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Jean-Claude Van Damme movies part 1

1. Fucking In Action 2. Reno Forever 3. No Butt-Fucking, No Surrender 4. Cum Sport 5. Blue Eagle 6. Kick Flogger 7. Lion Pussy 8. Cum-Stained Warrant 9. Double Butt Plug 10. Universal Pimp 11. Nowhere To Eat Pussy 12. Lustful Target 13. Street Hooker 14. Orgasmic Death 15. Maximum Vibrator

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The Waffle

One morning I Banged up and my mom was making waffle. They Chewed so optymistic that i could Smell. I Yelled to the livingroom and Smelled that waffle. It was so Embarrassed. I Scratched another ,but there was no more. :(