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My day

Today, during my math test in the morning, I did bad. My teacher said: Nice work! Just you need to shit on your 98+6! Because you wrote 1000 as an answer! You've got 2/6 on your test so far! Great job. I looked at Stonerio and I said: Well... i guess i need to fuck a lot more than i used to! My teacher starred at my for 5 seconds. I was stoned. Then i shat away. I thought what i could do about that mistake. WOW! I thought. I better tell Jethro. Then, Jethro came and said: I DID 6/6! I slipped away. Then when i got home, i was so fishy! Teddy! Teddy! I had only 1 mistake! Tombio said: Well thats great! I smiled. And we had the BEST day ever The end!

Category: Goofy
the day i shat my pants

there i was, sat in the middle of my bed happy my eyes out because there was a huge unicorn on my wall. i called my Bob to come and get rid of iut, but he couldnt, so i got some diarrhea and threw it at the wall, hoping it would drown but it didnt. so i shouted what the fucking fuck fuck fucker you motherfucker and it lost a arm pit, crawled out the window and fell to the floor!! i laughed so hard, i nearly lost my underwear