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A day without my dog

My Dog Teacha is very Furry. i Water her. But taking a Awesome is very Fluffy. Only a Lettuce Can love her. she chases Dog and bites Foots all the time. her favorite body part is Hand. she licks my Cupcake all the time. i tell her no but she doesn't Sad. we got her on my AY CARAMBA! and she is now 13years old. well, love you Skittlez, sincerely, Holey Moley!.

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Michael Gambon movies part 4

1. Brideshead Launched 2. Harry Potter And The Shitty Pharaoh 3. Fantastic Mr. Rabbit 4. The Cage Of Eli 5. The King's Catapult 6. Harry Potter And The Grungy Hats: Parts 1&2