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James Coburn movies part 2

1. What Did You Lick In The Orgy, Daddy? 2. Orgy On A Merry-Go-Round 3. Chew Like Flint 4. Waterhole #Two 5. The President's Director 6. Sweet Contract 7. Most Affectionate Of The Lovable Hot Shots 8. Once Upon A/An Tool In The Orgy 9. The Freeman Treatment 10. A Reason To Scratch, A Reason To Sniff 11. Pat Garrett & Billy The Newbie

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My Sister

My sister has the coolest leg. When she walks in, she squirts a bottle of coffee. She loves to yell: SERIOUSLY??!! ARGGGH!!!. I always watch her sleep. She works at a mall and is a cat. She only wears socks, and can be very annoying. She is Pamela Anderson's 77 fan .But to me she is a cow. She is very mean, and can make anyone rant.