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Casual IM conversation

*NFX has logged on* Kody: Oh hi NFX! NFX: Zounds!, Kody! Kody: You were really discretely at Burger Town today... NFX: I know. Josh put me in a flat mood. Kody: It's fine. What are you doing right now? NFX: Just drinking some fondue and playing with my parakeet. Kody: ugh brb, my second cousin twice removed is horseback riding at me. NFX: YEOW, I gotta go anyway. My parakeet just leapt.

Category: Goofy
Complete bullshit

Once upon a time there was a stinky princess called Tiffany. She had a dream, her dream was to become a snake doctor. But Tiffany wasn't even allowed to leave the kingdom. One night at 3 am she dressed herself in a sweater and ran away from home before anyone woke up. It was a soft morning. She stopped at a sweater blanket to wash her boobs when she saw Stinky McFart. She rode off with Burpy McWTF and became a skunk doctor.