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Accidental Injection

One day, Donovan decided he wanted to make his penis bigger. He went to the local mouse-mart and bought some beer injections. He got home excited to try them out. He was about to insert it in his penis, but his chupacabra scared the keyboard out of him and made him accidentally stab himself in the butthole. It didn't seem like a big deal, but after 9,001 days his butthole started to become blue. He couldn't hide it either. He showed his friend Brad. Brad saw it and shouted "holy cookies!! What happened to your butthole?!" This made Donovan very meloncoly, so he whacked his butthole and to his surprise, it blasted a beam of milk onto Brad, who then became leathery and died. The End.

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Gary Cooper movies part 4

1. Design For Licking 2. Director 13 3. The Tools Of A Bengal Lancer 4. The Orgasm Party Night 5. Mr. Deeds Goes To Jackson 6. Ash Fork Boulevard 7. The Gunnery Sergeant Scratched At Dawn 8. The Plains Director 9. Newbies At Sea 10. Bluebeard's Eighth Director 11. The Orgasm Parties Of Marco Polo 12. The Cowboy And The Newbie 13. The Sweet Glory 14. Bang John Doe