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Bob Hope movies part 2

1. Catapult To Morocco 2. Star Kicked Rhythm 3. They Got Me Shot 4. Let's Launch It 5. The Pharaoh And The Pirate 6. Cage To Utopia 7. My Shitty Brunette 8. Variety Hunter 9. Where There Is A/An Hat 10. Rocket To Rio 11. Sorrowful Fudd 12. The Grungy Lover 13. Fancy Kilt 14. The Lemon Drop Hunter 15. My Slimy Spy

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Hi, my named was Feferi Piexes, somebody ask me what is my dream? And I says my dream was to be goodest sportman or sportwomen in the world.Everytime when olmpics I was so excident about, also I wodering when can I to the olympics the other people see me at Olympic? Finally i grow up, my favorite sport was tennis,so i praticing tennis,one day I was heard about 2012 olmpics was on London, so i fly to London, i was very very Steely about that.Finally is time that I was on Olympic that my family and my other people can see me.But I am scared because i'm doing that for my country.So if i lose i sacred the people hate me.All my friend encourage me,one of my friend name Eridan says to me no matter I was lose or win he or she will not hate me.SO i think i will not lose.Today is the olmpic i feel very very Stony, the all contry was comming ,i am from America,my scared contry was China beacause they was good as sport, the day and day was past ,finally today i was win , everbody was stabbing , that fucking was very Pearlescent.