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'80's Movies part 4

1. The Shitty Catapult Of Dr. Fu Manchu 2. The Launching Of The President 3. Smokey And The Hunter II 4. Those Balls, Those Butt Cheeks 5. He Knows You're Grungy 6. Elmer And Howard 7. My Carrot Salesman 8. Stardust Cages 9. The Slimy Sticky Sin 10. Oh, God! Vest II 11. One-Trick Rabbit 12. Somewhere In Acme

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Cary Grant movies part 3

1. Only Werewolf Have Hands 2. His Architectural Engineer Friday 3. The Howards Of California 4. The San Francisco Story 5. Mechanical Engineer Serenade 6. The Civil Engineer Of The Electrical Engineer 7. Once Upon A/An Cinco de Mayo 8. Destination San Francisco 9. Once Upon A/An Aerospace Engineers 10. None But The Kindhearted Feet 11. The Software Engineer And The Bobby-Soxer 12. The Bishop's Computer Programmer