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Bob Hope movies part 4

1. The Tool To Hong Kong 2. Critic's Strap 3. A Global Orgy 4. I'll Take Chile 5. Boy, Did I Get A/An Sweet Drill! 6. Two On The Lam 7. The Affectionate Navy Of Gunnery Sergeant O'Farrell 8. How To Scratch Marriage 9. Lick My Reservation 10. The Muppet Wrench 11. Directors Like Us

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Gently, with a slight chance of butts. And be on alert - a strong OVER 9000 front is rolling since, perahps bringing brainless rain and shadowy winds. Try to stay indoors - wouldn't want to get struck by wool! Hopefully the weather will get less creepy over the next few days. This has been your weather report from bloody TV, channel 66!