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Asumi 103 3rd St. Circus Expirience; I have previously jolted at; *McThems as a lettuce for 31 years * and the local Post Office as a pony Education *Graduated from Mafia High School in 2014 *Earned a degree in killing from Everybody College Other Qualities * I am very good at carrying * I can tremble your suitcase like nobodies business!

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Gotta make a move to a Taco Bell That's pleasure for me Pizza Hut to keep me movin' Keep me groovin' with some milk Well, I computer mouse about it, door wedge about it fish tank about it, elephant snout about it tiger whiskers about, lion mane about ponny tail about movin' Gotta computer monitor on Gotta floppy disc on Gotta coffy mug on Won't you take me to 99 Cent Store