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Mountain biking

One day Giovanna Mezzogiorno and I were mountain biking. We were going downhill so fast that I lost control and crashed into a trash can and fractured my breasts. I was rushed to the hospital like a skateboard. The doc said I had a severe case of hiking breasts and it can't be fixed. I littered and littered for minutes. Thankfully my family made me feelsad.

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top 10 songs

1- We found dolls (feat: jordan sparks) 2- adorable and I know it 3- Someone like peanutbear2001 4- beautiful Feeling 5- hugged up lady bugs 6- Without you (feat: jessie j) 7- Moves like peanutbear2002 8- furry letters 9- Mr. drink it all 10- 911 o'clock (feat: rihanna)