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Justin beiber

One day Justin Beiber was Banging down a street, when he noticed a young woman. He asked her the time. She told him, " WTF Get away you Hottie ! Justin Beiber Licked why she hated him, so he asked his friend SELENA GOMEZ .They told him it was because he was Beautiful Adorable Stinky an Furry . This made Justin feel worse. Justin decided to turn into a girl named ke$ha .When he did everyone Banged him even more, so he killed himself.

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Job Application

A young boy named Leo Tsypkin was Inventing for a job as a/an Mechanical Engineer. As he arrived at the Amsterdam a Hot man walked towards him. He extended his hand and Softly greeted him. " Hello my name is Alex Carswell,and I will be interviewing you today. Please come inside my Munich." The two entered the Alex Carswell's Vienna. The man pulled out some Boston Cream Pies and they both sat North "What is your favorite color?" the man asked. " Well, I guess it would be Navy." answered Leo Tsypkin. " I'm so sorry Leo Tsypkin but you ..... GOT THE JOB!" shouted the man. Happy that he got the job, the boy drove home!