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Def Leppard X

1. Now 2. Unbelievable 3. You're So Shitty 4. Every Hour 5. Grungy, Grungy Way To Launch 6. Four Letter Catapult 7. Shot To Shreds 8. Love Don't Slap 9. Gravity 10. Cry 11. Hunter Like You 12. Let Me Kick The Cage 13. Scar

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Wooldoor and Spanky Figure it Out

Wooldoor Sockbat: (trying to decipher Gaara's note) I don't get it Spanky, how do you "Physically Lick" someone? Spanky Ham: Ok, but I'm only going to show you this one more time. *unzips his swimming trunks* Wooldoor Sockbat: Wait! I've got an idea. Maybe if we filled in the blanks with words other than "Lips" Gaara's note would make more sense! Spanky Ham: That's Beautiful, Wooldoor. Just Beautiful enough to Lick.