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Doing the Laundry

I was farting my tongue when I heard my mom say "what the hell." I got distracted and spilled soap all over my shirt! I ran to the washer and started to take off my shirt when I saw a bear looking at me. How was I supposed to wash my clothes when it was making me feel so happy! It began to whisper to me. It said, "say what." I tried to ignore it and told it, "no way" but it just made it more purple. I went to grab the soap to put in the washer FINALLY when I looked into the washer and saw rollercoasters. How could I wash my shirt when that was there making me feel goofy. My phalangie couldn't handle it!

Category: Goofy
The Mix

When eating, do you sometimes feel Crap? Well do I have the solution to your problem. All you need is a/an dog, two cups of blood, and a few asses. All of which you can find in your nearest Poland. I'm telling you, mix them all up in a jar and let it sit by the butt and sprinkle a bit of ramen powder and you've got a food that will never make you feel Crap again. Take it from experience, all I eat is this fast stupid mix and I can honestly say I have never felt Crap