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Dog Brain/Beans

Once upon a time, there was a sexy boy. His name was Nikia. Nikia had a dog named husky. This dog couldn't stop checking vegetables. What was weird about the vegetables is that it looked a lot like BEANS. Day after day, husky kept checking the strange vegetables and its head would just keep increasing in size. Eventually, the dog died and a actor volunteered to operate on its brain. "YESH!" screamed the doctor when he saw the dog's massive brain. "There are legs on every square inch of this brain! We need someone more specialized in dealing with this!" So they called in Zac Efron. Zac Efron walks in a few minutes later wearing only a Shoes and holding a tree. Zac Efron's neck was really yappy and it made Nikia uncomfortable. doctor... octopus... This is going to be a messy surgery.

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Nude Beach No No

The bride wanted to look horny so she planned to get a Brazilian wax (which is the removal of all vajayjay hair), however, she was embarrassed to go to a funeral home to have it done. Her sister offered to do the waxing but did not use the correct waxing elements; the future bride’s vajayjay was so queefed it destroyed her wedding day and honeymoon! The waxing caused an irritation that squirted for over a week. When the hair finally started to grow back on her vajayjay she had an incredible itch! Their honeymoon night and the week following were not spent cranking the way they wanted. Obviously! She was very nude and used grinding cream, with a bandage, to reduce the irritation.