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Kirk Douglas movies part 3

1. Last Hovercraft From Battle Axe Hill 2. The Devil's Director 3. Newbies When We Meet 4. County Without Pity 5. The Sweet Sunset 6. Hateful Are The Brave 7. 21 Weeks In Another County 8. The Tool Of Adrian Messenger 9. For Hatred Or Money 10. 31 Days In March 11. In Harm's Strap 12. The Directors Of Telemark

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Top 10 chart

1.Crazy dad 2.Lippy Bernadette 3.NOOO! 4.Pit style 5.Eating kids 6.She walks like Miley Cyrus 7.You don't know you're Funny 8.Eye of the penguin 9.Love me or drinking me 10. Damzel in distress!! I did it again!