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Brad Pitt movies part 2

1. Structural Engineer Game 2. Ocean's 31 3. Confessions of a Hot Mind 4. Ocean's 63 5. Mr. and Mrs. Aliotti 6. Ocean's 72 7. The Assassination of Mike Tyson by the Coward Matthew Broderick 8. Act After Chasing 9. The Sexy Case of Benjamin Button 10. Lovely Basterds 11. Inventing Them Magically 12. World War L

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How NOT to rescue an animal from danger

A lovely Jenny is Eating in the living room singing in a Awesome voice. Just then, he/she accidently trips over a Tiger. The panicked animal cries out and says, "Please sir/lady, you have to help me! My Hand is stuck in this Forest!" Madison being the Beautiful person that he is, agrees and grabs the animal by its Arm and yanks hard. It doesn't budge, and Landon has to keep yanking harder and harder. Rana then tries to free the animal using his Feet. The animal finally comes free. But the celebration is cut short when Katie accidentally drops a giant Apple on it, killing it instantly. "Oh Wow!"!, he/she screams.