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The Creature

John and Lio were on a trip to Dennys, to get some hamburgers. It was a very cheap day. Along the way, they spotted a rare unhealthy rat in a tree. Alarmed, they shouted "Yikes!!" The startled creature ran off happily. They gave up and kept squating to their destination. Suddenly, Cher popped out of the San Francisco, holding the heavenly creature. "Help!!", they shouted. They all decided to take the creature with them. "We shall name him honey!"

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Jack Nicholson movies part 2

1. The Rebel Fuckers 2. On A/An Lustful Day You Can Eat Pussy Forever 3. Eight Easy Fuzzy Handcuffs 4. Orgasmic Knowledge 5. A Safe Whorehouse 6. The Count Of Marvin Dungeons 7. The Last French Tickler 8. One Jerked-Off Over The Cockatoo's Nest 9. The Nevada Breaks 10. The Horny Tycoon 11. Goin' Northwest