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'80's Movies part 37

1. The Shitty Rabbit Detective 2. Haunted Carrot Festival 3. Nose Burn 4. Out Of Catapults 5. Flight Of The Carrot Salesman 6. Tuesday The 13th Part VI: Jason Launches 7. Good To Spray 8. Howard The Rabbit 9. One Grungy Summer 10. Armed And Slimy 11. Hunter Academy 3: Back In Training 12. The Carrot Salesman Who Could Shoot

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How I Lost My Pants!

I was just driving downt the street, carrying a box of guts when I tripped! I slammed my face on a booger! "FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER" I shouted. I got back up and strode on, because if I was anything, I was a dime! Then I saw him. He was a little dick, a little arm bump, and when I looked into his pee eyes, I died. "Hi" I giggled. "Hello" he responded gently. He then asked me the question I'd been waiting for, "Can you take off your pants?" In response, I whispered, "You will be all right" I felt like a pony, screaming her young. I took off my black pants, and handed them to his white hands. I walked all the way home that night, happy and without pants. I died 9,000 hours later.