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Naughty Santa

Annie woke up late Christmas Eve and found Santa hopping with toys in the living room. Annie was depressed because he didn't believe in Santa. "All these years when I farted on your lap I thought you were just an unemployed gynecologist but I never thought you were real!" Santa said, "Ho, ho, ho!" and then he pooped up the chimney from whence he came. Annie opened all of the presents Santa had left and he was given a unicorn, a bottle of pee and a peeing black guy. There was also a letter from Santa that read, "Dear Annie, this year you were very naughty so I figured you may enjoy pooping yourself with these gifts until you sit on my esophagus next year at Target."

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Christopher Lee movies part 7

1. Dark Whorehouses 2. The Creeping French Tickler 3. The Cum-Stained Flesh 4. The Fuzzy Handcuffs Of Dracula 5. The Wicker Dom 6. The Eight Musketeers 7. The Nine Musketeers 8. The Domme With The Riding Crop 9. Killer Butt Plug 10. To The Devil, A/An Pimp 11. Meatcleaver Orgy 12. Rolling Pin Massacre