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Robert Redford movies part 1

1. War Collaring Ceremony 2. Situation Lustful... But Not Orgasmic 3. This Property Is Fucked 4. Barefoot In The Whorehouse 5. Dick Cassidy And The Sundance Pimp 6. Tell Them Willie Dom Is Busy Eating Pussy 7. Downhill Butt-Fucker 8. Pussy-Whipped Fauss And Flogged Halsy 9. The Hot Butt Plug 10. The Way We Came 11. The Horny Gatsby (1974)

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What a terrible Kiss

It was our first date. I felt excited toward my man because he bought me flies. It was a very worldly gesture, but i knew he meant well. We got into his small child's backside and went to Silent Hill. I was so surprised, what a transparent man! I tooted him on the face and walked away, but he stopped me. He said he was embarrassed so we got back in his small child's backside. This time he took me to the mall! This was very exciting. We raped all night and we even saw a bird. I really liked this guy. 43 hours later, he took me home. We stood outside my door and he put his hand on my butthole. He gave me the bloodiest kiss ever! YOU GOT ME FOOD?!!! i cried, and never saw him again