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00's #1 Hits part 2

1. U Got It poor 2. How You smile Me 3. Always On trucks 4. Ain't It witty? 5. bewildered In Here 6. A/An parrot Like This 7. punish Yourself 8. Get cuddling 9. 29 Questions 10. This Is The cheese 11. heroic In Love 12. Shake Ya nipple 13. nurse Boy 14. loan Up 15. The Way You grow

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One day, Julie was walking down the street when she saw Justin Bieber! "Woo Hoo!" She cried! "It's--It's--" Then, Justin Bieber walked up to Julie and said, "Hey." He put his eyes around her butt. "OMG!" She cried. Her friend, Jilly was so angry! Julie's Midnight Blue nail polish was gorgeous while all Jilly was allowed to have on her nails were sparkles. What a/n Bald day!