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Yearbook Note

Dear Bailey Bazinga on your Adorable Graduation ! I am so Hugging Excited for you! you have Kiss so far . You will do Emo things. Your Smart hard Baby will Slap off . Enjoy your Summer, Good Luck next year and in your Donkey . Maybe 32 day/s you can have your Honeymoon in Ireland WOO WHO Sincerely , Katie

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George Kennedy movies part 1

1. The Lustful Hooker Of Kingdom Come 2. Horny Are The Brave 3. The Orgasmic Witness 4. The Dom From The Diners' Club 5. McHale's French Tickler 6. Island Of The Blue Snakes 7. Fuck...Fuck, Horny Charlotte 8. In Harm's Ball Gag 9. The Pimps Of Katie Elder 10. The Flight Of The Cockatoo 11. The Butt Plug Of Josie