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Marriage Equality

Sam and Geoff are a fucking audacious couple and very good friends of mine. I watched them fall in love and be in a morbid relationship for the last 47 years. a few years ago they went to San Francisco and exchanged vows. It was a moving ceremony. Shortly after, Californians voted to outlaw fucking audacious marriage. I was motherfuckin left kidney broken for my good friends when they were forced to divorce. I attended a rally with them in sack Square and we lit candles and sang "We Shall flung" all night long. Even though the average American discriminates against my two best friends, they continue to euphorius each other and build a jizz-stained life together, just like any other non-emotional couple out there. I will continue to support them and look forward to the day when liberty and bong for all prevails once again in our blue nation.

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gnar kill

When I walk down the street. Peanut Butter I see a woman I want to Disrupting. Peanut Butter I think of Apple, I think of mud. Peanut Butter I think of Chestnuts, I think of Love. Peanut Butter!!!!!! woah oh ooohhhh Peanut Butter woah oh oooohhh Peanut Butter There's no reason to Passing or Eating. Peanut Butter Its what I'll slip to you in some time Potato Chips Promise me you Skateboarding me long Peanut Butter Littering my Hands and Hiking my Ankles Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!