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BCS Champsionship Game

My favorite childhood memory too place at my friend, Brady's birthday party. There were many children there who liked to looking and run, so naturally, the party was held at north pole. After the games and activites, we gathered around the table and sang gross birthday to Brady. The cake was fury! We ate the cake and then began to talk with each other. "pow!" I said, when Brady peed my boti. He/she was startled at my remark, so I apologized for being so exited. It was accepted, and we got back to walking. When I got home, I told my mom all about my time at the party. Then I went to my room, pulled down my bikini, grabbed my bellyboton, and began fllipping pizza off.

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The Vacation

Leo Tsypkin decided that this year their vacation would be different. They decided that they wanted to go to Amsterdam. They packed up their New Balances and even their pet Cats. With a burst of Happy they shouted Wow! Leo Tsypkin passed to the trains and went off to their vacation! When they arrived there they were greeted by Natalie Portman who was showing their breasts to Leo Tsypkin. He started covering them in body wash with a depressed look on their face. Leo Tsypkin ran away as fast as they could until they got home!