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Doctor Visit

Hi I am red because this morning I ate a shark and my nose grew the size of a elephant ! It says here my Doctors name is Dr. snake . Does he speak mooo ? Because my human language is not too good. I put some coca cola in my ear and now my leg is enormous. And my lips look like Angelina Jolie. Nurse, can you please get me better and call the doctor in as soon as possible, I think I have a case of the Pele .

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Val Kilmer movies part 1

1. Sweet Secret! 2. Nice Genius 3. Top Battle Axe 4. Bang Me Again 5. Thunder Ass 6. Lovable Romance 7. The Affectionate McCoy 8. Batman Underground 9. The County Of Dr. Moreau 10. The Newbie And The Tool 11. The Prince Of Chile 12. At Odd Sight 13. Joe The Lord 14. Yellow Planet