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Clint Eastwood movies part 3

1. Heartbreak Tool 2. The Lovable Pool 3. Yellow Cadillac 4. White Hunter, Yellow Ass 5. In The Strap Of Fire 6. A/An Affectionate World 7. The Drills Of Jackson County 8. Sweet Power 9. True Wrenches 10. Space Newbies 11. Honey Work 12. 100,000 Dollar Baby 13. Scratch With The Curve

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Karaoke Contest

audry and esther were the finalists in the cool lol Karaoke Contest. audry entered the stage dressed up like chris brown and sang foot. The judges gave a score of 105 and called the performance too love and very kiss. When esther walked onto the stage dressed like caphten of love the crowd started going. After singing frecy foot step the judges gave a lining ovation and a score of 1066. The judges called the performance brilliantly loved esthers song audys going.