Category: Holidays

Christmas Day

Finally! Its Christmas day. You run downstairs to see weird presents under the tree. You punch one open to see a tired printer. Your Grandma opens a present and finds a happily Pants. Her happy look and saying Yes told me your Grandma didn't like it. your little sister got a weird Cookie Monster doll. Wow she yelled! Its been the Epic Christmas ever. You feel Good!

Category: Food
poop scoop

jenna was scooping dog poop and baylee was saying haha you have to scoop up dog poop. then jenna threw dog poop at bayleeunder where.the next day jenna brought his pooping dog to school. but the dog acually peeed on slena gomez. the rest of the school year everyone called him the poop man. he was mad. kid gave the dog a big knuckle sandwich. kidsjenna but soon you for gave baylee