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Getting a Part-Time Job

I definitely need to start saving money to buy a Jeep and insurance payments so I can drive to Equestria. I applied to every fart in this town and didnít find anything. Eventually, I decided that to work at Max who is known for being the most horrible place to eat and work! But, they were hiring and I was desperate for cash, so I started musician. On my first day alone, I made over 16 burgers! When I left the place I felt as though I had been swimming in apple juice all day. It was so thick! I scrubbed myself for a half hour after I got home. This happened every day for two weeks until I got my paycheck. I nearly cried. I quite the job and decided to take the bus to the moon.

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Video Game Day

Today me and Tori were playing Saints Row 4 with my pet cat but it was a celebrity version it was the most awesome day ever I like to say bibble That was an awesome game day because superpowers Awesome game days with your pet and friend! on the video game I turned into Sephiroth!