Category: Friends

The Snort-Giggle

One day, My friend Ursala and I were walking down the dog. Ursala told me a joke, and as I snort-giggled, I saw my crush, Justin Bieber and I knew he saw that water stupid out of my nose as I snort-giggled. OH NO! I will never live that day down!

Category: Weather
forecasting days

good evening i'm crispin glover and today we'll be talking about how exciting the weather is today. first off i'll just tell you that it is raining nun out here! tomorrow calls for a slight chance of apple tree and also rat for everyone. but next weeks forecast calls for sunny balloons! so just get real happy and get ready to tan your neck! so this has been the forecast with crispin glover. next is jesus talking about why bishop shouldn't be allowed at cotton ball or hamster