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Me Maria and my best friend Maddi were having a sleepover and I was so excited but my other friend Bailey wasn't hear she looks like Ariana Grande and is so awesome I'm not joking she is so pretty she's 69 I'm only 55 anyway me and my friend were only wearing our pyjamas and it was so funny because we ran outside wearing them she grabbed me by the heart and pulled me to the ground I hurt my head and was solove then we went inside and drank pee and ate pasta and then we went to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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- dont stop kissing - everyday is a red day - do you know the ceviche man - i strike you - your so politically incorrect - wanna be a spider with me - What the hell is what i say to your mom - i live for maidens - howdy can i dress you - we live for man - Angel of Darkness likes molten lava