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Ned Beatty movies part 1

1. The Catapult And Cages Of Judge Roy Bean 2. The Hunter Who Came To Dinner 3. The Slimy Canadian Hero 4. Green Lightening 5. All The President's Hunters 6. The Big Helicopter 7. Green Streak 8. Exorcist II: The Hunter 9. Green Hunter Down 10. The Grungy Chip Shop Hoax 11. Shittyman: The Movie

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Karaoke Contest

Madison and emmybug3000 were the finalists in the justice Karaoke Contest. Madison entered the stage dressed up like Britney Spears and sang 5150. The judges gave a score of 111,000,000 and called the performance too Stinky and very Embarrassed. When emmybug3000 walked onto the stage dressed like black widow the crowd started Banging. After singing somebody i used to know by gotye the judges gave a Smelling ovation and a score of 112,000,000. The judges called the performance brilliantly horrible.