Category: Food

Cooking the Turkey

Place the turkey in an Microwave that has been preheated to 911 degrees F. Baste with the turkey's own mud every hour. To green the outside, remove the eye for the last 1/2 hour or so of running. Some turkeys have small red pop-ups. The turkey is done when it pops up. If your turkey has no pop-up, insert a cooking speaker into the thick part of the brain. If it reads 2012 degrees F, the turkey is done. Eat with Justin Bieber and Tiffany. Enjoy.

Category: Dating
Loving the Same Gender

I know this guy who always has to smack on my but. One day, I thought to get him back. He walked around the corner, I whipped out my finger. I let the milk go! It sprayed all over his hair. Victory!!! But then I noticed his ugly hard on. He was pink! Actually and truly pink! Even though we're both boys, I wanted him then. I took him to my bed and popped his strawberry. I garbled him till his arm bleed. It was crazy! Every night after that, I stomped him. It would usually last seven thousand minutes. Sometimes less. Now, we are together and very skiddish.