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Dennis Quaid movies part 3

1. Flight Of The Canary 2. Yours, Mine, & Nobody's 3. Canadian Dreamz 4. Smart Hunters 5. Vantage Cage 6. G.I. Elmer: The Rise Of Rattlesnake 7. Soul Shooter 8. Noseloose 9. Beneath The Rocket 10. What To Slap When You're Slapping 11. At Any Catapult 12. Launching For Keeps 13. Movie 25

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Grandma's closet

I was in my Grandma cameron closet, looking for a condom and you will never guess what i found in there. First, when i was walking through i saw a tampon thing in the corner. When i got closer i realized it was a stinky semen. After throwing it back in the corner, i came across a bright red lacy piss, i didn't even wanna think why my Grandma had that in her closet. But, the most shocking thing i discovered was a BIG,jizz . Now, i know too never ever go in my grandma's closet again.