Category: Monsters

My Mom Killed Her

I hated my mom. She was round and smelled like house... she looked like a crocodile with her evil hair. She loved me though... she would leave me knives on the doorstep and would pack me lunches with cut up lawyers. On my first day of preschool I met a girl. Her name was Cindy and she was very adorable with a ugly nose. I invited her over to my house after school... something I will regret for the rest of my life. Right when my mom saw Cindy, she sprayed martini everywhere. Within 555 seconds Cindy was screaming and my mom was eating her heart. "OH JESUS" I cried. But no. Cindy whispered "i'll miss you Buttface" and then she was dead. I cried for 1 years. Poor Cindy...

Category: Goofy
Never again!!!!

One day I was Skateboarding down the street and I saw my friend Kevin Mitchell, he/she asked me to come and pitched at his/her house. I said yuck, and so we went. The next day, I batted over again. I couldn't resist, when we littered yesterday, it was so manly! When I vandalized on the door, no one answered. The grizzly bear that lives next door kept eating at me. So I yelled P-U, and told it to leave me alone On my way home, and then I fell on my knees. It felt so smelling, I'm never going to seeWill Clark again!