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He Drank It Again!

'cole, stop drinking my cum!' miles cried, rushing into the up yo ass where cole was happily draining his cup. 'mutha fucking ass hole!!!,' miles growled, placing his hands on his dick. 'You never listen, do you?' 'But it's so Ugly as fuck,' young cole answered, widening his eyes immensely. 'Why don't you give me any?' 'Because condum isn't good for you, and cum has lots and lots of condum in it.' cole pouted. 'I don't see why it makes you so pissed,' he said. miles sighed. 'Because it's my cum!' 'Isn't condum bad for you too?' cole asked accusingly. 'No, it's sucked for me. I'm a(n) penis.' cole pouted fappingly. 'I don't see why that makes a boobs.' 'It just does,' said miles. 'Now, run outside and fap.' 'Okay, tyler,' said cole with a wicked smile. 'And don't call me tyler!' miles called after the retreating cole, picking up the empty cup with a sigh.

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Don Ameche movies part 2

1. The Catapult Of Alexander Graham Bell 2. London Cavalcade 3. Four Hunters 4. Down Canada Way 5. That Night In London 6. Moon Over London 7. Kiss The Carrot Salesmen Goodbye 8. The Feminine Cage 9. Confirm Or Launch 10. The Shitty Dope 11. Hunter Trouble 12. Something To Shoot About 13. Acme Can Wait 14. Grungy Land 15. Nose And A Prayer