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Walter Matthau movies part 2

1. Goodbye Chuck 2. The Fortune Bacon 3. A Guide For The Affectionate Newbie 4. The Lovable Couple 5. The Sweet Life Of A/An Chilean Director 6. Weed Flower 7. A New Tool 8. Plaza Strap 9. Pete 'N' Barbara 10. Chuck Varrick 11. The Biting Policeman 12. The Scratching Of Pelham One Two Three

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Predictions for 2012

Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie will adopt another baby; this time from Hollywood. His name will be Kitty Bredstein. The Vikings will finally make it to the Superbowl, but they will lose to the Dallas blankets. Romney will finally find his true calling after losing the presidency. He will run for mayor of Lego Land instead. Selena Gomez will star in a viral internet stinky video with Angela Merkel. Don't watch it! You're too young! Alicia Keys will win a Grammy and a lovely Globe Award! Oprah will present her own brand of boots for plus sized women. Krispy Kreme will introduce the first orange juice flavored doughnut.