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The Portal

ONE DAY A PORTAL GOT IN THE CITY AND IT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE I GOT IN IT BUT I HAD NO goggles ON I was pooping in it and it took me to a desert and when I got there I discovered I was naked and I turned happy and I was justin bieber I was really thirsty, soom I found a sodafall! I ran to it but right when I was about to drink I got arrested by police but killed him with a gun and escaped I found another and drank from it BUT THEN I FOUND SOME UNDERWEAR I FILLED IT UP WITH porta-potty AND PUT IT ON I found the portal so I went in it and I was flying, It got me back home with my clothes, and my new underwear.

Category: Goofy
My day today

It was a warm day today. I wore my Shorts.Sami and I went to (the) Bowling Alley It was really shouted. I was really Creepy when Megan Shouted out that I pooped in my pantaloons Amd everyone in Australia and New Zealand heard. We were Scratch so we payed 52 dollars for Money Then we had to go back Island