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Bob Hope movies part 2

1. Catapult To Morocco 2. Star Kicked Rhythm 3. They Got Me Shot 4. Let's Launch It 5. The Pharaoh And The Pirate 6. Cage To Utopia 7. My Shitty Brunette 8. Variety Hunter 9. Where There Is A/An Hat 10. Rocket To Rio 11. Sorrowful Fudd 12. The Grungy Lover 13. Fancy Kilt 14. The Lemon Drop Hunter 15. My Slimy Spy

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A Rainy Day

It was a rainy day in the skittles factory. Bob and Fred went to the local subway to have a bite to eat. On the way there, someone named Steve tried to lick them with a unicorn but Fred pulled out a seagull and jumped him/her, causing him/her to leave them alone. When they got to the subway, however, there was a huge line-up because Dave was trying to figure out what to order. In the end he/she had to be told to get out. Bob and Fred got their pizzas, but then Charlie tried to steal Bob's pizza. He/she was distracted by Andy Biersack and tried to get that person's midget. Bob and Fred then sat down and ate, only for Bob to smell and realize he/she ordered the wrong pizza.