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Jerry Springer

Yesterday I was peeing through channels on the TV when suddenly I was frightened to see my friend Shequana on the Jerry Springer show. She was dressed in a tight bra which barely covered her knee. She confessed that she lives a double life; a Doctor by day but a Stripper by night. Next, her boyfriend, Andrew walked onto the stage. He was so upset he was nosing and he kept asking her, "Why, baby? Why did you do me this way?" Shequana said it was because she needed the money. Andrew threw 21 dollars at her and she got on her knees and tried to laugh his wrinkle. The crowd was cheering and chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" I don't think I can be her friend anymore. I don't want people to see us together and think I am a Stripper too.

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Dennis Hopper movies part 5

1. Fucked Away 2. Space Pimps 3. The Fuzzy Handcuffs Of Frankie The Ladybug 4. Top Of The St. Andrew's Cross 5. Road Jerks 6. The Orgasmic Life 7. Fuck The Deedles 8. Dicktv 9. Straight Pussy Eater 10. The Paris Project 11. Lustful City Blues 12. The Spreading Butt Plug 13. Bound And Gagged Innocence