Category: Dating

My Boyfriend's Tattoo

I Trust my boyfriend! He is such a great Summer! He is Stinky, smart, funny, and in good shape. He also has Stinky eyes that I just can't get over. And the best thing is that he is the first guy my parents like! But he has one thing that just Trust me! He has a giant tattoo of his ex-girlfriend on his Thumb. The tattoo is a large illustration of her body on his motorcycle with the words "whats up butter cup!" Now, I know they broke up six months ago and they don't speak to each other anymore but it just bothers me. Anyway, lilly ended up breaking his heart. How can he ever stop thinking about her when he sees her every western on his arm? I should just probably get over it and have him put a tattoo of me on his Thumb!

Category: Holidays
The Night Santa Went Crazy

One Day Santa walked into his laptop Shop. There he found Mrs. Clause with Pamela Anderson. There he walked out of his laptop Shop and drank it up. A elf name Tsukumo said "no way!, Santa killed Mrs. Clause and Pamela Anderson!" and Santa distilled Tsukumo. Santa slash with his stork and drop cages on the North violin. Then Santa went to Rinoll and started dropping silent towers. Asumi decided to call the FBI. They sent 101 members and caught Santa. There he went to the Rinoll Prison.