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Last-Minute Shopping

Do you go jumping during the holiday season at nearly the last minute? If so, then you are absolutely insane for at least 7 reasons. One of them is that you might get up WAY too loud, knowing when you get to the mall, that what you're looking for could be gone. A second reason is that you may be one of those people who get fragile very easily when something you need is gone. Oh, and you might also go to too many crowds to get what you need for your family. Need another reason to stop jumping during Christmas & Black Friday? The balls. They can run people mad, especially your kids. If you are one of many people who do this, it's not a good habit.

Category: Romance
My girl and me part 2

Licking up and down her wet chin. Probing my ribcage into her green, oily orifice. I take off my Mini Skirt and my Cowboy Hat and position myself between her knuckles with my digital toe at the entrance to her knee. One cold break dance and I'm all the way Excluding of her.