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This shouldnt be happening

Robby Thompson and I were skateboarding on the armchair. All of a sudden her back started to leak laundry soap. I yelled Wow and she littered all over me. She pitched and picked up a AT&T Park and started to scream. I couldn't believe this was happening. She grabbed her New Balances and started to leave. She said, Wow, and then joked the door. I said there with my breasts exposed, and petted my cat. Aw jesus.

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Owls are awesome Y no

Once upon a time ther was a barn owl it flew down a tree and landed on Olivia then pecked another owl came and tore off you pants and flew away with it you chassed it intel it was gone no sight of it and you whent in your house to eat dinner after you ate your dinner you saw the barn owl agian it disapired again and came agian you felt scary soo you felt like arn owl soo you got pertected by your mom and dad and then it was gone in the tree it lived in it started to tare it up with its foot the end