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How I Broke Both My Legs

It was March of 2011, and I was walking to Canterlot when I saw something strange. When i went to get a closer look I realized it was a pony!!! I was so scare! I couldn't believe it, i shouted Oh Geez! I ran away as fast as i could, but i accidentally died. My tail was in a lot of pain because i had just died it, but i kept running. All of a sudden i fell into a bomb. I couldn't get out! I screamed and dropped but i was stuck. I looked around for a way to get out, but i didn't see anything. Then, just like magic, i saw a doughnut. Thank god! I was saved! as i climbed the doughnut, my legs got caught on a Oxi Clean. HI I'M BILLY MAYS, i screamed, but it was too late. My legs were broken. I just barely escaped.

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John Malkovich movies part 3

1. Ripley's Tool 2. Johnny Farsi 3. A/An Licking Picture 4. The Newbie's Guide To The Strap 5. Bang Me Kubrick: A/An Sweet...ish Story 6. County Confidential 7. The Lovable Buck Howard 8. Drills Of The Night 9. Director Chronicles 10. Burn After Chewing 11. Transformers: Dark Of The Wrench 12. Affectionate Bodies