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my pet died from thirst

i was sitting there eating some pizza when my kitten was licking the sink for some pop i went to get it some pop but when i went back my kitten was sad it fainted does it really want this pop that bad? i hope its not dead........ i went outside and got a justin beiber and ripped off their arm and started poking my kitten with it. no movments.. it died

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Day at Work

Today started off like any other normal hat I heped out of bed and had some cake for breakfast. Then, things went all downhill from there. I went to work at the the beach and a dolphin came up to me and said, '"Where can I find the cans of pee ?" We didn't have any left in stock so I told her, "Sorry mam, we have none left." To which she replied, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?' Then she stoped me and I said, "No," in a weird tone. She graved me and said, "I'M Selena gomez !" When my manager heard this, he actually fired me. What a stupid day at work.