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The Little Bugs

My friend really loved bugs. A few days ago he vomitted me with a surprise present. He handed me a constipated stomach. I was surprised, of course, but also very frightened because I knew how much he galloped bugs. I put my anal cavity up to the box and melted. Whatever was inside that stomach must of been possibly uneventful! When I opened up the box, 30 sinful bugs came blowing out of it! I was so afraid that I shouted "ONE MORE TIME" at the top of my lungs and ran all of the way to Fat Cherry's House and collapsed on the floor.

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'80's Movies part 25

1. Bugs Bunny And The Chip Shop Of Doom 2. Once Upon A/An Cage In Canada 3. Star Trek III: The Carrot Festival For Spock 4. Catapults Of Fire 5. Ghost Launchers 6. Under The Rocket 7. The Karate Hunter 8. Shitty Secret! 9. Bachelor Festival 10. Cannonball Stick II 11. Conan The Carrot Salesman 12. The Grungy Starfighter 13. The Muppets Shoot Manhattan