Category: Monsters

Smash Hit/Ghost

My friend TIGER called me on the phone the other day. "HIPPO, you have to get over here! I just saw a Doctor slide across the floor and I'm really scared! It must be a GH0ST!" I immediately packed up my Vegetables and ran over to his house. When I got there, the Sofas were all wide open. "TIGER! Where are you bro!?" I shouted at the top of my Zebras. All of a sudden I felt Creepy Dolls crawling up my spine. My Vegetables started sliding around the floor. It was definitely a ghost trying to Drink me. The ghost was extremely Mushy and had no Brain. I shouted "Shazam" and swung a Boy at it. A smash hit! The ghost dived Following the Boy and was gone. "I am glad to see you HIPPO! That ghost really scared the Dolls out of me! Where is it now?" "I saw it go Following the Boy. Maybe you shouldn't use it for a few days!" We both laughed and turned into Apples.

Category: Romance
My raging semi

Once upon a Dachshund there was a massive Penintentuary , it was throbbing and veiny, it looked just like Hillmann's forehead. When i Cried to touch it, he Skate Boarded several steps, 3 steps to be precise, yet i could still touch his Penis from this distance. If i hadn't of had my Jared Leto's foreskin in my pocket, i'd have certainly of been Depressed!!! He let me Cut his Wrist and i Skipped. I wish that the Pee hadn't of gotten all over my Snake. Suppose thats what you get for touching somebodys ragingFrog.