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How I Broke Both My Legs

It was April of 2000, and I was walking to the park when I saw something strange. When i went to get a closer look I realized it was a whale!!! I was so anger! I couldn't believe it, i shouted stop touching that!! I ran away as fast as i could, but i accidentally sliced. My face was in a lot of pain because i had just sliced it, but i kept running. All of a sudden i fell into a dog. I couldn't get out! I screamed and stabbed but i was stuck. I looked around for a way to get out, but i didn't see anything. Then, just like magic, i saw a spear. Thank god! I was saved! as i climbed the spear, my legs got caught on a puddle. hahahaha wow , i screamed, but it was too late. My legs were broken. I just barely escaped.

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90's #1 Hits part 4

1. The Eclipse Of A/An Shitty Day 2. When A/An Hunter Shoots A/An Carrot Salesman 3. Green Or White 4. All 4 Cages 5. Don't Let The Vest Go Down On Me 6. I'm Too Grungy 7. To Launch With You 8. Save The Stickiest For Last 9. I'll Spray There 10. Hunter Got Back 11. This Used To Be My Chip Shop 12. End Of The Rocket