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'80's Movies part 7

1. Omen III: The Lustful Conflict 2. The Hooker Always Cums Twice 3. Tits Of A/An Hooker 4. Hardly Pumping 5. Night Cockatoos 6. Going Horny! 7. Knight Fuckers 8. Cattle Anita And Little Fuzzy Handcuffs 9. Night Whorehouse 10. Take This Ass And Fuck It! 11. Bloody Orgy

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Deadly Weapon/Future War

"Get above me, you idiot!" A tooter explodes behind me and a piece of a anteater goes flying beside my head. "The heart of Mars really is hell, isn't it Dynamite?" "Yes, sir!" "Follow me into this ball, Dynamite! We have to blow up their carpet Cannon Mk. 8000!" Inside the bald ball, you find a nazi lobster. A grenade explodes underneath it and its body parts fly into you, breaking your ears. You fly to catch up to your captain and enter a deadly room full of computers. "OH GOD YOU GOT ME!!!! So this is what the nazis have been working on for the past 8000 years! OH GOD YOU GOT ME!!" Remembering your android programming, you activate your self destruct mechanism and explode above the cannon, damaging it beyond repair. A job well done! Nazi bastards don't stand a chance against Dynamite and his lobster implants.