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Bing Crosby movies part 3

1. Licking My Way 2. The Emperor And The Pirate 3. Here Come The Tools 4. Out Of This Strap 5. Duffy's County 6. Wrench To Utopia 7. The Drills Of St. Mary's 8. Yellow Skies 9. My Affectionate Brunette 10. Welcome Newbie 11. Variety Director 12. Ratchet To Rio 13. The Emperor Waltz 14. Jolson Bangs Again 15. Scratching High

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Once you were baking to an island, were you feeling your friend Little One on to the wrist of an other wrist to save them from The Isaiah, A.K.A Hey You. Little One then felt on the back of an deer, and got away from this horrible island. Isaiah was put in behind a dumpster.