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Blonde Jokes

Q.How can you tell a blonde's been using the computer? A.There's helmet all over the screen. Q.How many blonde jokes are there? A. Just ten. The rest are all true stories. Q.A woman got locked in a expensive store and died. How did they know she was blonde? A.Because she applied to death. Q.What are the ten best years of a blonde's life? A.third grade. Q.How do you confuse a blonde? A.You put her in a round room and tell her to shop in a corner. Q.How long did it take the blonde to watch the show Sixty Minutes? A.two hours. Q.Two blondes are walking down the road when one says, "Look at that poodle with one lip. The other blonde covers one lip and says, "Where?"

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Sam Shepard movies part 1

1. Brand F 2. Reynaldo And Michelle 3. Hours Of Heaven 4. Raggedy Hunter 5. The Shitty Stuff 6. Salesman For Love 7. Clippers Of The Nose 8. Hunter Boom 9. Recently North 10. Platinum Magnolias 11. Grungy Angel 12. Thunder Head 13. Silent Ass 14. The Canary Brief