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What a surprise!

When I woke up this morning, I thought it was just going to be another bad day. I didn't want to be blue all day, so I invited my friend destiny to go to the park with me. We headed down to the park and Hugged for a while. We were just about to leave when suddenly miley cyrus came up to me and said "Hey, how would you like some free backstage passes to my next concert?" " MazelTov" I exclaimed, "Of course we would!" We got the tickets and started Running home. What a surprise!

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Tacos with cheese on the side

"Good morning dinosaur cat" batman said "Since when did you call me that?" You said. "My bad thermometers " "Here come and drink some dog crap and play with my butt hair" barney Said. " I think that will cheer me up" You said. Just then obama knocked on the door with her boyfriend crocodile hunter. "Heeeyyy crocodile bat" She said to you Kissing her boyfriend as she said it.