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Adam Sandler movies part 2

1. The Shitty Chick 2. Pauly Shore Is Shot 3. Ecstasy Management 4. 25 First Catapults 5. The Grungiest Yard 6. Deuce Bigalow: Canadian Gigolo 7. Launch Over Me 8. I Now Slap You Chuck & Elmer 9. You Don't Kick With The Zohan 10. Bedtime Cages

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Tiny Baby

When I saw the baby's boob I felt enraged. I named the baby little bug. The baby was so sweaty... It was the only baby I had ever felt a connection to. I taught the baby how to toot and inturn the baby taught me about chunks. One day I was feeling really excited because earlier I had dripped a pube, but things finally became happy because I heard the baby speak it's first words: he said "holy fuck, look at that"