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'80's Movies part 40

1. Crimes Of The Ass 2. The Golden Newbie 3. Amigos! 4. King Kong Bangs 5. Little County Of Tools 6. The Dungeon Window 7. Affectionate Condition 8. Lovable Fortune 9. Yellow Widow 10. Over The Strap 11. A/An Drill On Elm Street 3: Dream Directors 12. Number One With A/An Wrench 13. Some Kind Of Beautiful

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the trouble with (blank)

Giovanna stars in this Hot comedy about 31 Sexy students who turn a convent school upside-down with their Peanuts. Giovanna plays Robby, who with her Stunning friend Skip. succeeds in driving the mother Jeans to distraction with an endless number of practical Peanuts. Just when there appears to be no hope for the schools 31 most incorrigible students, the get a little help from Sisters Breasts and Cherry Coke Zero. During Christmas break. Robby remains at the school and is Invented by the Sisters' celebration of Peanut Butter. Skip first doubts Robby's sincerity, but later follows Robby's example. Their Graduation is both a relief and celebration for the Mother Jeans. It is habit-forming Cashew for the whole Walnut!