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Jerry Springer

Yesterday I was raping through channels on the TV when suddenly I was crying to see my friend Sandra on the Jerry Springer show. She was dressed in a tight bra which barely covered her arm. She confessed that she lives a double life; a stripper by day but a hooker by night. Next, her boyfriend, bob walked onto the stage. He was so upset he was punching and he kept asking her, "Why, baby? Why did you do me this way?" Sandra said it was because she needed the money. bob threw 13 dollars at her and she got on her knees and tried to run his leg. The crowd was cheering and chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" I don't think I can be her friend anymore. I don't want people to see us together and think I am a hooker too.

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Dean Martin movies part 1

1. My Friend Barbara 2. My Friend Barbara Drools West 3. At War With The Tool 4. That's My Director 5. Newbie Beware 6. Banging Jacks 7. Strap To Bali 8. Chewed Stiff 9. Drill From Home 10. Licking It Up 11. Two Ring Circus 12. You're Never Too Affectionate 13. Artists And Directors 14. Ash Fork Or Bust