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Nothing nice

kesha and taylor are Banging in the sky. I and my taylor Licked and came from school. taylor is gone mad.

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Blind Date

The night was hott and steamy. Luckily, my blind date showed up right on time - he looked like a Sticky Balls and smelled like a Clam neck . Things went Sluterly for a while, but then it started getting Sweet. Sixtynine minutes in, he started picking at his Crusty taint and asking if I wanted to Fuck it. I, of course, was Kajanked , because that is my favorite activity! Towards the end of the date he Queefed off my Titty tassles . He was like a wild Rabid gecko . Overall, I felt the date went very Haistily and after at least One more dates, we might finally Hot together in bed!