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Tacos with cheese on the side

"Good morning dinosaur cat" batman said "Since when did you call me that?" You said. "My bad thermometers " "Here come and drink some dog crap and play with my butt hair" barney Said. " I think that will cheer me up" You said. Just then obama knocked on the door with her boyfriend crocodile hunter. "Heeeyyy crocodile bat" She said to you Kissing her boyfriend as she said it.

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Harry Stiles's Mistake

One day, Harry Stiles wanted to have a Mushy party for a lucky fan:Ashley! But, he also had a party for Kallie to go to! "OH,NO!!" he shouted, trying to stay calm. Then, he found out about Look-Alike Restaurant!! He rejoiced and went to his hometown, and had Odd pancakes. But, he didn't make it to the store or other party! Harry learned a GOOD life lesson: NEVER go to another country when you have a party coming up!!!