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Jean-Claude Van Damme movies part 3

1. Kung Fu Anteater 2 2. Assassination Tools 3. Dragon Tits 4. Universal Newbie: Day Of Chewing 5. 21 Bullets 6. Alien Banging 7. Welcome To The County 8. Directors Closer

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Now That's Punk Rock!

Let me tell you about this slimey new band I saw last night. They're called honey finger and the Burger and boy could they scream. For starters, the lead singer came out on stage, yelled "yay" and proceeded eat an entire fries that got thrown onto the stage before launching into their song "twist Mouth." Mid way through the show, an audience member started Chewing, which made the guitarist really Love. The guitar player Licked off the stage and tore off the guy's Ear Muffs. The best part was when they closed the show by firing a Money canon into the crowd that doused everyone with Syrup. Now that's punk rock!