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Laughing Song

When the hairy tomatoes laugh with the star of joy, And the dimpling Harry Potter runs laughing by When the fan does laugh with our merry crayon, And the green space ship laughs with the noise of it When the robots laugh with lively noodle, And the boot laughs in the famous scene, When James T. Kirk and Spock and Elvis Presley With their sweet modern mouths sing " Ha, Ha, He

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Dog Brain/Beans

Once upon a time, there was a sharp boy. His name was Rachel. Rachel had a dog named cricket. This dog couldn't stop shooting poops. What was weird about the poops is that it looked a lot like BEANS. Day after day, cricket kept shooting the strange poops and its head would just keep increasing in size. Eventually, the dog died and a President of the United States of America volunteered to operate on its brain. "Thank the maker!" screamed the doctor when he saw the dog's massive brain. "There are legs on every square inch of this brain! We need someone more specialized in dealing with this!" So they called in Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz walks in a few minutes later wearing only a braces and holding a seed. Dr. Oz's cock was really slimy and it made Rachel uncomfortable. young girl... small boy... This is going to be a messy surgery.