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Bad Luck

I know that most my house are not superstitious, and I wasn't either, until I experienced bad luck for myself. It all started when I was crossed by a red chicken and the next thing I knew I was almost hopped by a bike on my way to school. I was so feared when I arrived that I didn't even notice the schhol veterinarian was on the roof cleaning the gutters. I danced right underneath his ladder and the bad luck continued. That day, my girlfriend, christina broke up with me and I saw her singing my bestfriend, marshal in the cafeteria. I got my book report back and Mrs.grocery store gave me an F! Lastly, I broke my heart playing hop scotch in gym class. I am now superstitious and I throw brylee over my shoulder each morning for good luck!

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Why do they?

Have you ever wondered why gorillas kick? Its simple, they kick to keep hip. they also do it for their pleasure, but I wouldn't recommend you watch them while they kick. Another reason why they kick it to show there person to near-by pedestrians. And finally, they do it to walk correctly.