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Leonardo DiCaprio movies part 1

1. Poison Weed 2. This Boy's Wrench 3. What's Licking Gilbert Grape? 4. The Quick And The Scratched 5. The Basketball Straps 6. Sweet Eclipse 7. Romeo + Barbara 8. Marvin's Drill 9. The Newbie In The Iron Tool Box

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The best date ever!

Jim and I went to Gorky park and I was really annoyed. Later Jim took me home. He/She pulled in the driveway of my house.He/She walked me up to my porch and started spinning me! I tried to walk into my Whoville but he grabbed my knee and stopped me. so we started making out, On my porch. I know Anna and Eveline are probably gonna hate me now. But I don't care. I'm with Jim now. and if you dont like it, Deal with it.