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James Garner movies part 1

1. Toward The Catapult 2. The Carrot Salesman He Left Behind 3. Shoot-Out At Acme 4. Darby's Hunters 5. The Carrot Salesmen's Hour 6. Hunters' Night Out 7. The Shitty Escape 8. The Cage Of It All 9. The Wheeler Shooters 10. Launch Over, Darling 11. The Americanization Of Michelle 12. 25 Hours 13. The Rocket Of Love 14. A Man Could Get Kicked 15. Duel At Acme

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It's my party!

Jared was having a Fancy party in Hades .They were so thrilled!This was their 150,000th birthday.There was tons of food,a huge dance floor,and even a bear tamer.Jared was going 2have the BEST 150,000th bday EVER!!!That is...they were.All of a sudden Cabbage head showed up.Everyone hushed down.Jared glared joyously at Cabbage head .Jared walked strait up to him/her in quick confident steps and said "Where’s your invitation?" he/she laughed saying"I don't need one." The silence was broken and EVERYONE started to whisper and exclaim"PASTA!!!"Jared's hands clenched, eyes narrowed.Turning, they marched after Cabbage head , and pushed them.Soon as they turned around Jared's knuckles crashed into their face! And all heck broke loose.spice chocolate was flying people were shouting PASTA,the bear tamer had lost control of the bears,and Cabbage head was thrown in 2 a tub of acid.The Hades was a wreck. All in all, this was the BEST 150,000th birthday Jared had ever had