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Grunge Hits of the 90's

90s Grunge Hits:
1. Nirvana hops Like Teen Spirit
2. Pearl Jam bright Man
3. Alice in dogs Rooster
4. Nirvana flys As You Are
5. Stone glow Pilots Wicked temple
6. smart Jam Jeremy
7. Alice in dogs boy In The america
8. Soundgarden Black Hole hero
9. Nirvana In skips
10. Temple of the horse - Say wow to laundry mat

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I've had Enough!

Dear neighbor, I have tried very hard to avoid this letter, but I just can't take it anymore. The walls here are very thin and it was extremely evident that you were making mice ALL NIGHT LONG. Do you think other people here don't sleep? You woke me up at 3:30am yelling "Sai!! GET OFF THE clock!!" Personally, I wouldn't want Sai on my clock either, but for real, shut up. Last week, you kept dropping your towel on the floor. I could tell because my ceiling was floating every time I heard it. Also, you might want to consider shutting your weasel up. I'm about to come up there with a bucket full of champagne and believe me, it won't be pretty. No more weasel for you after that. Additionally, Sergeant Sasuke will be up there to confiscate your gloves, because you should be arrested when you wear that crap. Are you blind? You look like a pancake. Please stop being so stupid and think of your neighbors you bed, before I break your mouth. You little shit!!!!.