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He popped my cherry!

My boyfriend Sweetie is such a Happy romantic. He knew we were going to do it for the first time so he bought me 10 Beds. I couldn't believe it! I said Yay!! and kissed his Lips. We were so happy. I was very Happy, and he knew it. But he made me feel In Love. We lied down on the Coffin and turned off the lights. It was finally happening. we were finally going to Kiss. The end.

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'80's Movies part 41

1. Angel Nose 2. Lethal Ray Gun 3. Launching Arizona 4. Tin Hunters 5. London Shuffle 6. Cage Smart 7. The Evil Carrot Salesmen 8. Evil Carrot Salesmen II: Shot By Dawn 9. Shitty Date 10. Spraying Mr. Right 11. Hunter Academy 4: Carrot Salesmen On Patrol 12. The Secret Of My Catapult 13. Nine For The Road