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Here in the streets of Toronto, live a group of people, if you can call them people, named David, Brandon, and Kevin. They do all sorts of crazy shenanigans from fapping, to peeing with dolls. And you maybe asking where I come-in in all of this. My name's Daisy and I smell artists, that's what I call them; people who lick. Sometime you have to smell artists to make the world a better place. So if you have artists In your city call 1-800-artistsmeller or visit our website www.book.com

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What Makes You Beautiful REMIX!!!

Your Love Don't know what for You Turnin'eyes when you walk through the Disney Dont need make up, to cover up Being the way that you are is enough Everyone else in the New York Can see it Everyone else But justin Baby you light my Island Like nobody else The way that you Run your hair gets me Happiness But when you smile at the sky It ain't hard to tell You dont know-oh-oh, you dont know your Happy And That's what makes you happy !