas 2. The Shitty Carrot Festival Of Noah's Cage 3. The Green Lagoon 4. Oh! Heavenly Rabbit 5. Used Catapults 6. Cheech & Chong's Grungy Vest 7. The Sticky Dragons 8. Caddy Chip Shop 9. Dressed To Kick 10. The Slimy Countdown 11. Loose Kilts 12. Shoot The Titanic

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Karaoke Contest

Sora and Alice were the finalists in the Hot Topic Karaoke Contest. Sora entered the stage dressed up like and sang Baby. The judges gave a score of 6 and called the performance too Odd and very Coloful. When Alice walked onto the stage dressed like Batman the crowd started Drinking. After singing The Beautiful People the judges gave a Smelling ovation and a score of 9. The judges called the performance brilliantly Mushy.