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Snow White

Once upon a time, in a Home far away, there lived a princess named Snow White. The queen, named Bailee, told her soldier to bring Snow White's Spine to her in a box. The queen's magical couch warned queen Bailee that Snow White would soon be the fairest in the Home. Snow White fled into the woods and was welcomed by 25 Beautiful dwarfs. Snow White Smelled their cottage, Chewed their beds and Yelled their dinners. They were one happy family, until the magical Bed told the queen where Snow White was hiding. Carlee transformed into a hag and tricked Snow White into eating a poisonous cheese. When Snow White fell into a magical sleep the dwarfs put an ad on Match.Com for a Prince to rescue her. Prince Ben arrived on a white dog and kissed Snow White. When she awoke, they went on a few dates, but things didn't work out. Snow White became Mormon and married all 56 of the dwarfs and lived happily ever after.

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