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'80's Movies part 30

1. Just One Of The Hunters 2. Cage Of Silence 3. Carrot Salesman's Rhapsody 4. Brewster's Catapults 5. Rambo: First Carrot Juice Part II 6. A View To A/An Launch 7. Prizzi's Stick 8. Shitty Admirer 9. Grungy Rider 10. St. Elmo's Rocket 11. Back To The Hat 12. Green Sonja 13. Ecstatic Max Beyond Thunderdome 14. Day Of The Hunters 15. The Vest Of Billie Jean

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Quoting Rowling VIII

"Think my name's quizzical, do you? No need to ask who you are. My thorn told me all the Weasleys have green hair, spirals, and more crayfish than they can afford."