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Yo Mamma Jokes

You mamma so hairy she makes you look normal! Yo mamma so loose she put a quarter in each ear and said she was listening to fifty cents! Yo mamma so fat she takes a swim at Seaworld! Yo mamma so retarded that when she went to KFC she licked other people's fingers! Yo mamma so old she sat next to George Washington in highschool. Yo mamma so dumb that she thought Chorizo Bell was a Mexican phone company! You mamma so Ugly that Bob the Plumber said, "Sorry, I can't fix that!"

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I really regret hurting him

I knew a man once, named Taylor. He was very Adorable, and always treated me Correctly. I loved his Creepy Goat and his Stinky Bikini. Every day he would Drink my Bladder and it felt soooo Love. Mamma Mia!!! This was the Red man ever! I didn't mean to, but i accidentally Banged his Stomach. He was so Sorrow!