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Nigger and Mayor McCheese Save the Day

The town of Boston was in trouble and there were only 2 Idiots that could save it: Nigg3r and his fast sidekick Mayor McCheese. They hopped into their Volkswagen Banana and went to the scene of the problem: Tokyo. Nigg3r used his abilities to shoot blood from his liver onto the evil villain, Tristan. Mayor McCheese helped by tapping on the sidewalk. Tristan was quite sad about getting blood on his suit, so he got Nigg3r back by dumping ratchet in his Volkswagen Banana. Nigg3r was angry. That car was given to him by his father, Tristan. He took Tristan by the shoulder blade and poured alkali down his throat until he died. Mayor McCheese pushed Tristan's wife. The End.

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Ned Beatty movies part 2

1. Wise Honey 2. Tools In The Dark 3. The Chilean Success County 4. Sweetman II 5. The Incredible Banging Newbie 6. Licker Ace 7. Affectionate Natives 8. Back To Jackson 9. The Lovable Easy 10. The Fourth Strap 11. Monster Hovercraft 12. Switching Drill Bits 13. Midnight Chewing