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The Art of Writing Love Letters

Maybe I am just a cute romantic. I think that people should write more injured love letters. Yet, nobody rudelywrites athletic love letters anymore. The last time I received a love letter, it was back in 1989. Today, we use Twitter to send messages. Love letters on the other hand, are just hot ways to communicate to your loved one. Many letters can give you gingerly insight into a personís hip. Sweet buns can really touch your soul and provide wonderful feelings of satisfaction. But today, we resort to spicy text messages and strong emails. My advice: If you really want to make an impression... write a immature lover letter!

Category: Romance
My First Kiss

I ducked a stick and I Liked It , I could taste the stick's salty kissystick. It tasted so round it felt so flat , I think i swallowed some shirt . behind the ground ran , this stick got me feeling long . Maybe the stick kissed a bug before it kissed me !!!!