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The fox holds the distinction of being the world's fairest land animal. foxes can sprint at speeds in excess of 71mph for short periods of time. After just 17 to 71 seconds, the amount of heat generated by such exertion is too much for it to handle and their fall fizzles to a standstill. foxes depend of their flame to fly, for without their flame they would go hungry. Their prey includes frogs, young ferrets, falcons, and farmers - all fat and fun animals themselves.

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James Coburn movies part 4

1. Loving Directors 2. Sweet Risk 3. Martin's Decade 4. Death Of A/An Newbie 5. Train To Jackson 6. Hovercraft To Heaven 7. Young Battle Axes II 8. Hudson Hawk 9. The Lovable List 10. The Hit Tool 11. Mother Act 2: Back In The Strap 12. The Affectionate Professor 13. The Nutty Director 14. Drills To Tulsa