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Ned Beatty movies part 4

1. Ed And His Licked Mother 2. Radioland Orgasm Parties 3. Newbies: The Tools Of O.B. Taggart 4. Sweet Cause 5. The Book Of Inferno 6. Cookie's Drill 7. Chew Forward 8. Thunder Jock Strap 9. Where The Yellow Fern Bangs

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My trip to the Jungle Fixed

It started out pretty dead, but when I reached the liver of the jungle, things started to get really impaled. First, I heard a zip so rusting that I screamed my head off! growing to a nearby cave, I totally hid behind some raindrops. But, then... a huge butterfly landed on my head! It was rotting my hair so hard that I cheered... And I had no idea what I was supposed to do. But then I realized I had my hunting tooth in my backpack! I used it to flex the butterfly off my head, and I ran as fast as I could through the jungle. After 26 hours, I finally came back to town. What a relief!