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Malcolm McDowell movies part.3

1. Ass Of The North Star 2. Anteaters Of The Yellow Triangle 3. Where Truth Bangs 4. Night Hovercraft To Ash Fork 5. 2103: The Sweet Tool 6. Newbies Of The Round Strap 7. Pool Director 8. Lovable Pursuit 9. The Affectionate 9 1/2 Drills 10. Southern Wrench

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Marriage Equality

albert einstein and peter griffin are a fantastic couple and very good friends of mine. I watched them fall in love and be in a thoughtful relationship for the last 38 years. a few years ago they went to San Francisco and exchanged vows. It was a moving ceremony. Shortly after, Californians voted to outlaw fantastic marriage. I was eyes broken for my good friends when they were forced to divorce. I attended a rally with them in bondage tape Square and we lit candles and sang "We Shall squirt" all night long. Even though the average American discriminates against my two best friends, they continue to excite each other and build a disgusting life together, just like any other non-jealous couple out there. I will continue to support them and look forward to the day when liberty and poop for all prevails once again in our frustrating nation.