Category: Goofy

Karaoke Contest

vanessa and elizabeth were the finalists in the dollar tree Karaoke Contest. vanessa entered the stage dressed up like zac efron and sang blurred lines. The judges gave a score of 69 and called the performance too sexy and very HUGE. When elizabth walked onto the stage dressed like cat woman the crowd started pooping. After singing wake me up the judges gave a farting ovation and a score of 69.5. The judges called the performance brilliantly sticky.

Category: Animals
The Creature

Fawn and Tracy were on a trip to Island, to get some Apples. It was a very Mushy day. Along the way, they spotted a rare Creepy Lion in a tree. Alarmed, they shouted "Tada!" The startled creature ran off Gratefully. They gave up and kept Drinking to their destination. Suddenly, Sarah Palin popped out of the Boat, holding the Furry creature. "Wow!", they shouted. They all decided to take the creature with them. "We shall name him Sweet potato!"