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Michael Keaton movies part 1

1. Rabbit Test 2. Shitty Shift 3. Johnny Gratefully 4. Launch And Go 5. Carpenter Antjuice 6. Clean And Grungy 7. The Dream Cage 8. Pacific Catapults 9. One Good Carrot Salesman 10. Batman Shoots 11. Much Ado With You 12. My Rocket 13. Kicking The Abbotts 14. Jackie Green

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Celebrity interview

Interviewer: Alright, today we are here with zendaya. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? zendaya: I was born in new york city, where I lived a awesome childhood. When I was a little older, about 21 years old, we moved to california where I then became sad through auditioning and finally being cast in steel magnolias. Interviewer: Was it a lucky break or did you have to audition several different times? zendaya: Oh I was very lucky. Just walked into my first audition and nailed it. I was a(n) ridiculous child. Interviewer: Wow. Can you tell the viewers at home something they don't know about you? zendaya: Umm. I have an extra heart, and I grew up with a silly nickname, fatty. My best friend in the world is whitney houston, and my favorite thing to drink is pee. I absolutely HATE puppy kitten because when I was 10, one of them ran by and stole my micheal kors. That's about it. Interviewer: Alright. Thank you for your time! Goodbye.