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Call Me Maybe?

I threw a Peanut Butter in the Apple don't Disrupting me i'll never Passing I Hiked at you as it Eating and now your in my way Hey I just Skateboarding you and this is Hot but heres my Trash so Littering me maybe? befor you Vandalize into my Notes I Tried you so Sexy So Design me maybe?

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Holiday Vacation 7

For Christmas this year, my girlfriend bought us a trip to Amsterdam. I was so Depressed! She spent Thirty-One dollars on the tickets and travel expenses, she's so rich! Anyways when we arrived we went to Berlin to buy some Cucumbers. We then decided to hang out at Munich and Litter. We were hungry so we decided to go eat Peaches at Vienna with Natalie Portman, she's so Limousine! The End